If i tell you will you remeber

Niall and the others don't know that Madaline was forced to leave them by management maybe by her seeing Niall again she'll have a chance to explain things but it might be hard since he lost his moemier


1. re-connect

I woke up from my nightmare then realized I has to hurry up or I'd miss my flight. I was going to England to visit family. I arrived at the airport just in Time my plane was just boarding the last people so I quickly plopped myself in a seat I was just looking out the window thinking about life when someone sat beside me I turned my head to see Louis "hey nice playlist he said looking at my iPad "thanks" I said not making eye contact. "My names Louis what's yours?"

He said smiling still "My names Madaline" I said looking up from my iPad "that name sounds fimliar I just know where from anyway nice to meet you Madaline" he said " you too Louis" I said I quickly fell asleep I woke up and me and Louis were holding hands I moved my hand away he looked at me up and down " I remember you know we need to talk what your number he said whispering this time we exchanged numbers and got off the plane and went our seperet ways


I looked around for mum when I finally found her we grabed my luggage and went to the car. On the way home I just looked out the car window the whole time about seeing Madaline again it brought back memories and feelings my mum snapped me outs my thoughts "yeah Mum?" I asked "were here darlin" I nodded and got my stuff outa the car. As soon as I got in the house I ran up to my room and unpacked

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