Pure - House Of Moon Series.

house of moon


2. Chapter 1 - New beginning

I saw an alluring man run towards me yelling my name. Tears were running down my face as I knew I was as good as dead this moment.

I remembered all the good times I had, all the heartbreaks, all the love I had gotten and all the times I've shared with the people now crying for me.

"He loved you more" Said a man holding me.

*Alarm Clock starts ringing*

I woke up panting heavily. "Jesus Christ". I've had the same dream 23 times now and yes i've been counting. During this month weird things have been happening to me. I've seen the same man over and over again in my dreams and sometimes i feel like he's around me. He saves me in my dream.

"Claire wake up you're leaving" Mom shouted from downstairs. Leaving? To where?

I ran down the staircase and quickly went to the kitchen where i'm guessing my mom would be. "Leaving? what do you mean?"

"Pack up i'll tell you just hurry" She sounded serious so i didn't question and went to pack my stuff.

I went up to my room and took out a bag from the closet. I packed some of my clothes that i would need but for what i dont know. I packed my toothbrush and essentials and came back down.

"So where are we or i am off to?" I asked her. "Dont question me just move" she answered back her face was emotionless.


I went and sat in my mom's car and waited till she came.


The ride was about 7 hours i think. I dont know actually i fell asleep.

We reached some old castle kind of place and i started to wonder why in the hell was i brought here?

"Mom can you talk now?" i asked politely.

She didn't reply. Hm weird.

After a long silence she finally told me something i regret hearing. "I'm not your mother Claire. You were dropped off at my house when you were a year old. Get off the car and take your stuff because this is where you belong not with me.

That made me cry so much. I felt pain and anger. She lied to me my whole life and now she's leaving me in some unknown place. Was i too much for her to keep?

"Goodbye.. Mother". And with that i got my bags and got off.

Wanna know what she did? She drove off without a damn word.

It looked like it was about to rain so i grabbed my stuff and went to the gates of the building. I rang the bell and a man dressed in navy blue came running towards the gate. He looked about 27 with jet black hair and black eyes.

"Your name?" He asked.

"Claire... just Claire" i answered not sure if i had a last name anymore.

"Well Claire it seems you are on the list, Come in and welcome to Moon Cliff City".

"Oh okay" i said as he gestured me to follow him inside.

I went in and my breath was caught in my throat.

In the middle of the hall was a huge crystal hanging. It had light above it coming from the moon and what the hell the moon is blue.


you all must think I over did her mom's behaviour but there is a story behind it so wait for it!

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