This is just the first tiny part that I hope to be expanding. Please read and comment - I need all the (constructive) criticism I can get - and I will return the favour :) .
I also have no idea for a title, so any suggestions will be muchly appreciated :)


1. The Visitor

‘Pluto is bright tonight’ observed Isacc. The Elder nodded his head in agreement. He rested his arms on the great oak table as Isacc spoke again.

‘Yet, she still will not attack’. The Elder frowned at the anger in his voice.

‘You want war?’ he questioned him

‘It would certainly...’ Isacc hesitated before meeting the Elders’ eyes, ‘It could be a revolution’. Isacc paused, waiting for the Elder to get angry, waiting for the fire in his eyes as he disagreed. He did not see it.

‘It would’ agreed the Elder, ‘But I don’t think revolution is what Mars needs’. It was Isacc’s turn to frown. Before he had a chance to reply though, the door swung open to reveal a masked figure. The two men immediately stood, and Isacc offered the person his seat.

‘We were not expecting you’ the Elder said, taking his seat once again, carefully hiding the surprise in his voice.

‘No-one ever does’. The stranger took off the mask and looked the Elder in the eye. ‘Jupiter has abandoned us’ the woman continued, her harassed face becoming even more so as she saw the Elders’ head bow deep in acknowledgement. ‘And Earth continues to stand aside. She must pick a side. She refuses to accept there is a war heading our way. She believes it will pass over us, maybe sprinkling a few light showers.’

‘She is wrong’ a new figure appeared from the shadows, his deep voice matching the feelings shown in his eyes.

The woman started, before being pressed back into her seat by Isacc.

‘Please sit Matthew, Son of Jupiter’ the Elder said lightly, pointing to the seat opposite him. Matthew smirked a little before taking the seat.

The woman wriggled free of Isacc’s grasp and spat at his feet.

‘What is he doing here?’ she demanded.

 The Elder raised his eyebrows while Matthew faked surprise, ‘Don’t we respect others who travel to an unfamiliar place, with no-one to protect them?’ he inquired mockingly.

‘I don’t respect people who don’t respect me’ she replied, still looking disgusted by the fact he was in touching distance.

‘On the whole, I’d say I rather did respect Venus actually. Anyone who stands with Mars through thick and thin ought to deserve a medal’. The woman looked disgruntled.

The Elder coughed discreetly before adding; ‘I think there are some rather more pressing matters than rivalry between old friends…’

Matthew looked slightly amused as the woman shook her head. ‘Venus is no friend of Jupiter’ she declared.

The Elder smiled slightly before continuing as if he had not been interrupted.

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