I'll protect you


1. Skyler Collins

Hi there!

My name is Skyler Lynn Collins and I'm 19 years old.

At the moment I have light blue hair, and blue eyes.

My hair is also kinda long and wavy.

I'm extremely short, about 5'4".

And for my personality, I can be very shy and insecure but I can also be hyper and out-going. It all depends on the people I'm with, you know what I mean?

I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor.

I'm originally from the UK but me and my mom moved to America after my dad passed away 9 years ago, now I live in

Atalanta, GA.

Yes at first it was hard to leave all my friends behind but I kinda got over it because ever summer I get to see my best friend.

I still don't have many friends here but I do know some people and have one really close friend here her name is Casey Adams.

Now some more about me, umm.

My favorite color just so happened to be blue.

I love listing to music, I guess you could say it's my get away.

I also love watching scary films!

And the walking dead is my favorite TV series, like ever!

I listen to artist/ bands like Ed Sheeran, all time low, blink 182, And bring me the horizon, really anything! If it's good music, I listen to it.

And about boys, I must say I have a fetish for Singers and bands

But I also like funny, and caring.

Yes I have a crush.

Ever since He moved here I've had a huge crush on this him! He lives down the road a bit and his name is Justin Bieber.

He sings and wrights songs, he's REALLY good! About every weekend he plays at this club, would it be creepy

if I said I only go there to hear him sing?

I've never really talked him though, I just don't have the guts to approach him! He's so perfect!

As for family, I have an older brother we get on pretty well but we do have our fair share of arguments every now and then.

Oh and did mention that I have a thing for tattoos and piercings? Yeah well I do!

And I'm pretty sure that's all! I know I'm not very interesting, I know haha!


So this first chapter is Skyler's bio, so you get to know her a bit better!

I hope you enjoy this and please be free to comment and vote as much as you want!

I might be able to post the real first chapter later today, but if not be ready for a new chapter tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love you!

-Abby xx

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