Prom Surprise part 1

Cheyanne goes to high school with her best friend Samantha, their lockers are one locker away from each other. One day there is a new guy who has that locker and Cheyanne and Samantha run into him after school and Cheyanne starts feel something for him. They start to date and soon its the prom and Cheyanne finds out his deep, dark secret.


15. home

we were driving back home and we talking about the dance coming up and then he said " would you like to go to the dance with me?" i smiled when he asked me and so i said "yes if you promise me we will dance." he nodded then we got to my house. when i pulled up into the drive way my mom came out asking where we were just like her normal self, always wondering what we are ding even though have only been dating a couple weeks. "well excuse me for caring for my daughter" my mom said pointing to the house. we both went in and went up to my room without my mom knowing. we were talking about what we were going to wear. i kept on showing him my best dresses and he said he liked a couple but i didn't know witch ones. i tried to force him to tell me but he didn't budge. i went over and started kissing him and things got a little sexual. it took a little bit for for me to tell him i wasn't ready just yet so he "OK it's fine" he said giving me one more kiss. good thing he got off me because my mom came in and told him to please leave cause she had something for me. she went back into her room and grabbed a bag and came back. she removed the bag and there it was the dress i had my eyes on for weeks but i couldn't afford it. " oh my god!!! mom how could you afford it?!?!" she just  smiled and gave it to me and said "i have another gift but its for Sam" she had another bag and took it off and she had the dress that Sam wanted.


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