Prom Surprise part 1

Cheyanne goes to high school with her best friend Samantha, their lockers are one locker away from each other. One day there is a new guy who has that locker and Cheyanne and Samantha run into him after school and Cheyanne starts feel something for him. They start to date and soon its the prom and Cheyanne finds out his deep, dark secret.


7. Back Home

When we got to me house we  immediately went to my room because if my parents saw her they would ask what we were doing."so you're going to be a bloody angel i guess." said Sammy"you guessed correct." i said laughing. "can you guess what i am going to be?" said Sammy holding up her head. "nope..." "Chey! dinners done!" my mom said yelling up to my room and interrupting me. "OK mom!" i said "you want to get some food Sammy?" i said looking at Sammy. "sure. i am starving." said Sammy. we went down stairs and went to the kitchen. "Cheyanne, i did not know that Sammy was here. how come you didn't tell me. I could have made her some Mack & cheese." said my mom "sorry but we are going to be upstairs if you need me ok." i said going to the stairs. "ok and remember to bring down your plates unlike last time." my mom said my dad was still working. he's a truck driver. Anyway, Sammy and me went up stairs and we ate dinner and put blood on my costume. "do you think its ready?" i said looking at Sammy. "i think so."Sammy said while stuffing her mouth full of mashed potatoes. i chuckled and put my costume in the closet. then we both put our bowls on the side of us. 


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