Coping with Justin Bieber *Following from Fake Dating Justin Bieber*


4. chapter four.

The smell of drunk, sweaty people filled my nostrils. It was disgusting. The club was tightly packed and Justin was behind me as we walked in. Everyone wanted to go to a club instead and therefore, because I don't like to be a party pooper, we had all decided to just go to the club. I had a bad feeling about this. I also had a bad feeling about Chantel's slutty dress and the way she was eyeing up my boyfriend. I knew I could trust Justin, but I knew what she was like and honestly, I'd rather keep myself and Justin as far away as possible.

"Wanna get a drink?" I shouted to Justin, who nodded his head, grabbing my hand pulling me through the crowd. I noticed people noticing Justin but I suppose, he didn't notice them, or he didn't want to.

"What do you want?" Justin asked me, looking at me, smiling. He looked so happy. He was dressed in a white shirt and some jeans, that were of course in the natural Bieber style, down his ankles.

"I want you to pull your trousers up," I smiled and he laughed. He shook his head.

"To drink, but I guess I'm off the menu if you want me to pull my pants up instead of down," he winked and I rolled my eyes.

"I'll just have lemonade," I smiled back up at him. He looked down at me.

"What?! Let loose!" He almost yelled. I rolled my eyes and told the bar man what I wanted, he nodded with a chuckle. Justin sighed and shook his head once I got my lemonade, accompanied with a pink, bendy straw. "Hey, maybe later, instead of sucking on that straw, you can suck on my d-" Justin was interrupted by a girl a couple inches taller than me, rubbing his right arm.

"Hey, baby, how about we ditch the sober chick and have some fun." She purred, winking at him, lifting her right leg up, skimming across her leg with her red heel. I laughed and choked on my drink. I recovered quickly. I felt someone nudge behind me and I tripped forward. Justin managed to catch me, but the drink wasn't so lucky. It was caught by the girls skimpy, black dress. My right hand went straight to my mouth as we both gasped at the same time.

"I'm so sorry!" I blurted, frantically. I tried to help her but she pushed me away.

"No you're not, you bitch!" She yelled back at me. Justin pushed me back gently, standing in front of me and I managed to stand up straight.

"D'you wanna call my girl a bitch again?" Justin growled.

"She poured her drink on me!" The girl yelled, suddenly sounding helpless.

"She could push you off a cliff and I wouldn't give a fuck." Justin shouted, the girl ran off and Justin turned to me. "You alright, baby?" He asked, taking my drink off of me and putting it on the bar. I nodded. He put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me hard, I kissed him back. I fell back into someone as Justin fell into me. I pulled away and Justin stood up quick, pulling me up. I turned and apologised to the man behind me who just laughed it off. Justin turned and opposite him was an angry drunk and the slutty girl from before.

"I heard you threatened my girlfriend," the man said angrily, he was breathing heavily.

"Did you know she hit on me?" Justin said, coolly as a circle developed around us.

"Why the fuck would she hit on a brat like you?" The man yelled, getting closer to Justin. A boy pulled me away.

"Hey, keep back. Your boyfriend looks angry, he wouldn't want you getting hurt." He smiled and I thanked him.

"That's the little bitch who poured her drink on me!" The girl squealed and I gasped. The man walked towards me, but Justin pulled him back and before the man had time to register, Justin punched him in the face and he was on the floor, shaking with pain, holding his eye. I pushed my way past the boy who was trying to protect me and stood beside Justin, suddenly feeling a lot more confidence.

"Scram, bitch." Justin growled. He grabbed my hand, turned his top half off his body. "Thanks bro." He nodded towards the boy and he nodded back. I smiled at him. "Come on baby, let's go home."

"What about the others?" I asked, looking up at Justin.

"They'll be home soon. You're my only worry." I looked down and smiled to myself.

"Just wait until the media hears about this, you little brat!" The man shouted. Justin went to turn back around, I could feel the anger.

"Justin, no. Come on." I said, pulling him towards the exit. He turned back around and went with me.

"I don't know what I'd do without you, baby."


"What time did y'all get back last night? We tried looking for ya but we couldn't find you." Za yelled, as he sat on the sofa in front of the tv.

"There was trouble." Justin growled, wrapping his arms securely around me. I smiled to myself whilst I made the sandwiches for the group. "What time are you all going home then?" Justin asked.

"Tryna get rid of us, Bizzle?" Za looked at him.

"Nah, just wondering. Want some time with my girl before she has to go back." Justin replied. I got a knife from the drawer and placed it on the sandwiches, cutting them into triangles. Justin watched me over my shoulder.

"We're leavin' tonight brah." Za replied. All the others came out, and picked up sandwiches. "Grab me one, anyone?" Za yelled and got handed one. I picked mine up and Justin picked his and we ate it, watching the tv from the kitchen. (Kitchen/diner/living room is in one room, the front room of the house). My phone started ringing from my back pocket. I sighed, recognising the ring tone. Beth. Justin took the phone from my back pocket, causing me to jump a little. He checked the caller ID and pressed Answer, putting it to his ear.

"Faith's not coming back until next week." He said, then hung up, putting the phone in his pocket.

"Justin, you shouldn't of done that." I said, turning to face him. He looked down at me.

"But, I- you won't regret it, baby." He kissed my neck and I smiled, I felt my phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled back. "You check that and I won't give you cuddles for the next week." I gasped and he smiled into my neck.

"I know you won't be able to help yourself," I whispered and grabbed my phone, turning and facing away from him.

I read the text.

From Beth: I really didn't appreciate that, Faith. I need you back in the studio, ASAP. Unless you don't care about your fans.

I rolled my eyes but then I gasped. I completely had forgotten about everything these last few days. I finally was normal and I had forgotten the people who made me and Justin possible, my career possible. I quickly logged into Twitter seeing all my mentions.

@FaithLovesU: I'm not dead. I've just been hanging with @justinbieber. We love you!

I sighed.

"We're gonna start packing." Chantel smiled and got up with the rest of the crew. I heard Justin vibrate. He took his phone out of his pocket and smiled, clicking a few buttons.

@justinbieber: hanging with my girl @FaithLovesU I love u and I love u #mybeliebers

I smiled and retweeted and favourited it.

"Can I have my girl now?" Justin pouted and I walked towards him and kissed him. I really think I'm in love.


ill update more soon I just wanted this here.

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