Loving an Alpha

The boy. The boy, I think his name was Jonathan. He had dark black hair and green eyes I couldn't stop getting lost in. He was perfect to me. He was perfect, for me. Jonathan was keeping secrets. Secrets nobody knew. Secrets I wanted to know. I loved Jonathan. He should be able to tell me anything. What secret is he keeping from me? And why has it been kept for so long?


5. Chapter 3.

(Ariana's P.O.V.)

It Monday. Oh how I hate Mondays.

"Ari!" My mother called in a cheery voice. "Ari, it's time to get ready for school!"

I groan as I wrestle off my covers and slide out out of bed. I rub my sleep crusted eyes and blink repetitively. I stand up on my dead legs and go to my bathroom down my narrow gray hallway. I flick the square black light switch turn on the extra bright light and extremely loud vent. My pupils dilate as my eyes squint from the sudden change of lighting as they try to recover.

"Oh god! My poor innocent sky blue eyes. What did they do to deserve this? Why does it have to be Monday, of all day!" I yell in an over dramatic voice.

After my eyes are adjusted, I start my nice warm shower. I strip down butt ass naked out of my gray tank top and dark blue 'pink' branded sweatpants and hopped in the shower. My mom cracks open the door and tosses in a towel.

"I'm leaving for work now sweetie, there's chocolate chip pancakes in kitchen on the table for breakfast if you want any!" She says shutting the door behind her.

I get out of my steaming hot shower and turn it off. I wrap myself in the cream white towel my mom tossed in as my long now wet brown hair sends drips of water down my face and neck. I brush my pearly white teeth with my Colgate branded mint toothpaste. I spit then rinse my toothbrush, mouth and the rest of my face with warm water. The mirror is fogged, so I wipe it down with a small section of my towel. I've never really stared at my face and like...looked. I give my foggy in places reflection, a little smirk and shrug before returning to my room. It's Monday I don't really see a reason in dressing up.

"Oh what to wear, what to wear." I hum to myself raising my soft, freshly shaved vanilla lotion applied arms up and let my towel drop.

I skip around naked yet again, to my drawer and pull out my black thong, my red 'Victoria Secret' bra a white tank top and a pair of my black leggings. I slip my scrawny peachy white legs into my thong and pull it right up my crack but not so far that it gave me a wedgie. I do the same with my leggings. I grab my bra and strap it on and slip my skinny little arms through the straps.

"Ow!" I squeal from one if them whip in me in the shoulder.

I pull the white tank top over my head and gently pull up the straps not trying to repeat history. I walk to my walk-in closet, open it, and browse around for a shirt. I see my pink and white striped long sleeve Aeropostale shirt. I grab it and whip the white plastic hanger across my room. I slip my peachy soft arms through the long soft sleeves and pull the rest over my head. I shut my closet. I pull out my makeup bag, my brush, and my white and gray blow dryer I bought from 'Sally's Beauty Supply' store last month. I plugged it in and began drying my hair. Little strands of hair flew across my face shooting little droplets of water on my face. I wiped the water of my face and began brushing my long, now soft, fluffy light brown hair into a messy bun with a pink elastic. I grab my black iPhone 4s and look at the time, it's only 7:15am I have time. I open my gray makeup bag and begin applying the usual.

"Winged eyeliner, check. Cherry Chapstick, check. Mascara, check. Alright, I'm all ready, time to get some socks and shoes on."

I take a deep breath. I really need to clean my room up this week. I'm looking all around my pigsty I call my room.

"Where is it, where is it?" I say hyperventilating scrambling around my room throwing everything around.

I pick up my Aztec print hoodie and there they are. My tan Uggs. I gasp relieved

"Oh thank god I found you two. I'm cleaning this room when I get back home," I say seating myself on my memory foam mattress or whatever it is, all I know is that it's soft and comfy. I slip two different neon colored socks on. One pink and one white, but who cares nobody's gonna see them I say to myself slipping my Uggs on my tiny size four feet.

"Ok, now I'm ready!"

I run down my light wooden stairs and take a slight left to my galley kitchen and smell the delicious aroma of my mom's freshly cooked chocolate chip pancakes.


I grab my twin sister Riley's old Minnie Mouse plate she had when she was ten. I stare at it and reminisce about our memories, the happy and the sad. I put it back in the rack and grab a plain white glass plate. I flop two extra large pancakes on my plate and add a little puddle of syrup on the side. I grab a fork and knife and begin stuffing my face.

"Mmmm, I'm in heaven."

I hear the sound of Destinee's infinity beeping outside my front yard. I stuff the last pancake in my mouth and throw the plate in the dishwasher. I run to the door grabbing my polka dotted blue canvas bag, my house keys and my white north face and run out the door slamming it shut. I run threw down my drive way with the sun shining nice and bright on my back and hop into Destinee's black infinity. I throw my bag onto the ground along with Carmen's.

"Thanks for picking me up."

"Yeah it's whatever." Destinee says as she pulls out of my driveway.

"So, Carmen how are things?" I ask knowing she's upset with me about yesterday.

"Things at fine." She says without much effort

I nod my head accepting whatever I could get from her.

"And how's Roselyn?" I ask trying to turn this into a real conversation little by little.

Destinee makes a vicious stop and looks back at me with an intense stare.

"How's Roselyn?" Carmen repeats my question. "Well, I could only assume that she's good considering she hasn't talked to me in days." She snaps back

"Carmen, I-I'm sorry I didn't know." I try

Carmen pulls up her jeans, grabs her bag and walks out of the car. Destinee stops the eye contact with me and shakes her head.

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