Vampire Attack

somebody secretly helps the oldest vampire out of a vampire research center. the person who lets her out falls in love with her but one of the people tell him to kill her. but he loves her too much to do that. will he be able to save everyone before she takes over?


1. how it happend

This story begins when the first few vampires were created. it was during a blood moon when someone turned into a vampire and legend has it that if you turn into a vampire on a blood moon you will be special somehow. the girl who was changed then was named Samantha. her family thought she died because it took her very long to come back to life. they were about to put a dagger in her heart so she won't come to life underground. but suddenly when the dagger was almost by her heart she quickly grabbed it and killed him and everyone else that was there. she decided to leave because they were trying to find her and kill her. so one night she fled from the village but then suddenly when she kicked a rock see was trapped! the vampire hunters found her and put vervain in her. when she woke up, she was i a dark room. she heard people talking and she got up and looked around there was nothing there. "ahh she's finally awake." said a man while throwing in a blood bag. she was to scared. she always tried to escape but they always one step ahead of her. so she decided to stop tring to get out. she had to face the fact that she was trapped in forever.

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