Philip, I'm A Vampire

Amanda Burnes is a girl that’s not human. She’s a vampire; who sleeps in a coffin, needs permission to come into a house, does not fear light, is 179 years old, and has a good friend named Philip Brachen. One day, Amanda makes the decision to say, “Philip, I’m a vampire.” But Amanda is not getting what the reaction she thinks of. She will end up asking herself at the end, “Was it really worth it?”


7. When a dad has an enemy in town

Amanda came inside the big, cozy and comfortable house. It was dark. The house is not usually dark. However she had enough sense and direction to walk into the kitchen…Until the light turned on. Spheris is sitting at the table, drinking blood through a straw in a packet. He usually didn’t do that.

“Amanda,” Spheris lowers the packet. “Why were you out so late?”

“I was helping Philip with his Shakespeare homework.”  Amanda said. “…Dad.  Were you around kid or something? You don’t usually drink with straws.”

Amanda went to the refrigerator

“That eyewitness is a fifteen year old girl.”  Spheris said, as Amanda takes out her packet.

 Amanda takes a cup from  the cupboard.

“Annddd?” Amanda walks over the table.

Spheris briefly closes his eyes.

“Sharley’s been resired.”  Spheris said, in a low voice.  “And I am more concerned whether to tell Madelyn about the truth…more than ever.”

  Amanda sat at the table.

“Dad, why don’t you just call the Hellstings? Maybe they could help—“

“NO!” Spheris, said, raising his voice higher he ever did.

 That silenced Amanda like a cricket.

“They….were not vampires as I have told you for so long,” Spheris admits. “They were not just humans…They were my friends for a long time,”

Amanda makes a grunt as she rolls her left eye.

“Friends my as—“


“Dad, I’m already  17—“

“That does not matter as long as you are under my roof, there will be no cussing in this house.” Spheris lowers his head, with a sigh.  

 He did not like cussing in general; not even cussing around him was safe.  Amanda could tell this was one of those moods where he let down a bombshell.

“They were vampire hunters, but…they had good hearts.” Spheris said. He shook his head.  “Sadly, I can’t ask them for help.”

  Amanda folds her arms.

“Let me guess…They died 90 years ago?”

 Spheris’s face tells her ‘much longer’ .

“They died One century and four-three years ago….”

   …Spheris’s Story…

   …A long, long time ago…

  “You know, the day I came to them was before…Many things were…started.”

   Charles Hellisting and his wife Veonica Hellisting walk down the dark and sinister-like streets casting tree shadows over animals that happen to be roaming the area very creepily. The man has a thick black mustache that might be stirring; however, it could just be some dirt sticking out from darkness.  Or it is merely the moonlight casting light on the man’s appeal. Something seems odd in the atmosphere that's indicated by the presence of fear.

  There's a swish heard knocking down what appears to be a late dated version of a trash can off to the side.

Veonica stops in her tracks.

   "Did you hear that, Charles?" She asked, in a thick British accent.

   Her husband, Charles Hellisting, is taller than her probably about six foot two at least or just five foot eight.

   Mr.Hellisting held what appears to be a late-early version of a briefcase in his right hand. His crystal blue sues scan and survey his surroundings under a minute like a private eye detective trained in brutal combat.  There are metal edges to both sides of this brief case. Our view wonders off towards this scene where a person is...well...Biting a woman's neck and feasting on her blood. A discarded mirror tossed to the side of some other junk showed no reflection to the biter. Mr.Hellisting did some inductions in what may happen next. Rather fast.

 "Visiting The Rendersons may need to be stalled for a while."  He handed her the luggage, they are almost the only people out here at night. He seemed to be extremely wary of this suspicious-creepy-dark scene; The Hellistings were coming to visit a well-known proper idealized family known as The Rendersons, who Mr.Hellisting had invited to their wedding five years ago at least.  Mr.Hellisting takes out a small handgun. "They are here." He had good reason to bring his handgun with him.

    Three wind gusts dart from the shadowy darkness leaving what had happened to be human shaped figures in their dust aimed right at the Hellistings. Mr.Hellisting did not flinch but anticipated what may happen next; he grabbed a pistol which had been loaded before they left the house since it would be going naked without a loaded gun due to the uprising fear and hysteria of vampire reports. And their sightings. Mr.Hellisting shot at the gusts actually belonging to the undead who feasted on blood with their fangs aided by incredible speed. The view follows one bullet fly through mid-air twirling in circles until reaching a shoulder where it tore through the fabric into the hardened bone area that started to bleed out after tearing through flesh.

  One lunges on Mr.Hellisting.

   Before we continue onwards this one should be really described for further imagery; this strange being is a vampire with a white face, a fierce look like a lion would have or a cat to be precise when on attacking a prey, and sharp fangs which would have belonged to a wild dog rather than a human being. We can see their shirts are torn, ripped, and shredded at some points of their body indicating they have already feasted on somebody else blood after attacking them.

  "DIE HUNTER!”  The Vampire screeches.

 His fingernails became sharp like and chipped at some points on the finger area. Vampires know if they are being hunted by some human or group just by the falling numbers of those who were vampires and ended up dead at unexpected locations, the ones who were not vampires had their coffins opens and their corpse brutalized. This Vampire strikes  Mr.Hellistings, colliding with one another. Mr Hellstings uses his strength to kick the undead off him. The Vampire is sent flying into an early version of a trash can being wooden and pretty big.

    Mrs.Hellisting flipped open the suitcase; Vampires are capable of becoming invisible to their target, people who wanted them to no longer be hiding from their sight would need something like salt so the vampires would either sneeze or cough wherever they were at, thus making their problem quicker to solve.  The vampire, who is about to attack Mrs.Hellisting saw her as an easy target with just an open suitcase not really useful to her situation.  

    Mrs.Hellisting shot one of these vampires, using a special kind of bullet.

This vampire is pinned into a wall.

  “I knew they needed some help taking down those  wild, recently sired vampires…”

   Spheris, watching them from under several trees, comes out. He pins down a wild vampire before it could attack Mr.Hellisting. He stabs a sharp stake into the vampire’s chest. The Vampire screeches at him louder than a human should be screaming. The wild vampire sounded like a pterodactyl screaming in fury or rage. The Vampire’s face became riddled in cracks. The shine in his eye are replaced by gray dust. The Vampire’s body is still solid, but, it’s like a stone ready to be thrown from a mountain and shattered into pieces.  He threw a stake right at two other vampires that caught Veonica at the corner. 

  “Who are you?” Mr.Hellisting asks, getting up.

Spheris dusts off his weapon, after he took out the stake.

 “Spheris,” Spheris fakes his British accent.  He does a fake cough.  “Just Spheris.”

Mrs Hellisting snaps her bag shut.

“Oi, Your must have a name.” Mrs. Hellisting insisted. “All men have a name,”  She points to herself. “My name is odder than most women in my age but; that’s life. And tell us your name.”

Of all things considered, Spheris hadn’t found a heart to tell the truth about being a vampire.

“It’s Spheris Baker.” Spheris said.

The couple had a small suspicion about him, just not too big.

“…Now…uh…what should we do with the statues?” Veonica asks.

“We can’t put them in someone’s home.” Charles said, then he glances to Spheris with some hope this ‘stranger’ could actually help.

 Spheris knew where exacrtly to get rid of them.

 “There’s  a cliff nearby to get rid of these statues…but I do not advise you bother trying  getting any valuables from the statues…Those valuables are already stone.”

   ____________             __________________                    _______________

 “So…They never found out?” Amanda interrupts her father’s story.

 Spheris sighs.

 Amanda knew that sigh, it was the sigh that meant ‘yes’ in more ways than one.

“One, lonesome and noisy night…”

   _______                          __________________                 _______________

 Veonica Hellisting ran by the street walls covering her shoulder, bleeding from an offensive Vampire. It was raining and thundering. Veonica looks older than when she met Spheris. Her eyes were older. Her face did have the beauty left for her as a 49 year old woman. Her clothing is dirty.

 “Veonica,” Spheris lands behind her as thunder struck the ground. He wasn’t use to seeing her alone. They were good friends at this point. “Where’s Charles?” He smells the blood without having to lean in, “That’s not your blood. Is Charles okay?”

Veonica whips around, with tears coming from her eyes.

 “Oi, stay away from me!” She holds her gun out. “You ugly, son of a tramp, vamp.”

Spheris puts his hands up in front of himself.

 “I’m a good guy.” Spheris claims, concerned by her genuine comment.  “I’m not ugly. Your comment is snude as a...”

“LIAR!” Veonica finishes for him, holding her shaky gun at him.

Spheris frowns.

“I wasn’t intending to breach that comparison…” Spheris said, in his most fancy word possible. His eyes flicker with life, the life of a young man who hasn’t lost the ability to care or matter. It seemed like Spheris is still in fact a man not a vampire, not undead.

Spheris raises a bushy, dark eyebrow.

“Is Charles okay?” Spheris asks, genuinely concerned about her husband.

Veonica is scared and bloody, but the sense of betrayal is fresh on her face.

“None of your concern, vamps.” She sneers at the word ‘Vamps’.

Spheris takes a step forward.

“I am the one who informs you where the nests are,” Spheris tells her, in a warning voice. “I deserve to know what the hell is going on around here.” He takes another step forward. “I don’t have the luxury to be around townsfolk’s all I want!”

He raises his shoulders up and spread out his hands.

“Your name isn’t Spheris Baker, isn’t it?” She asked, not willing to believe him.

He is confused by her question, but regardless of it Spheris answers it.

“Yes, it is.” Spheris keeps on his initial claim. He tilts his head partially, his right eye twitches. He straightens his head up.  “It’s my English name. I was born into the world—“

She shook her gun at him.

“No, you were sired by a vampire!” She screeches.  She shot the gun but it missed him by a second. “What is your real name?”

  _________                  ___________________                         ______________--

“Amanda…Humans were so…different from than they were back in the day. They would ask; what’s your name? Like we, vampires, took on a different name after being sired. No, that is only the case for a few. I kept my name, my sense of honor. My sense of dignity.”

   We can see Amanda’s packet is empty and her cup has is halfway full of blood.

 “…Dad, what kind of books have you been reading?”

“None what so ever….” He paces back and forth. “Once a vampire bit a human; Dignity, pride, and honor…that could be all stripped away if you go into the original wild side. I...fortunately, was bitten by a wise Vampire.”

 He raises a finger.

“I…I was left intact.” He shook his finger. “I was lucky.”

Spheris glances at his hand.

“But, Sharley wasn’t. “  Spheris has a sad face, as though he knew him as a human before.

Amanda’s curious eyes are seen to be bored by Spheris’s commentary.

“Okay, Dad, you sound like a politician…Which I don’t get…but Okay.” Amanda wiggles her little fingers. “Continue.”

  _______________            __________________                    ____________

“Spheris.” Spheris is alarmed by her demands.   He is concerned about her and Charles.  “I told you before. It’s Spheris Baker.”

The rain is coming down harder.

“I…don’t….believe you.”  Veonica said, backing away. “Nor does God believe a liar. A liar who drinks blood, curses families, and worst off all…” She cries. “You tear them apart by manipulating us.”

He has no clue what she is talking about ‘they’.

“Who’s they?” Spheris asks, as the rain was no longer a bother to him. It was just nothing…It was something that he disregarded at this point for the time being.

Veonica is holding her gun with balance.

“Oi, you are a liar with armour of a deceptive being.” Her words were like something harsher than being bitten or being killed. They hurt Spheris’s feelings. “You are a vampire. Vampire, and with those curses you already have, I curse you a thousand more times than god has done.”

She sneers at him.

“I curse you, with every person you meet.” Her words were like iron that burnt when spoken.

She repeated the word ‘Vampire’ in the most horrible, hurt-feeling-heart-wrenching way possible.

“Now…If you do not want to die and join your brothern, leave me be.” Veonica  said, meaning every word.

 Spheris backs away.

“I don’t…”  Spheris’s eyes were like someone had reached out and took a baby’s candy.

His eyes were so sad. However Veonica was ignoring this. What happened?  He knew this day would come, but he had no idea what Veonica is talking about.   If he knew what she was talking about, he could handle this lot better. The thing is about having a human friend is that someday they will hurt your feelings, tear you up by the inside, and die while you live on for eternity.

 “The thing is…Amanda, you never get over your best friends….And when you betray them so badly…they  are never going to be your friends anymore.”

  Spheris ran (He slipped and fell while running) and he didn’t return.

_________________            ___________________                           ___________________

            Modern day…

            …their house …

 Amanda hadn’t put down her empty glass.

“Is that why…you didn’t want me to tell Philip?” Amanda asks, understanding a little more about her father.

“Yes,”  Spheris said, defeated.   He had never looked  so…defeated in a way. Keeping a secret for so long could be a relief to him. But the scar in his heart from his last friends hadn’t gone. He didn’t want her to experience what he had…under his roof that is. “And that’s why…I’m staying up.”

“Staying up?” Amanda repeats. “What does that mean?”

Spheris bit his lip.

“I’m telling Madlyn.”  Spheris said, clearing his throat.

And that’s when they heard the door open.

“I’m hoooome!” They hear Madelyn ‘s voice and the door close behind her…

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