Prom Surprise part 1

Cheyanne goes to high school with her best friend Samantha, their lockers are one locker away from each other. One day there is a new guy who has that locker and Cheyanne and Samantha run into him after school and Cheyanne starts feel something for him. They start to date and soon its the prom and Cheyanne finds out his deep, dark secret.


11. Second Kiss

hey cuteness" i was greeted that when i walked in the school. it was Collin. "hey you know i didn't text you back my answer when you asked me to be your girlfriend and i wanted to tell you that my answer is......" "what? i didn't text you anything." said collin i was confused "but you did see" i showed him the text. "no i didn't text you that." he said looking at me in cofusion."then who did? and why did they sign it with your name? did you give my number to anybody!?!?" he shook his head no. then the bell rang "time to go to class" i said sadly "wait! you never gave me your number and i was wondering if you could give it to me and maybe i would acually text you after school or some time today maybe during school" he chuckled when he said the last part. but what i couldn't figure out was who wrote that text? after i gave him my number, he leened in and gave me a long, passionate kiss i was surprised and a techer came and saw us. "what are you doing!?!? you two re suppesed to be in class!" we sepporated and of course she gave us detention.


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