Vampire Attack

somebody secretly helps the oldest vampire out of a vampire research center. the person who lets her out falls in love with her but one of the people tell him to kill her. but he loves her too much to do that. will he be able to save everyone before she takes over?


2. Getting out

It has been three decades since Samantha was in the world. but one day someone came and helped her." don't worry i'm gonna help you get out" said a guy but Samantha didn't know who it was because she had her back to the door. then she heard banging like someone was being killed. then she heard the door open and the person said "come on hurry" she got up and left with the man. they ran into a guard and the person reached for something in their pocket but said " oh no i have no more fog bombs left" then Samantha said " i got this" and she started walking to the guard and fed on him then three more came and she did the same thing. the person grabbed her arm and they got to the doors and left. she seen his car and said " what is that?" she said stopping. "it's my car. now come on unless you want to go back in there" he said getting in the car. she knew she didn't want to back in there so she trusted the man and got in the car and they drove off.

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