Vampire Attack

somebody secretly helps the oldest vampire out of a vampire research center. the person who lets her out falls in love with her but one of the people tell him to kill her. but he loves her too much to do that. will he be able to save everyone before she takes over?


3. my name is.....

they were on the road and and Samantha was thinking why would he save me? does he know me? do i know him? then she finally asked those questions " why would you save me?" she said looking over to him. then he said "because i believe you can help me and my friends with killing a vampire" he said glancing at her. "do i even know you? whats your name?" she said "you don't know me and my name is........ Tyler" he said. they didn't talk the rest of the ride. they finally got to a house. Samantha said "oh my god" she said "what?what's wrong?" said Tyler. then Samantha answered "this was my old house before i was captured." she said looking at him. Tyler was surprised and then he said "well, would you like to meet the others?" he said looking at her. "sure" she said still in shock. he guided here to the house because there were traps so humans couldn't get in. he reached for the door handle but someone beet him to it. "Tyler! where have you been? your brother has been..... who is this?" the girl said pointing at Samantha. then Samantha said " i am Samantha. one of the original vampires." she said proudly. "really?" said the girl not impressed. "then i'm Amanda." she said " will you please just let us in already Amanda" said Tyler. "sure" they walked in and Samantha saw more people.

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