Loving an Alpha

The boy. The boy, I think his name was Jonathan. He had dark black hair and green eyes I couldn't stop getting lost in. He was perfect to me. He was perfect, for me. Jonathan was keeping secrets. Secrets nobody knew. Secrets I wanted to know. I loved Jonathan. He should be able to tell me anything. What secret is he keeping from me? And why has it been kept for so long?


9. Chapter 6.

(Jonathan's P.O.V.)

*Monday Night*

"Oh you know who I'm talking about." She smirks

What if she knows. What if Alex told her. I'm fucked!

"No,no I really don't."I say grabbing her hand away from my red cheek.

"Ariana." She says

Oh my God! She does know. What if she goes and spreads it around? How could she of know?

"Tell Ariana what!" I yell startling Jake.

"Alright, alright no need to get all hostile." She says motioning for her hands for me to calm down.

"Uh tell me now!" I say calmly.

"Tell Ariana to tell Carmen that I want her back." She says with a soft tone

"W-what?" I stutter expecting another answer.

"Yeah, don't tell Alex though. It just I like him but what I had with Carmen I'm not ready to give up." She says sulking.

"W-well uh." I try but Alex walks in all dressed and ready.

"So guys, and my princess, are we ready to go?" Alex asks wearing a red button up, dark jeans and red chucks.

We all get inside of Alex's red truck and drive to a restaurant. It's fancy but has its own bots of sloppy drunks being carried out by staff or angry, embarrassed females. The aroma was rather strange though. Cheap perfumes and colognes and alcohol. I zone out from all that's around me. Alex smacks down his hand on my shoulder making me jump as I return to reality.

"Right this way." The waitress says in a proper sweet voice as she guides us to the bar. "Here we are." She says in the same cheery tone. "Well, my name is Dani and I'll be your personal bartender for the night. What can I start you off with?" She asks pulling out her pen and pad.

"I'll have a pomegranate martini with sugar on the rim." Roselyn says not hesitating.

"Us guys will have a beer." Alex orders for me, Jake and himself.

"Bottle or a glass." Dani asks writing down our order.

"Bottle." He says

"Alright I'll be right back with your drinks." She says with a smile fingering a strand of her dark brown hair back.

What was I getting myself into, I hated drinking.

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