It's Finally Ours

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Kate and Niall have been best friends ever sense they were little, they even began to have feelings for each other until one summer before junior year he went to camp and changed everything. She got her heart broken....badly. Will he be able to fix her, and save everything they have worked so hard for, or will another boy come and steal her heart?


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13:

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My alarm clock goes off at 5:45 in the morning. It's Monday again and I have to go to school. I took a shower last night so I could curl my hair this morning. I put on a pair of cropped yogas and a white sweatshirt that I got from Pacsun. I went into the bathroom and tightly curled my hair. My hair is pretty long so it was still half way down my back. Sense It's so long it does get in the way sometimes but I like it. I put on some mascara and concealer and went downstairs to ear breakfast. I get out some cheerios and pour them into a bowl and put some milk in with it. I ate it all in five minutes and went upstairs to brush my teeth. I went back in my room and and put on my orange Nike Roches.

"Mom, can I drive to school?", I yell down to her.

"Sure, but you need to leave now", she yells back.

"Alright I'm coming."

I drive myself to school and I'm a little early so I decided to finish some homework that wasn't due until the end of the week. After I finish it I go to my locker and see Niall standing there waiting for me.

"Hey Ni."

"You look good today", he says giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks, but I'm only wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt!"

"I know", he says winking at me.

"Niall stop! Lets go to class", I say laughing.

We went to first hour and it went by quickly. The next five classes went by fast to. I met up with Niall to go to our world history class for seventh hour. Which is my least favorite class because Marisa has it with us. We walk in and take our seat towards the back where louis is sitting.

"Hey louis", I say being friendly, I'm still mad at him for everything he has done to me but he is Niall's best friend so I have to deal with him.

"Hey guys, are you ready for our project?", Louis asks.

"We have a project?", I ask back.

"Yah look on the board", he says as he points to where he got his information from.

On the board it said that we were going to do a project and the teacher already has us paired up with one other person.

Niall's P.O.V

I really hope I get paired with Kate or Louis. There are a couple other people I wouldn't mind being paired with but not many.

Mr. Lightbody came in through the door and greeted the class.

"How is everyone today? Are you ready to talk about the projects as you may or may not have seen on the board?", he asks as everyone groans.

"Oh come on, it is going to be fun! The project is on our government and you need to research everything on this sheet of paper", he says handing out a piece of paper to everyone. "The list of names that everyone will be paired up with is going to be posted about about 10-15 minutes before class ends. Right now I want everyone to do this worksheet and you can find the answers on pages 496-510, good luck and it's due tomorrow", he says passing out the worksheet.

I look over at Kate and Louis and ask if they want to do the worksheet together. They both said yes and we divided it into three sections so we could get done faster. There was 36 questions so we each did nine questions. It wasn't that difficult and as we finished copying down all the answers when Mr. Lightbody said he posted the partners at the front of the classroom. All three of us walk up there and I look first. I scrolled down from the top until I saw my name and once I did I looked to see who my partner was and I was non-other then Marisa.

He just had to put me with her. Kate went next and she was paired with Louis. This is just going to be great! Louis is paired with my girlfriend who he likes, and I'm paired with Marisa who Kate doesn't trust at all with me! Kate and I asked the teacher if Marisa could be with Louis and then I could be with Kate, but of course he said no, because he has everyone where they are for a reason.

Marisa then walks over to Kate and I.

"Looks like I'm your partner", she says giving Niall a kiss on the cheek. But before Kate could even say a word, the bell rang and she was out of the room.

"I'm gonna kill her", Kate says grinding her teeth.

"It's okay Kate, you know my feelings for you and for her and you know they are not going to change. We trust each other a lot, and this will just make that trust grow", I say trying to make her feel better.

"Yah your right, I'm not going to let her get to me."

"That's my girl."

I walk her to her car and watch her drive away. I then walk to my car and just sit there for a while. I was thinking about her and Louis. I just couldn't bring myself to tell her how much he likes her. What am I going to do? I have to tell her sometime.

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