Hell Breaks Loose

16+ recommended. Skylar Kingsley is your bad girl, the one who pulls pranks on everyone, gets arrested, goes ahead and breaks an egg on the head of a wanted criminal who the FBI has been trying to capture for 5 years! What happens when her stunt gets her stuck with a bodyguard she can't stand? Or better question. What happens when she grows feelings for him? Opposites do attract.


1. She's done it again.

I groaned staring at my reflection in the mirror. My hair grew too long! I'm getting a hair cut like at least till the centre of my back. I brushed my blonde hair and let it fall in waves. I put eyeliner and mascara on my green eyes and also put a pink lip stain on. And done.

"What to wear what to wear." I repeated till I picked out a black lace tank top and grey skinny jeans.

I picked up my school bag which had 'Don't mess with me' written on it and walked downstairs towards the kitchen. "Mom! Where are my car keys?" I yelled.

She turned to me from her cooking and glared at me. "I'm right here Skylar!" She yelled back. "Well I'm right here too." I yelled back.

She huffed and gave me my keys. "Morning to you guys" my dad said walking into the kitchen. He grabbed a pancake and ate it all in one big bite. I grinned at him, my dad and I were alike. My mom though was the total opposite of us. While dad and I loved cool shit, mom liked being graceful and gorgeous. She was completely girl while I was a total guy.

"Manners Jeffory!" She smacked dad's hand with which he ate the pancake.

I ate my breakfast quickly and looked at the time, it was 7:40 meaning I had 20 minutes to get to school. Soon after my brother Jace came out of his room and raised his hand as a good morning sign. Lazy as always I see.

"Well I'm off to school, adios!" I said and walked out of my house. My parents had great jobs so we didn't have any financial problems or anything. My mom was an actor in TV dramas and my dad was the director. That's how they got hooked up basically. We had a 3 story house with a pool and garden. You could call it a mini mansion.

I walked to my car which was a Dodge Charger. "I missed you, Szari." Yeah I named my car so what. I drove to school and got there in 10 minutes since my school wasn't far. I parked in a spot which had sports cars parked next to it.

Did I mention I got kicked out of my last school and started here just today? I apparently 'could burn down the school' according to my last principal.

I got out of my car and locked it. I walked into the school and everyone's heads shot towards me. I smirked. The popular girls and the sluts glared at me with envy and the guys looked at me with huge grins. I had my mom's to die for looks.

As I was about to enter the building, I was yanked back to see a blonde glaring at me. She was pretty I admit. She had grey eyes and ivory skin. If you look at her clothes you'd know she sleeps with every guy she wants.

"You parked in my spot bitch." She spat. "Well too bad slut it's my favourite spot now." I replied.

"Get the fuck out of my face." I yelled. "Get your ugly car out of my spot." She yelled back. Ugh the nerve of this bitch. She doesn't know what I'm going to do to her.

"You fucking slut you dare call my Szari ug-" I couldn't finish my sentence because I was picked up and taken into the school building by strong arms. "Put me down! She doesn't know who she messed with I'm gonna give her a piece of my mind!" I thrashed and wiggled for release and release I got.

I looked at the dude who had grabbed me. "You could have gotten suspended so I had to." He explained. Then he walked away. I noticed he was really hot. He had dark brown hair that were almost black and deep grey eyes. He had good muscle too not too much not too less just how I liked them on guys. Oh god stop it Skylar.

I got my schedule and went to my first class which was history.

"Hey people I'm Skylar and you don't wanna mess with me." I introduced myself and sat on a desk with 4 people at it.

"You insulted Emma right?" The guy with blue eyes and black hair asked me. "Yup." I said. "Wanna join our group? We know you would be great at pranks." He grinned and I grinned back nodding. "Not great at pranks and stuff, I'm the queen of pranks." I informed him.

"I'm Riley." He brought his hand out. "Skylar" I replied shaking it.

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