I've Got You

Alex is afraid of storms. [Jalex One-Shot]


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The fear started when Alex was about eight years old. He had never been in a thunderstorm like this one. Thunder, lightning and hail blasting for the dim gray skies. He and his whole family were coming back from a Ravens game when it started. If it being dark outside wasn't enough, the hail falling from the sky and beating against the glass windows made it worse. He and his parents were in one car, and his older brother was following close behind him in his car.


The roads were getting bad, they could barely even see in front of them. The loud crashes of thunder ice hitting the windows were scaring the small boy. He has never witnessed anything like that before. Alex almost wanted to cry, but he stayed strong and didn't. He didn't want to worry his parents anymore than they already were.


After the long drive him, he and his parents safely arrived home. His dad carried him in the house covering his head from the falling ice. His dad brought him to his room and sat him on his bed. he heard his mom yelling frantically into the phone, but he didn't know to who.


“Why is mommy yelling?” Alex asked, scared that something might be wrong. His dad sighed and cupped his sons face.


“She’s just trying to talk to your brother okay? Everything is okay, I promise.” his dad kissed the top of his head and left the room. Alex didn't want to be the weak baby, so he didn't ask for his dad to come come back and hold him. He crawled to the head of his bed, curling in a blanket and and laying on his side. He was shaking some, afraid of the loud booming noise and lightly flickering lights, Alex was scared that his brother might be hurt, but his dad promised.


About an hour later, the thundering and hail stopped and his light stopped flickering. It was just raining outside now. Alex was tired from being awake so long and shaking. He eventually dozed off after his mom and dad checked on him again.


He woke up the next morning feeling weird, but he didn't know why. He walked into the living room rubbing his eyes. His mom and dad were on the couch, his mom crying into his father's shoulder. “Why is mommy crying?” he asked in a small voice, getting closer to the pair


“Son,” his dad started. “Come here.” his dad said, holding his arm out for him. Alex walked over and climbed on his father's lap.


“Where’s my brother?” Alex asked, looking at his parents for any kind of ‘okay’ answer.


“Um… Lex… your brother… He was in a crash last night.” his dad was tearing up, his dad never teared up. Before he could even finish, Alex knew what he was going to say. “He passed away, baby.” it was all too real for young boy, he was only eight. His eyes swelled and got off his dads lap running back to his room. He buried his head in his pillow and cried. That was his best friend, his brother, the one that met everything to him. He blamed the storm, if it wasn't for the storm, his brother would still be here with them.


There hasn't been in a storm that bad since, or maybe he was just getting older so they didn't seem as bad, but whenever there was a storm, he would still be shaken by the fear deep in him. He never told anyone that though. He going to be the strong one of his family, now that his brother was gone.



He met his current boyfriend in college and they moved in together when they were 21. jack never found out about Alex’s fear of storms. In their relationship, Alex was the more ‘manly’ one. He always go things done and was always the strong one. Jack was the more ‘girly’ one. They didn't choose their rolls. Thats just how it all seemed to work out in their lives.


One night, jack was staying late at work, so Alex was home alone. He was just sitting on his couch watching TV when it started to rain outside. At first he didn't think anything of it, until it was getting heavier and heavier. Thunder started to roll the sky scaring Alex.The lights and TV started to flicker, before the entire house went dark. More fear started to wash over him. The brunette got up running to his and Jack's room. He curled under the covers, resting his head on the pillow. His body was shaking, not just from the storm, but knowing that Jack was still out there. He couldn't deal with another loss of someone he loved.


He called Jack a couple times, but each time he has no answer, Alex wish that he would have told his boyfriend about his fear. He was starting to get really worried. Outside only seemed to get worse again. Around 9:30 pm, Alex heard his front door open. He sprinted out of bed going into this living room. He saw Jack's figure walk in and set his bag down. Alex smiled and ran, wrapping his arms around Jack. Jack was confused, but held him back tighter. Alex attached their lips, kissing him like he hasn't seen the younger boy in  days.


“Sorry I was late, the roads are terrible trying to get back here.” Jack said, but Alex just went on littering his face with kisses. “Okay, okay. You're happy. You're like a dog.” he laughed, and Alex pulled back smiling at him.


“I'm just so happy that you are okay.” Alex hugged him again.


“I'm fine, Alex. Why are you so worried? It’s just a storm” the older boy pulled back, shy about answering the question.


“I was afraid that you were hurt…” he said with teary eyes. “I tried calling you, but I never got anything. I didn't wanna lose you too.” he was on the verge of spilling over the edge.


“What do you mean me ‘too’?” Jack asked, he never knew that Alex had and older brother, so this fear of Alex’s was all new to him.


“Umm…” Alex started. “Can we go in the bedroom first?” Alex asked, looking at him through his lashes. The other nodded, and kicked his shoes off. They lit some candles, since the power was, out and changed into some night clothes. They laid down and Alex curled into Jack's chest. It was usually the other way around, but Jack knew something was wrong, so he let the older boy do what he wanted for now.


“Can you tell me what's wrong now?” Jack finally asked again.


“Um.. When I was eight, there was a really big storm, or maybe it only seemed big because I was little…” Alex’s voice was small and fragile. Jack just held him closer. “My parents and I were on our way home and we got there okay.. but… my brother was in the car behind us… he never came home. The roads were so bad... He got in an accident.” Alex didn't have to finished to tell Jack the end. The younger never heard of his brother, he could only imagine what happened.


“I never knew you were so afraid of storms because of this,” Jack replied. “If I knew… I-I would have been here a lot sooner, to help you.” Jack pulled the boy practically on top of him. He let Alex grip his shirt so tight, it was stretching the fabric out. Jack rubbed circled on his back trying to get him to stay calm. Jack loved storms, so it was strange to how scared someone could be because of them.


“I’ve got you. Don't worry. I’ll always be here, I promise.” the raven hair boy said, and kissed Alex head. They held each other tightly until the storm was over, around the middle of the night. “I love you, babe.” Jack said.


“I love you, too. Thank you.” Alex lent up and kissed his boyfriend. Alex’s body was calming down, his body not shaking so bad, and his breathing become more regular. The  just rested against each other until they were both finally asleep.




Alex was slowly getting less and less afraid of storms. Over the next couple years, they had a routine. Jack kept him close and always told him that things were going to be okay. He never left the older boy alone during a storm. Many times, Jack would leave work early if a storm was going to hit, just to make sure that Alex was okay.


Jack was at work one day working on a shirt design for a local band he was friends with. The TV was on playing the weather and he saw the storm that was headed their way. This was going to be a bad storm, and he knew that he need to get home soon. He said goodbye to his co-workers and told his boss that he needed to leave. He let Jack go, and he immediately go in his car head to his boyfriend.


He was driving down the road, trying to beat the storm. The rain was getting heavier, only a few more minutes and he would be with Alex. His phone ran next to him, he knew it was bad to drive and talk on the phone, but this was Alex, he needed to make sure the he was okay. “Hey, baby.” he said answering the phone.


“Are you coming home?” he could hear the fright in his boyfriend voice. It hurt him to hear that , but he was almost there.


“Yeah, baby. I’ll be there in a few minutes alright?” he said, turning down a road. Alex hummed at the other end. “I'm gonna hang up okay? I don't trust driving and being on the phone in this weather okay?” Alex hummed again and said okay. “I love you, baby.”


“I love you, too, Jacky.” Alex said. They hung up the phone, Jack throwing his in the seat next to him, never taking his eyes off the road. Just a few more minutes.


Jack was just about to turn onto his street where he lived when when a large semi truck spun out of control on the road and hit his car. Jack screamed and smashed his head on the car window. Everything went quiet…


Jack opened his eyes slowly, seeing the blinding lights of trucks and cars around him. He tried to move, but he couldn't. He didn't know if he could move at all. Everything was hurt, every part of his body was in pain. He wanted to scream, but his voice wouldn’t let him. He heard voices outside of the car, but before he or they could do anything… his eyes slowly closed. The last thought on his mind was Alex and his final thought….


...I’ve got you. Don't worry. I’ll always be here, I promise. I love you...



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