Coping with Justin Bieber *Following from Fake Dating Justin Bieber*


3. chapter three.

My Princesses knew the truth. Justin and I were not together and even though I had thought about wishing it was true, I wasn't sure if that's what I completely wanted. I know the DM had gone viral, I'd seen it be tagged on Twitter. For some reason, my Princesses felt the need to tag me into things that were on Twitter, that I had said, or done. Like, it's cute but I know I've done it. I haven't really had any made-up stories because I'm such an open person with my Princesses and with the press. If they ask me a question, I'm going to answer it. Unless of course, it's personal. But I don't get many personal questions asked. There could be newspapers with allegations, but they are cleared up and they apologise. I don't know why, I guess they just like me. One thing I was definitely not opening my mouth to, was Justin's business. Justin was a closed person, any normal functioning human being could see that Justin was a closed book. Ever since Selena.

I sat in my bed, just thinking. I wanted to go out but I didn't want to. I'm probably becoming a closed person. I jumped out of bed and knocked on Justin's door quietly.

"Come in," I heard him call. I smiled at his voice. I opened the door and he was sat on his bed, like I was. "Nice pyjamas," he smiled, eyeing up my pyjamas with his face on it.

"Eh, I have to sleep with you one way or another," I joked and he chuckled.

"Come here," he patted on his bed and I climbed onto his bed and sat next to him. "What are we going to do today?" He asked, looking at me.

"What do you want to do?" I asked, looking up at him. He licked his lips, putting his phone down. He shrugged, smiling. "Hm, so what haven't we done?" I thought.

"Each other," he muttered, then chuckled as I lightly hit him. "I saw that DM that you sent a fan on Twitter." I bit my lip. "Hey you turned down doing each other so no biting lips," Justin scolded, playfully. "I just meant that, your fans,"


"Princesses, think we're together."

"We live together," I said, "that's why they think that."

"I don't want them to think that Faith," Justin said, I looked down.

"I can't help that Justin, if I could, I'd stop it but I can't," I said, getting up.

"No," he said, pulling me to him. "I want them to know that."

"But doesn't that mean we-"

"We aren't lying, we don't have to be," he licked his lips. I froze. Is he asking me out?

"Are you-" he interrupted me (once again), he kissed me. I kissed back. I moved my legs so they were comfortable so I was straddling him.

"Wait," he said pulling back. I gave him a confused look. "Is there anything in the oven?" I laughed and kissed him, I felt him smile. I don't know why but I felt crazy. My arms went round his neck and tugged on his hair, he moaned during the kiss but didn't stop. I kneeled up trying to get the lead of the kiss, to try and keep up but it only lost me more. He ran his hands down my sides and down my legs. This only made me pull on his hair more, I ran my fingers through it. He licked the bottom of my lip asking for entrance and I pulled away. "What's wrong?" He asked as I fiddled with the ends of my hair.

"I don't know how," I simply said. "You're my first kiss, I don't want to muck it up," I frowned. Justin smiled.

"It's simple, just do what I do, okay?" He leaned forward into me and kissed me, I slowly opened my mouth and he slid his tongue in, he moved his tongue with mine. It felt weird, it wasn't a bad weird, but it was definitely weird. I also felt this getting heated. I pulled back again. "I think you should have a world record for doing that," Justin said, smiling, leaning his head back on the head board of the bed. I smiled.

"I don't want to kiss anymore," I replied, shrugging. Justin feigned hurt.

"Am I, not what you expected?" He said, putting his hand on his chest, faking a hurt expression. I giggled and shook my head.

"If you weren't then I wouldn't of continued to kiss you in the first place," I stated.

"The amount of times you've stopped, state otherwise," Justin shot back. I playfully rolled my eyes.

"I hate being stuck in doors, Justin," I complained, slowly rocking on him. I was bored, I rock a lot. Mostly when I'm nervous. Justin grabbed my hips, stopping me.

"Doesn't mean you have to try and turn me on, more than I already am," Justin replied. My jaw dropped. I didn't realise.. Crap.

"I want to throw a party," I said, saving myself from an awkward moment.

"People will have to fly out," Justin said.

"They can stay, there's plenty of rooms," I suggested.

"I know you don't like Za," Justin licked his lips, his grip still on my waist. I recalled mine and Za's first conversation. I shrugged, feeling bad and tried to get up.

"No," Justin said, pushing me down. I felt his legs move, relaxing. I bit my lip, feeling him underneath me. This was weird.

"He can come," I said, trying to say my words carefully. I smiled when I said 'come' but hid it well. Justin nodded and grabbed his phone from the side. "Just invite everyone." He nodded. "Justin vite," I laughed at my own joke. He looked at me confused and shook his head.

"You came just in time," he winked as I tried to hold back my giggles.

"I swear, if you ever did that. I'd kill you!" I said, referring to the circumstances in the romance book I was reading.

"If I did what?" Justin chuckled, looking up at me. He knew how obsessed I was with romantic and cheesy things.

"If I was sad and you didn't know how to handle it and you left me, just walked out and didn't come back for four hours and when you came back slept in the guest room," I said, looking up at him, pulling my best threatening face. But it didn't succeed, as I fell into giggles shortly after.

"Why would I do that?" Justin asked, peeking over to my book and scanning the page. "Ah I see, she cut." Justin knew I was completely against cutting.

"I just don't see why people do it, I mean, they're like 'oh I'm in so much pain' so why are they creating more pain? How does it help? It just, doesn't. You'll do it, five or six times, realise what you've done and hate yourself, then you'll do it again. How is that getting better?" I felt myself going off in a rant and stopped myself. "I just don't see how it helps," I whispered, more to myself.

"Come here," Justin nodded his head towards me. "That's enough reading for one day," he said. I sighed, nodding my head. I put the book down and cuddled into him, he stroked my hair softly. I closed my eyes listening to his heart beat.

"Justin?" I asked, looking up at him, he looked down at me.

"Yeah baby?" He replied, I smiled.

"When are we having this party?" I asked, trying to hold my fan girls in.

"The boys are arriving tonight, I told them they can sleep round, and we'll have the party tomorrow night." I nodded my head slowly.

"What girls have you invited?" I asked, Justin smiled.

"Just Chantel, Jordan, a few others," he said, picking up his phone.

"They better not try anything," I said, the name Chantel giving me evil thoughts. Justin chuckled, he kissed my head and started up flappy birds on his phone. "No, I have a better game," I said, grabbing his phone and clicking on the safari. I typed in 'Flappy Bieber' onto the address and it took me to the game. I smirked. I tapped on the screen, proving not to be very good at the game.

"I see, you can't keep birdy Bieber up," Justin chuckled, I waited for the sex comment. "But I know what you can keep up," he finished, ending it there. I rolled my eyes, giving his phone back and cuddling into him, more.

"This is Khalil, Za, you remember Za?" Justin asked me as a whole lot of boys bundled in. I nodded my head slowly as Chantel walked in, wearing close to nothing. "You're all cool with sharing, right? We only have a few guest rooms," Justin said, double checking, the boys nodding, some hooting as girls walked in. I was kneeled up on the sofa, my back to the television, my chin resting on the back of the sofa watching all the eager party-goers.

"I guess I'll be hitching with you, eh Justin?" I heard a sultry voice, coo. I couldn't help but laugh loudly at the pathetic excuse of a flirtatious comment.

"Of course not, why would you think that?" I replied, smiling at her, she shot me a glare.

"Oh damn, get in there Bizzle!" Khalil shouted, doing his man shake thing with Justin, I rolled my eyes.

"She's fiesty," Justin added, making sure to wink at me. I rolled my eyes again.

"If you want food, it'll be ready for 11, if you don't, have fun eating your girls out," I said, sweetly. It took a second for them to realise what I had just said, but they nodded all the same.

"What we having baby?" Justin asked, looking over to me.

"What do you want?" I asked, smiling at him.

"Spaghetti, and uh, you," Justin winked and I laughed sarcastically. I jumped up, walking to the kitchen, grabbing the ingredients and getting the home made sauce on the go. Whilst the boys fought over their rooms, Justin had moved his stuff into my room, yesterday (mine was the biggest) therefore we had another spare room. I had made sure there was a lock on the door (and had a fun time watching Justin put it on) so none of them could get into our room, Justin came over and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I wasn't kidding," Justin whispered into my ear.

"About the spaghetti? Oh, too bad Bieber, too fiesty for you," I played along, putting the spaghetti into the boiling water. Justin grabbed my waist and pushed me up against the opposite counter.

"I meant you," he said, coming closer to me and kissing my neck rough.

"Just because your boys are here doesn't mean-" I started to say before he reached my soft spot. I pushed my lips together, not wanting him to get the satisfaction but that only made him suck harder, leaving a hickey on my neck. I squeezed his arms as he pulled away. I stood on my tip toes, and kissed him for about two seconds before pulling away and going back to the food.

"Why must the oven always be on?" Justin sighed, wrapping his arms around me once again, resting his head on my shoulder watching me stir the tomatoes into the sauce. I pushed the spaghetti in further as it weakly fell and created spirals of wormy spaghetti, only with random, straight, hard tails. The boys all came back in and all jumped on the sofa, there wasn't many of them so we was lucky. It wasn't going to be a big party, just a small one, for a get together. Justin didn't budge, just stayed holding me as the boys fought over the tv channel. The girls then came back in, looking a lot more dolled up. I stifled a laugh as I figured what was going on. There was just enough girls for boys, Justin had noticed this too because he I felt his lips curve. I checked the time. 10:58.

"Can you get plates out for me please?" I whispered to Justin and I felt him, release me. He put the plates down, one by one and I placed a some spaghetti down on the plate before adding the meaty, tomato sauce in the middle.

"Come and get it," I said, grabbing a handful of cutlery and placing it out as the hungry boys came and collected a plate, a knife, a fork and went and sat down in front of the hockey match.

"Aye is that Canada?" Justin asked, looking up to the television.

"Yeah against Sweden, Canada's killing it," Za responded as Justin grabbed a plate and say down with his boys, Chantel edging annoyingly closer to Justin, of course with no plate of food. I'd eaten earlier so I was full. I put the left overs in the oven so they stayed warm.

"If you want more it's in the oven," I called, to myself since the boys were glued. I put the oven gloves away and spent this time emptying the dish washer. I'd have loved to of watched the match with Justin, but with everyone around I didn't want to bother. I emptied the dishwasher quickly, before heading upstairs.

"Where are you going baby?" I heard Justin say but his eyes were glued to the screen, I figured I just made it up in my head. I walked up another stair before I heard him move, I looked down and he was looking up at me.

"I'm going to bed," I smiled.

"Okay I'll up be up when the games finished," Justin smiled up at me and I felt him watch me as I walked up the stairs. I unlocked my bedroom door, locking it, knowing Justin had a key. I looked around at my bedroom. Justin's things were everywhere, I should tidy it, but I was too sleepy. I walked into my bathroom, cleaning my make up off and running my fingers through my hair, letting it run loose. I decided whether to take a shower or not, and decided against. I changed into some pyjama shorts and grabbed one of Justin's shirts since all my stuff had been drowned. I crawled up into my bed, and got under the covers.

I woke up with Justin beside me, I turned around slowly not to wake him and cuddled into him. Why must he be so warm? I felt him move slightly, almost holding me closer. I think he's like awake when he's asleep because he always manages to get closer to me, more than I can when I'm awake. For some reason, I couldn't settle and Justin must have realised it too because he groaned. I licked my lips and wiggled my way out of his grip. I rolled over and checked the time, 6:04am. Justin must have turned my alarm off. I got out of bed and had a shower, got changed and did my make up routine. I put my hair up in a messy bun, putting clips to secure the lumpy bits. I rechecked the time. It was now 7, I unlocked the door, and left it unlocked. Everyone was most likely asleep. I went downstairs and made breakfast. I fried bacon and eggs, and toasted some toast for the side. I heard movement and looked up.

"Oh, hi Za," I smiled, putting the bacon and eggs on to a plate. "If you want toast, it's in the star." I said, pointing to the little star toast holder. He smiled.

"I'm sorry about everything, you know I didn't mean no harm," Za apologised, grabbing the fry up.

"You best not be apologising just because I made you food," I jokingly replied. I then smiled. "Apology accepted." He took the plate of food and sat down in front of the tv. I turned the oven off, just leaving the food on it so people could serve it. I walked over to the front door, grabbing my coat. "Hey, when Justin wakes up, tell him I've gone out to get some-" I was interrupted by a pair of lips, I could tell it was Justin because of his smell. I leant against the door as he cupped my face. I ran my fingers through his hair and moaned quietly. He pulled away.

"Good morning baby," Justin said, smiling at me, his forehead resting against mine.

"Good morning Justin, there's food on the oven," I replied, catching my breath. A door suddenly slammed shut, a tall girl in a long shirt came angrily walking from it. Chantel gave an angry moan before throwing herself at the sofa, sitting down in a huff. "Watch out for her," I whispered to Justin and Justin chuckled. "I need to go get some stuff for tonight," I said to Justin and he nodded. He licked his lips and kissed me lightly.

"You're mine remember," Justin said, I smiled and nodded.

"You're mine, and, 42 million other girls, but mostly mine, remember?" I smiled and he laughed. "If I don't go now, I never will."

"I don't want you to,"

"Don't you want a party?"


"Well then." He sighed giving up, he let go of me as I opened the door and left. Paparazzi was flooding at the gate, I rolled my eyes as I pushed past them.

"Are you and Justin together?" One asked, I wasn't sure what to say so I dismissed the question.

"No comment," I replied.

"Does Justin still have a very active sex life?" Another asked. I frowned.

"No," I replied, looking down.

"So would you say he's lost his swag?" The same one asked.

"Justin? Justin Bieber? Lose his swag? No, I don't think that'll happen," I laughed.

"Justin's friends are down, including previous girlfriends, how do you feel about that?" I shrugged, pushing past them.

"No more please," I said, they slowly separated, probably gone back to wait for Justin. Once I got into the town centre (mall? Idk..), I looked around. I wasn't old enough to buy any alcohol so one of Justin's friends would have to go. I grabbed some sweets and other snacks to go for the party. I didn't tend to throw parties so I wasn't good at parties. None of my friends lived in Canada, so I couldn't have gone with any friends.

J-Everyone's gone out

I read the text message.

F-What do you mean?

J-No ones here anymore

F-Where did they go?

J-Idk out, they said they were going to visit one of Khalil's friends from Toronto

F-Oh, if you're bored, you can come and help me?

J-Where bouts r u?

F-Meet me at the town gates

J-Ok baby.

I decided not to reply and I walked towards the gates with bags of food and random things I found in some party shop. Crap, I forgot to remind Justin about the paps. I put the bags down and grabbed my phone, texting Justin.

F-Baby there are paps outside

Justin read it but didn't respond, so maybe he knew. I sighed, putting my phone away and picking up the bags. I waited for about five minutes until Justin's car pulled up, he got out of it but luckily, it was a school day so most of his Beliebers were getting their education like good little boys and girls. I walked up to Justin and he smiled, taking the bags from me and putting them into the car. He turned off the engine, closing the door and locking it, setting the alarm.

"I've never shopped for a party before," I admitted and Justin smiled, ignoring a pap that took pictures of us from the side.

"I could see that by all that food you bought, there's not many of us," he smiled looking down at me. He grabbed my hand and I squeezed it tight. He squeezed back and we had a war. "Come on lets go in here."

"Justin that's a clothes shop," I looked up at him.

"I need to look good for this party," he said, I laughed.

"Sorry to burst your ego but who is there to impress?" I asked.

"Well there's Chan-" I gasped and he chuckled. "I'm kidding I'm kidding, I'm just bored, I always look good, I'm Justin Bieber." I rolled my eyes as he dragged me to the men section.

"I'm going to go look at the woman's stuff, alright?" I said, letting go of his hand.

"If you're gonna look at underwear, I wanna be there," Justin smiled and I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Yeah yeah, whatever," I mocked. I went to walk away but Justin grabbed my hand, pulling me back and kissing me softly.

"Don't think you can get away that easily," he smirked as I sighed playfully, walking away once again. I looked at the dresses, going through them and looking for my size. Even though, I was classed as mature that didn't stop me from being a massive shopping addict. Beth had always put money in my bank account as she knew what I was like. It wasn't a lot. Ok, more than a normal teenage girl, but I didn't spend it on just me.

"Wow," I smiled at a woman who just came out of a dressing room, looking at herself in the mirror. "You look beautiful." She smiled at me.

"Thank you dear, it's a shame it's so expensive," she sighed. "Oh well, maybe when I get a raise."

"How much is it?" I asked, peeking at the tag.

"About $400," she checked then nodded. I smiled.

"Could I pay for it?" I asked, she looked at me as if it was some kind of joke, she laughed.

"Of course not dear, it's too much," she smiled. "Thank you though." I shook my head.

"It's really not, take it off, I'll get it for you, don't argue, I want to," I smiled. "I get money every day, I might as well do good with it." I smiled.

"Hey that's where I know you from, you're Faith Mandal, my granddaughter loves you," the woman smiled, I smiled back.

"In that case, I'm definitely buying you that dress and I'll be giving you these meet and greet tickets," I said, fishing through my bag and handing the woman the three tickets. She smiled wide at me, I'm not sure she knew how to react. She quickly changed and I took the dress from her, walking up to the till and paying for it. I gave her the bag and she hugged me. "Thank you so much!" She smiled, taking the bag from me and hurrying out of the shop.

"That was sweet," the person behind the till said and I smiled. I walked back to the dresses picking some up to try on. I looked over to the mens where Justin was still looking at clothes so I didn't worry about boring him. I tried the first dress on, it was a baby blue dress, it wasn't too short, it came about mid thigh. It was pretty, it had a shirt like top and it flowed out nicely. The next one was a long white flowy dress with a see through layer at the top. It was cut short at the front but wasn't too short. I decided I would get that too. The next one was a black dress, that almost looked like an overgrown tshirt. It looked nice. I wish Justin would help me decide but I know that's out of the question, boys hate that sort of thing. And, they lie about it. They say they like everything you wear and you look beautiful in everything. Even if you came out in a garbage bag.

I had decided I would get everything I had chosen but I still hadn't shopped until I dropped. I walked out of the changing room and straight to a fluffy, baby pink jumper that was calling my name. When I got to it, I was greeted by warm hands slithering their way round my waist.

"Have you found anything?" The familiar, husky voice asked.

"A lot," I smiled, feeling proud to have been one of the biggest shoppers ever. Justin took some of the dresses off of my arm and pushed it towards me.

"It's pretty," Justin complimented and I nodded, smiling. He looked around the shop. "I'll be back in a second baby," he said, kissing my cheek as he left. He had forgotten to put the baby blue dress back on my arm so he had to come back before I wanted to pay. I picked up a few more shirts and jumpers and walked towards the shoes. What? I'm a girl. A cliché girl at that. I admired the shoes, picking a few up. I didn't know why this shop hadn't ever heard of baskets but if I wanted this stuff, I was going to have to carry it with me. "Need any help?" Justin asked, I turned around and he had a few random dresses and stuff in his arms.

"Hey, let me see that," I asked, trying to grab at the clothes.

"Hold it baby, you'll see when we get home," he smiled. Home. I know me and Justin had only made our dating official but it felt like we had been together forever, and I hoped we would be.

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