Save Me || Ashton Irwin

"Please don't go" I cried out

"What else is there left to do Athena??"he yelled out.

"Don't leave me." I choked out

"You brought this upon yourself." He stated walking away

"Just please, Save me."


4. Escapes

I can't believe doctors can talk to you like that. But the things she said sorta hurt. Bygone thing for sure, I am NOT eating. I don't know why the doctor wants me more fat? I mean doesn't everyone want to be beautiful and skinny?

Oh he'll no your far from skinny

And pretty

You better not eat

If you do all the fat will be stored again onto your body

Ew, that would be gross

If it's possible for you to get more gross

They all taunted me. Like I was there puppet and they were the master. Mocking me and controlling me. I covered my ears trying to block out there voices but they Only got louder.

Ashton should have let you die

You don't deserve him

He is just using you

"SHUT UP!!" I shouted.

"What happened??" Ashton came rushing to my side

He is still here? He started calling nurses into the room while I was still blocking my ears. But there cruel words are still loud and clear. The nurses stares kill me. I feel like I'm back at the store. When they all stared at me. At my body, my face, my flaws.

"Ms.Homeswell? MS. HOMESWELL are you okay??" My nurse Clara asked me.

I didn't want to see her again, oh no. Not after what she said to me.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I started to kick and scream

Ashton was out getting more nurses while Clara was holding me down. I fought Clara as my has possible and suddenly I broke free from her grip. I pushed her to the floor and ran out my room. I felt like thoughs crazy people on movies who ran away from the hospital. I moved that thought to the back of my head and searched for the exit. Dammit. Why am I so fat. I finally found the exit with 3 nurses chasing me. I finally made it out and ran to the park.

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