Coping with Justin Bieber *Following from Fake Dating Justin Bieber*


2. chapter two.

I walked in the front door playing with the keys in my hand. I shut the door gently behind me and locked it shut looping the chain. I spied out the peep hole and watched as the paparazzi took pictures of my house. I also watched as Aurelio got back in the car yelling at them. He'd never been a yeller, but he'd never been like he has. I'd ask him what was wrong and he'd simply shake his head sadly, turning up the music as if to block me out. It hurt. I had to get used to it. I turned around quickly to a creak on the stairs. Justin walked down the stairs dressed in some baggy jeans with a black top on with his chains. His hair was messy.

"You scared me!" I said, he smiled.

"You're easy to scare," he replied. "Where have you been? It's like 6am," he asked loudly, grabbing the Cap'n Crunch and a bowl.

"Are you my Dad?" I asked sarcastically, smiling to let him know I was kidding.

"Well I'm older than you," he said, pouring in the milk and opening the drawer to get a spoon.

"I don't care. Age is just a number, besides I was just out, I wanted fresh air before the paps decided they would want me as their bait and throw me out to a sea of magazines." I sighed. Justin laughed then soured his face at the milk. "If you don't like milk, why do you have it?" I asked, putting the keys on the island and sitting down opposite where he was standing.

"Can't have cereal without milk. Be tasteless," he replied with his mouth full.

"You can't even talk in proper sentences. Damn Justin, you changed," I smiled.

"I haven't changed, I just realised I didn't need words," he laughed, making the milk splutter out of his mouth.

"Thanks, I've always wanted second hand milk," I said sarcastically, wiping the milk spit from my face. "By the way, your break may just be beginning. But mine isn't, I'll be back at the studio on Monday."

"Mmkay," Justin nodded, still eating.

"Please no strippers, girls, sex toys, whatever when I'm here. Sure if I'm out, but in your room. No PYD." I smiled, rolling my eyes.

"Living here? More like dying!" He sighed. I laughed, walking away from him, to the spiral stairs. I walked up them watching Justin. I'm still a Belieber and Justin Bieber is still in my house. I watched as he put his bowl in the sink and jumped on the sofa grabbing the remote. I smiled to myself. Typical boy.

"Faith, are you and Justin really together now?"

"Why did he choose your house?"

"Are you his new sex partner?"

I couldn't help but laugh at the paparazzi's new ideas.

"No, we had no choice and no!" I replied to them. I thought it was rude to ignore them. I walked on, hoping to find a shop to get into so I could have some peace and quiet for a couple of minutes. I walked past all the shops crowded with girls and their coffees and crept into a computer shop. I needed new parts.

"Hi Faith! How are you today? So nice of you to visit our shop!" I smiled, waving.

"I need a new hard drive. Mine doesn't understand my hectic lifestyle!" I joked, making the worker laugh. He walked and I followed.

"This is the best we have in store, it has the most capacity and will understand anything!" He said cheerily, selling me the computer part. I nodded my head and he took it to the counter where I paid for it. I put the receipt in the bag and the hard drive wasn't that heavy thank God so I could manage.

"Hey Justin! Justin!" I heard. The paparazzi had their eye on someone else. Hopefully it wasn't Justin Bieber but another Justin, like Timberlake or whoever. I can't keep up! I walked out the shop and looked round to where the paparazzi just ran off to. Unfortunately enough, I recognised the baggy pants and waddle.

"Hey Faith!" I looked around to see some girls slightly taller than me.

"Hi!" I said back, smiling.

"Can we have your autograph?" The smallest a asked politely.

"I don't have a pen, but I have my phone! I can take some pictures with you!" I replied happily. They nodded. I turned around, putting my phone on selfie mode and took lots of pictures and gained their Twitter names. I smiled and waved them off, I felt someone grab the carrier bag off of me.

"Hey!" I shouted, turning around.

"Okay fine, if you want to carry it, it's cool!" Justin said, surrendering. I smiled awkwardly.

"I think I can manage." Justin shrugged and pulled me back into the computer shop. "Ow!"

"I'm sorry but I need a new laptop," Justin said, walking off.

"I didn't realise I had to come with you," I replied, walking after him.

"Well, I need a girls opinion."

"Why? Justin I swear if you're turning gay I will not forgive you," I said, stopping. He gave me a sarcastic look.

"It's not for me, it's for Selena."

I looked around the shop confused.

"I thought you and Selena were finished?" I was creeping back up to his speed by I tell you, even with a waddle, this guy can walk.

"Eh I'm Justin Bieber, I can win her back," he replied, eyeing some pink laptops.

"Her favourite colour is digital green," I sighed, he was helpless. He nodded his head and walked down the aisle to the green ones. "Like grass green."

"This one?" Justin asked, pointing at one and looking at me for clarification. I nodded my head. "Thanks." I smiled and followed him to the counter.

"I don't understand why you're doing all of this, she's moved on Justin," I stated honestly. She had, she was now with that Austin guy.

"I don't care Faith. I love her," he replied, taking his change and walking off. I caught up with him.

"But she doesn't love you," I replied.

"You don't understand,"

"I understand that you look like a fool trying to win back her love when she's already given it to someone else,"

"I thought you changed Faith. Like, stopped telling lies. Stopped trying to ruin my life." He walked off, or waddled. Or swaggered. I'd stopped, watching him walk off. I walked the other way from him, hoping to get rid of him. It hurt what he said but I don't know, if he didn't believe me then I didn't know what to do. What I could do. I called my other car guide, not feeling in the mood to be annoyed. His name was Kaden, he was only a little older than me but I'd made it obvious that I wasn't interested.

I reached back home, I shut the door behind me and walked straight up to my room. I walked past Justin's hearing a moan or two escape from some girl.

'Ew' I thought to myself. I quickly walked into my room and slammed it shut to make him realise I was home. Unfortunately, it didn't work and the moaning only got louder.

Why was I the one who got stuck with a hormonal raging teenage boy who had the ability to make me not mad at him? Even though he was mad at me. Really mad by the sounds of that girl.

I grabbed my phone texting my manager to meet me at the studio. I might as well just go back today. I walked out of the house and started to walk the long trek to the studio. My Mum lived in England whilst I had moved to Canada so I couldn't drop by or anything, but that was definitely on my to do list. Plus, she wanted to move to Cali, so maybe just maybe I could pinch some money to move her there, with my siblings of course. I reached the studio. The woman greeted me and told me which room. I walked up the stairs, getting to my destination.

"You know, I think I've done my exercise for a week!" I yelled at my manager who laughed. I grabbed a few papers that were lying on the random desk and flung myself into the chair nearby.

"Hear you're sharing a house with Bieber? How's that going?" The sounding recorder asked.

"Living hell," I said, remembering earlier.

"What's it like with Justin living with you?" A paparazzi yelled abusively at me. I shook my head, dismissing it with a wave of my hand. I wasn't in the mood to be giving extra gossip about Justin. He had done a lot of damage and that damage was coming back to me.

I'm not saying I've had enough of Justin, no. I love Justin. As crazy as this is, I'm still a Belieber and I'm still here for him. But I'm here for him when he needs me.

I pushed past the angry mob and walked into the gates of my house. My house. Not Justin's. Not paparazzi's. Mine. I wasn't really sure why Justin was still living with me since he obviously wasn't improving. I mean it wasn't that bad, it had been company. I unlocked the front door, pushing it open, pushing it shut behind me escaping from the flickers and shouts outside. I heard Justin singing upstairs. I smiled to myself, listening to it. He hadn't been that bad. He hadn't thrown any parties here, which is what I was happy with. I don't know what he does in his spare time but I don't have time to worry about that.

"They been asking about me again?" Justin called, walking down the stairs in his usual get up of sweat pants down his ankles and of course, shirtless with his dog tags hanging loose.

"No, they don't seem to realise that the biggest popstar is currently living with me," I said sarcastically, throwing myself down on the sofa, picking up the tv remote. He sat down next to me. "Put some clothes on I complained. Some people like shirtless, hot people next to them and some people don't. I heard Justin chuckle.

"You love it!" He whispered into my ear coming closer to me, a grin on his smug little face.

"If I loved it I wouldn't be telling you to put a shirt on," I looked at him.

"Are you picturing me naked?" He asked, almost sincerely, with a quick lick of his lips. I snorted, facing back to the tv. "I know you do, I bet you picture me naked all the time. You know, you could have-" I pushed my hand against his mouth, almost jumping on him. His eyes were pained but they were covered with a false sense of security. He was faking this. All this happiness. It was all for us, his beliebers. Justin's eyes moved, as if they widened but they were quick to return. I looked at him confused as he looked down as if he realised what happened. I jumped back, I bit my lip nervously.

"I have to go, I have school in the morning," I whispered. That was true. I did. I had joined public school which was a stupid idea but I wanted a normal education. So that's what I was getting.

I ran upstairs before he could stop me and locked myself in my room.

Justin was different.

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