Loving an Alpha

The boy. The boy, I think his name was Jonathan. He had dark black hair and green eyes I couldn't stop getting lost in. He was perfect to me. He was perfect, for me. Jonathan was keeping secrets. Secrets nobody knew. Secrets I wanted to know. I loved Jonathan. He should be able to tell me anything. What secret is he keeping from me? And why has it been kept for so long?


16. A.N. Questions


That last chapter though.......

What do you think Jonathan is?

Do you think he'll say something sappy, yet romantic?

Or do you think he'll say something like.... "I'm not human....I'm a rapist...." Lol something like that.

Do you think Jonathan chose the wrong time and place to let all this out?

Is Roselyn a whore?

Are these authors note questions annoying, should I stop them?

Please comment your answers to my questions. Your assumptions on the next chapter, if you'd like. Fan me if you haven't already. Like and favorite this story and read on.....as soon a a I update again.....


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