If i tell you will you remeber

Niall and the others don't know that Madaline was forced to leave them by management maybe by her seeing Niall again she'll have a chance to explain things but it might be hard since he lost his moemier


2. talking and understanding

Harry's POV

I just arrived in England so happy to see my

Mum again i was already unpacked so I decided to text Louis

To Louis:hey Louis

From Louis: hey hazza

To Louis:hey Louis I know it's been 2yrs but I kinda wanna find Madaline

From Louis:I you promise not to tell Harry Edward styles?

To Louis:I promise now tell me

From Louis: I saw Madaline and have her number I told her we need to talk

To Louis: that's awesome keep me updated can I have her #?

From Louis: sure it's ##########

To Louis:thanks bro I gotta go

I'm so excited that Maddy is in the same city as me I really need to talk to her

Madalines POV

I thought I should text Louis so I did

To Louis

From Madaline

We need to talk


I was just about to go in the shower when my phone buzzed I walked over to check it

To Niall

From Madaline

We need to talk

To Madaline

From Niall

I'm oky where do we meet and when?

To Niall

From Madaline

Wait do you rember me

I was about to reply but I had to get on my flight to England

------the plane ride

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