If i tell you will you remeber

Niall and the others don't know that Madaline was forced to leave them by management maybe by her seeing Niall again she'll have a chance to explain things but it might be hard since he lost his moemier


3. meeting the boys


I finally arrived in England and looked around for the boys in the airport then I spotted them I grabbed my luggage and walked over to 3 of them "where's Louis then my piñon buzzed

To Niall

From Madaline

Tommorow three

I was going to respond but Liam took my phone " hey guys why is Niall still talking to MAdaline


Niall got a text so I grabbed his phone outa his hands and read it three times why was he still talking to madaline as I looked when they started talking Again was yesterday strange I guess if there talking again that's where Louis is I replied to NIALLS text and said oky three tommorow at nandos so she knew it was still Niall then I gave NIALLS his phone back "where coming with you tommorow at three " I said " we'll I gotta a date with Perrie so I can't sorry" zayne said its fine

We'll tell you how it goes

Louis POV

I told the boys I had some stuff I needed to clear up with someone while they picked up Niall from the airport but I was acually going to see Maddy. I really need to know why she left without telling anyone. "Hey Louis" I looked up to see Maddy I waved for her to come over she did hey is my car a good place to talk I asked "yep she said awkwardly

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