If i tell you will you remeber

Niall and the others don't know that Madaline was forced to leave them by management maybe by her seeing Niall again she'll have a chance to explain things but it might be hard since he lost his moemier


4. finally telling the truth

Maddy's POV

So you see I'm meeting Louis to tell him everything "so you see management told me to leave well Niall had his conclusion because then he wouldn't fight for me to stay or want me to come back they told me not to tell anyone so I didn't Louis I'm so sorry I didn't keep in touch they change my number and I lost yours so I'm sorry I did t tell anyone or say goodbye belive me it honts me everyday of my life I said my eyes going watery about the subject "See I didn't know management to us that you left with no reason he said with that laughable face " so how are the boys I ask wondering there. Good but Harry really misses you "we'll I miss all of you I say smiling "I meeting Niall tommorow at nandos you should come I say with hope "I'd love to Lou said right then my phone rang it was Niall I put him on speaker


"Hi is this Madaline

"Yes who's this

"It's Niall Harry Liam

"OMG hi guys

"Hey so if you don't mind were coming with Niall tomorrow and Is Louis with you?

" I don't mind and yes Louis with me

K see you tommorow love



The boys made me call Madaline because they wanted to make sure it was her and not some fan and it was her

_____the next day 3:00__\___

NIALL HURRY UP OR WERE GONNA BE LAYE Louis yelled from downstairs I'm coming


We all see Madaline ordering something to eat so we found a seat and waved to her she sat down and told us everything we told her how we got a new mangament thing and we got in touch once again but I felt weird poking in my stomach I caint like her already but I feel like I've known her for so long uhh I wish I never bumped into a tree and blacked out I said the last part out loud then everyone looked at me I looked down in embarrassment when I felt someone grabed my hand reassuring me that's it's oky I looked up to see Madaline I remember a little now we were best friends and she always reassured me maybe her getting back in touch will help me remember more stuff

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