Coping with Justin Bieber *Following from Fake Dating Justin Bieber*


1. chapter one.

*a few months later*

I looked up at the new house I had just bought in Canada. It was a big house, with three bedrooms but they were large and I couldn't help not buying it. Surely, this had to be one of the most selfish things I've ever done. Or maybe not.

I took the keys off the nice real estate agent man who had the name of Ricky. He was an old guy with a brown moustache that matched his shaggy hair. I'd say he was around 48, which isn't old but older than me.

I walked into the house - for the second time. Previously I had been viewing this beautiful house and just recently I had talked my manager into letting me buy it. It hadn't taken much for her to agree, my mum was still hasty on the idea however I knew it would grow on her.

The moving van had been following my car. Aurelio had been ever so kind to drive me out so early in the morning. It was around 5am and I couldn't wait to start unpacking and online shopping for new things! Beth had given me a reasonable sum of money to pay for the house costs and what I would need. Sure, I had earned the money, but I didn't like money. It was a greedy thing and I didn't want to be apart of anything. I always got what I wanted and that wasn't much but now I'm being trusted with so much.

Beth walked eagerly into the house, looking around with her mouth open in shock. She hadn't seen the house so she hadn't believed me when I told her about its beauty.

"Faith, this is beautiful!" She gasped. I smiled nodding.

"Go check out the rest of the house, I have to unpack!" I squealed excitedly, grabbing a box which had been put into the foyer by the moving van man and Aurelio. I walked up to the main bedroom which was going to be mine and set the box down. I heard footsteps and then the body that matched appeared at my doorway.

"Hey Beth," I smiled, picking out some beads from the box.

"I'm jealous, your house is beautiful," I heard her say. I smiled, picking up some of the sticky tack. I put some on the ends and middle of the beads and draped them on the walls. "You hear about Justin on his break?" She said, carefully asking. I hadn't seen Justin for a few months now. Not that long but I hadn't kept much contact with the outside world, other than my Princesses.

"Oh," I replied, going back to my box and picking up some different coloured beads. "Guessing we didn't take that well." I heard Beth laugh.

"No, you Beliebers didn't take it so well, but others are happy, which is all that matters I guess. He needs a break." Beth said, to which I nodded. Aurelio came walking in backwards with a bed in his arms, whilst the van man came in with the other end. They set it down and walked straight back downstairs. I still hadn't figured out what was wrong with Aurelio. I was hoping to get to the bottom of it but right now, I needed to pack. "You have two guest rooms, don't you?" Beth asked. I looked up at her in confusion and nodded.

"Yeah, I do. Why? Would you like to stay?" I asked, regaining my smile. She smiled back but shook her head.

"See, Scooter-" My eyes widened at the name. "He was wondering if Justin could stay here, just until his breaks over," she said, fast. I slowly took it in.

"He wants Justin here, with me?" I clarified.

"Yes," Beth responded.

"Do I really have a choice?" I asked, feeling uneasy.

"No," she responded apologetically.

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