Prom Surprise part 1

Cheyanne goes to high school with her best friend Samantha, their lockers are one locker away from each other. One day there is a new guy who has that locker and Cheyanne and Samantha run into him after school and Cheyanne starts feel something for him. They start to date and soon its the prom and Cheyanne finds out his deep, dark secret.


6. Halloween Store

When i got in the Halloween store, i went over to the desk and asked "excuse me but do you have any bloody angels?" looking at the person behind the desk. "(sigh) third isl to the left" said the person behind the desk. "thanks?" i said and i went there and there was angels and blood not bloody angels."Well then i guess that i have to add the blood myself." i said talking to myself. Then i went over to the store that Sammy was at. "come on Sammy i have to go home and get my dress bloody." i said walking over to Sammy"wow i never thought i would ever hear you say that." said Sammy in surprise. "come on we have to go home and you have to help me get this dress bloody." i said " you are not using my blood!" said Sammy. I grabbed her hand and pulled her, took her to my car told her to get in, and i drove home.


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