Stole my Heart


1. Airplane

Tazh's POV

We were just sitting down on the plane when we heard a voice talk through the speakers. "Goodmorning,this is your captain speaking we will be heading for London in one moment thank you." Jasmynn was practically jumping in her seat. "Calm down." I laughed as she settled down. "Sorry." She squealed. "We are on our way to London, England and you excpect me to be calm?" she said. "I am, its only a month vacation and besides what are you excited about?" I said She stopped her exciment and starred at me. "What boyband is from England?"she asked. "One Direction." "And what 2 amazing girls just might beable to meet them?!" I laughed "hope you are not talking about us." Jasmynn was still serious. "We might!, have faith!"she said "Lets face it." I said , putting in my headphones and turning on 'Cmon Cmon' One Direction is going to be the last people we meet. ~*~ We got off the plane and walked into British Airways (the airport in London). "We're in LONDON." Jasmynn exclaimed. "Calm down." I said. I got a taxi to drove us to our hotel.(Our room's are reserved). "Jasmynn Thomas, room 306" Jasmynn said. The receptionist typed on her computer and gave her the key. "Tazh Davis, room 304." The recpetionist typed in her computer again and hand me my room key.We ran straight up to our rooms(elevator ofcourse) and unpacked our bags.Shortly after, we were putting up things that made us feel "at home". I was all unpacked in my new home for the next month.My phone beeped. From: Jasmania!!xx Yo.... I'm gonna call my family then we're going exploring! :) I nodded to the thought and and replied. To: Jasmania!!xx :D kay, I'm doing the same. She read it and replied "Okay:)" I decided to call my mom first. "Hello?" "Hi mom" I said through the phone had the longest conversation over the phone with my family.

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