Prom Surprise part 1

Cheyanne goes to high school with her best friend Samantha, their lockers are one locker away from each other. One day there is a new guy who has that locker and Cheyanne and Samantha run into him after school and Cheyanne starts feel something for him. They start to date and soon its the prom and Cheyanne finds out his deep, dark secret.


14. The Fight

when we got to the mall we went to go get him some shoes and i got a really cute top and i told Collin " hey i need to try this on OK" i said and he said "OK i will go get us some food alright." he said walking off. when i had the shirt on i thought i heard his voice and so i walked out of the dressing room and it wasn't him. it was a group of men and they came over saying "hey look at this little laddie who put this cute shirt on for us." said one guy and another said " you know it would look even cuter if we could just lift it a little" said a guy walking over and trying to grab my shirt and lift it but i just slapped him and went to my purse to grab some pepper spray that my dad gave me. but when i was taking the cap off he grabbed me a said "why you fighting it huh? you know you want us to take it off." i just tried to scream but they were covering my mouth.Then out of no where Collin came and told them to back off. they did walk off swearing at him but he just ignored them and said to me "are you ok? Did they hurt you?" he said nicely. then i said "yeah i'm fine, and they didn't hurt me." i said pulling the shirt down.


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