Meant to be?

Abby has never liked one direction but when her mom makes her take her little sister to a concert and she meets Louis, is it not worth it or is it meant to be?


5. Abby's twin sister

"What was that for?" He ask

"For kissing my girl!" I fire.

I walk,get in my car and drive back to my house. Once I get there I see abby standing there waiting for me."where did you go?" She ask.

"Harry's." I reply.

The next day

Abby's pov

"Hey guess what?" I said.

"What?l Louis ask annoyed.

"My twin sister is coming down!"

How come I've never heard about her?" He asked.

"Because she lives with my dad."

"when is she going to be here?"

"In a couple of mins."

"Fine..." He said as he walked into the other room.

Knock knock

"Coming!" I yelled, was hopping it was Emma, my sister, but it was Niall.

"Hey!" He said and gave me a big hug.

"What was that for?" I asked him.

"I like warm hugs." He said and walked away.

Nails pov

I was at home and very very bored. I call Harry he says he was busy. Then try Zayn, he was with Perrie, then Liam but he was with his girlfriend. So I decide to go to Louis. I got in my car and start to drive, once I got there I saw there was another car there. I knew who it was. I was in and see.. Yep I was right, it was abby I walk in and gave her a big hug she asked why I did that and I told her that I like warm hugs! So I was siting on the couch waiting for Louis when I heard a knock at the door I couldn't come up with who it was. I went it go open the door since Abby was busy and so I open the door and see the most beautiful girl standing there. She looked exactly like Abby. Louis walked down the stairs and the girls eyes widen.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Have you lost your mind I'm your boyfriend." He said then kissed her on her cheek. She smiled at me with this evil look.

"Abby!" I yell, knocking on her door.

" come in."

"Hey with your sister did you ever have boy troubles?"

"Umm kind of I guess, she is the complete opposite of me,crazy and wild!"

"Opps" I whisper.

Emma's pov

I walk in to see this boy and another behind him. The one behind him had brown hair and was crazy hot!

"Who are you?" I asked trying to sound cute.

"Have you lost your mind I'm your boyfriend!"


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