Meant to be?

Abby has never liked one direction but when her mom makes her take her little sister to a concert and she meets Louis, is it not worth it or is it meant to be?


4. the kiss

Abby's pov

So Harry asks me to lunch and I say yes so we got in the car.

"Where do you want to go?" He asks me.

"Anywhere is fine." I say so we park in front of McDonalds and I was about to get out when I turned to him and he kisses me!

"Ummmm can you take me home I'm not hungry anymore."

"Sure I guess." He says quietly.

Once I got home I got straight into my car and drive to Louis. Once I got there I go straight and and Start yelling Louis name.

"Louis Louis where are you!" I yell.

"Right here." He says running down the stairs.

Louis pov

I was upstairs trying to clean my room when I hear abby yelling my name from down stairs.

"Louis where are you?"

"Right here!" I yell.

Then she burst end out into tears!

"What happened."

I say wiping her tears away.

"H-Harry k-kissed m-me!"

I feel like someone just stabbed me in the throat. I get up and tell her she can stay here and then drive to Harry's house. I get there and knock on Harry's door.

"Yes" I see Harry open the door then punch him straight across the face.

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