Meant to be?

Abby has never liked one direction but when her mom makes her take her little sister to a concert and she meets Louis, is it not worth it or is it meant to be?


2. a fun night

Louis drops Lilly off at my house and and we are on our way to Starbucks. It was awkward but I have to live with it.

"Sooo.." I hear him say under his breath.

"We are here." I say.

He parks and I see him get out and open the door for me. We get in and order our coffee.

"How do you have time for this?" I say nervously.

"What? Take you out for coffe?" He asks.


"Oh, we are off for a couple of months." He says relieved.

And then more awkward silence...

After a couple of mins we find something to talk about and talked for about and and hour more.

"Do you want to go putt putt golf?" He asks.


On our way there we listen to Midnight Memories album and sing every lyric. We arrive and I tell him I didn't know how to golf so he stood behind me, held my arms and showed me how. It was perfect. We talk and laugh all night.

"We I got to get home." He says all sad.

"Okay..." I say putting my head down.

"Wait do you want to go to the beach with me?" He asks.

"Yes id love to!" I say almost yelling.

He drove me home and we sang the whole way.

"I had a great time." I say. I gave him my number, gently kiss his cheek and walk in. As I walk in he yelled"See you tomorrow!" I smiled. I walk in and my mom is already asleep. But Lilly is in her room still shocked about the one direction thing.

Louis pov

I get to the tour bus and walk in to see all the boys on the couch.

"Hey Abby is coming to the beach with us tomorrow."

"Cool." Says Liam. Before I go to bed I texted her to see if she wanted to be my girlfriend and to my surprise she said yes! I lightly scream and Liam looked at me like I killed someone.I go to my bed, text her goodnight and fall asleep.

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