Pure - House Of Moon Series.

house of moon


4. Chapter 3 -

After i followed the man to his office, He asked me to sit down so i took a seat across his.

"So I know what happen with you and your mother last night." He started.

I looked down and started to feel my eyes watering. "No dear don't cry i called you because i wanted you to know that now this will be your new home and we won't charge you anything. Do you understand?" He said.

"I understand." Still looking down. I couldn't forget the events of last night. I didn't know who my parents were.

"Well you start classes today." He took out a folder from his shelf. "Here's your schedule." He smiled at me holding out the folder which i took gladly. Atleast i had somewhere to live and study and didn't have to be a nobody without any future.

"T-thank you b-but why?" I asked as tears went down my eyes.

"Why what?" He smiled wiping my tears. "Why are you helping me?" I asked.

"Because nobody deserves abandonment and you are a special little girl trust me." He said simply.

"Well off to your first class." he handed me my books and locker key.

"Thanks alot." I said again. He just smiled at me.

I left his office and went to the lockers. "366" I read the number and searched for my locker.

"Found it!" I yelled and did a mental victory dance. Some students stared at me so i blushed and opened my locker.

First class was History so i kept all the books in except history.

"Excuse me?" I tried asking some of the students walking by. So far nobody was listening.

"Can i help you?" Asked a deep and husky voice. "Oh thanks nobody was.." I couldn't finish my sentence when i turned around to face him.

Standing right infront of me was the man who had me dreaming. Not the expression. Actually dreaming.

"You.." i trailed off. "Me what?" He asked.

"Who are you?" I asked in a whisper.

"Woah there dont freak out im no bully or jock." He chuckled.

"I saw you." I said. Cursing at myself mently for saying that.

"You saw me where?" He asked. With that i ran away, coincidentialy ending up infront of the history class. I walked in and sat down on an empty chair at the back where nobody would bother me.

The teacher cleared his throat grabbing my attention. "You are supposed to introduce yourself when you join a new class." He stated.

"Oh i'm so sorry sir" I apologized for my rude entry. "I'm Claire... williams." I quickly made up a last name.

He looked at me amusingly. "Everyone welcome our new student. Claire Williams." He said as everyone said Hi to me.

I smiled and quietly sank down in my chair.

"Well lets start off with the lesson now shall we" The teacher said.

I can't believe he is here. The very man i saw in my dreams every night was here in this high school.

The doors opened and in walked the very man that i saw earlier. You jinxed it Claire.

He smiled at me and walked over to my seat. "Is this taken?" He asked pointing to the seat next to me.

"No no." I gave a nervous smile.

He sat down next to me. "Why are you late again Seth." The teacher asked him.

He smiled at me and answered. "Well sir my mate seemed to disappear so i was looking for her but no problem I've found her." He said and grinned at the class.

"Congrats bro." Some guys started and Seth thanked them.

I was so confused at what was going on. "Now now students settle down and lets continue with the lesson." Our teacher said.

We studied for an hour or so until class ended and the good part was that our next class was going to start after an hour.

"Hi I'm Seth." I snapped out of my thoughts and saw a hand extended towards me. It belonged to him.

I nervously shook his hand. "Claire." I said. He smiled and looked as if in a deep thought.

"Wanna be friends Claire?" He asked. "Sure" I smiled a genuine smile. But... why had i dreamt of him?

I guess i would find out soon enough.

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