Loving an Alpha

The boy. The boy, I think his name was Jonathan. He had dark black hair and green eyes I couldn't stop getting lost in. He was perfect to me. He was perfect, for me. Jonathan was keeping secrets. Secrets nobody knew. Secrets I wanted to know. I loved Jonathan. He should be able to tell me anything. What secret is he keeping from me? And why has it been kept for so long?


15. Chapter 11.

(Jonathan's P.O.V.)

I clutch Ariana's body close to me. Her heart is beating rapidly as does mine.

Our hearts were always in sync with each others.

"Ari, calm down please." I whisper in her ear.

She has a blank expression on her face and says nothing. Her heartbeat calms down into a calm, faint beat. I walk over to her bed and rest her against the fluffy white pillows. I look back at Roselyn who has a smirk on her face that never leaves.

"Just tell her already."

"Will you for once just shut the fuck up!" I shout.

"You.....you.....fucked her." Ari mumbles.

"Yes Ari and I'm sorry. I fucked up bad."


"It was before me and you were together. It was when I was 15. So 3 years ago. A year before I met you."


"Believe it or not but, I had to."

"No you didn't."

"Yes Ari, I did."

"Why, because you were a hormonal, horny teenage boy who wanted to get laid and the only way you could was by the easiest girl, Roselyn?"

"No Ari! Why are you saying this?"

"Because you wanted to fuck her."

"No he didn't actually, I wanted to fuck him."

"Figures, the slut I've hated for years wanted to fuck my boyfriend." Ari says sarcastically.

"It wasn't like that Ari." I say gently.

"I wanted to fuck him for what he had, and technically he wasn't your boyfriend."

"All you wanted was his innocence, his virginity."

"You see, that's where your wrong."

"Oh fuck yourself."

"You see, I'd rather fuck Jonathan again instead."

"ROSELYN!" I snap.

She just rolls her eyes and continues as I feel Ari's heart pumping faster again.

"I wanted him for his charm, his popularity, his body and why not throw in your assumption of his 'innocence'.

"This still doesn't explain why he had to fuck you."

"I has to as a test." I sigh.

"A test for what, std's?"

"No!" Roselyn and I shout in unison.

I suck my teeth as Ariana shakes her head in disgust. I reach for her arm, but she snatches it away.

"I'm gonna leave before the little shrivel of my birthday that isn't already ruined, gets ruined. So if you'll excuse me." Ariana says standing up, walking to the door.

I grab her arm to stop her.

"Stop fucking touching me!" She yells.

"Ariana! Just let me finish!"

"Why don't you go test yourself and see if you can still finish I'm Roselyn." She snaps, pulling herself from my grip.

Ariana storms out of the room, past everybody whom were eavesdropping. I push past them and bolt down the stairs after Ariana.

"Ari wait." I call to her, as she walks down the driveway.

I swallow and take a deep breath.

"Ari....I'm not human. I'm a ........"

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