Philip, I'm A Vampire

Amanda Burnes is a girl that’s not human. She’s a vampire; who sleeps in a coffin, needs permission to come into a house, does not fear light, is 179 years old, and has a good friend named Philip Brachen. One day, Amanda makes the decision to say, “Philip, I’m a vampire.” But Amanda is not getting what the reaction she thinks of. She will end up asking herself at the end, “Was it really worth it?”


5. Rumors go round and round

Even though Philip is partially deaf, it didn’t mean he couldn’t hear cars coming. Voices, to him, are another story. School had been buzzing about Amanda’s odd, unexpected super-strength.  Some teachers refused to believe this. The sad thing about this is that Blossom Sr. High School does not have security cameras. But no one ever said the word ‘Vampire’ when talking about Amanda.

   It didn’t make a ton of sense, really. But to everyone, they were considering that Amanda is a human like alien from a planet called Vampiera with two moons where it never, ever rained. That is only a wild theory. Students think the planet may have gotten destroyed.  They theorized Amanda was sent out a escape pod, then crash landed in the backyard belonging to a lone couple, and was adopted by them. Most believe she grew up among their society. Philip heard rumors that they considered Amanda went out at lunch because she had to save people and get a cheeseburger.

     “Do you have a superhero name?” A freshman, Carriet Blank, questions Amanda as she tags behind her.

  The last school bell of the day had  ringed.

  Amanda sighs, stopping in her tracks.

   She turns around to Carriet.

 “I’m not a superhero, nor a werewolf.” Amanda combs hair away from her face.

Carriet’s eyes become wide.

“Then what are you?” Carriet asks.

Amanda continued what she initially had been saying.  

“Werewolves went extinct a century ago; my biological dad was there to witness it.” She had to use ‘Biological’ in there, just to make it clear her dad is alive. Perhaps she could manipulate their theories to her advantage, taking their worries off the news in school.

   Carriet is perplexed.

 “Don’t look up to girls like me—the ones people make rumors about their natural power—because…” Amanda pauses for a moment. She tried to think of a better way to say this. But being her, a single child, it could be difficult. Amanda had to…explain.  

  She came to the conclusion: Not everything should be debated on.

“They will tear you down harder than…”

 “A trickster, norse God?” Carriet finishes for her, sounding a little hopeful.

Amanda closes her eyes.

 “No.” She said, as Carriet’s bright eyes become a little dull. “But nice comparison….It’s…a little poetic in a way.” Amanda waves her small fingers at Carriet. We all die, eventually.”

“You…sound like an oldy.” Carriet said.

Amanda fought back a smile.

“I am old.” she said, You dimwit, Amanda finishes her thought.

      _______________                    ___________________    ________________-

 Amanda decided not to take the usual route home. So she decided to visit Philip. Who knew what Spheris would make Amanda do when getting home? She didn’t want to do work right after school.  Nor did Amanda want to do a lot because of some Vampire proving he’s here. Philip lived in a neat, small house that wasn’t too big or too shabby.

Philip opens the door.

“Hey—“ He stops in midsentence, dumbstruck.  It is Amanda who had pressed the doorbell.  He lives with his mom on CottonGrewd Street.  “Um…Ya here to apologize for being rude?”

Amanda hadn’t the slightest idea what he is talking about.

“Philip… I don’t have OCD.”  Amanda said,.

Philip held the door open.

“It’s kind of weird…” Philip admits. “Being friends with a vampire, ya know.”

Amanda huffs, folding her arms as a glint appears in her changing eye-color.

“It’s kind of odd knowin’ a boy is tryin’ ta mimick an Irish Accent.” Amanda repeats, in a fluent and perfect Irish accent. She stuck her tongue out at Philip. She did a better Irish accent than he did, really.  

“Show off!” Philip called her out.

“It’s not snude as my dad’s accent.”  Amanda compares her accent to Spheris’s take on it.

His eyes became large, but then return to their normal width.

“What does snude mean?...” Philip asks her, raising an eyebrow.

Amanda rolls her right eye.

“He uses it to describe shady, mysterious business,” Amanda tells him, and then she taps on her chin. A trace of easy doubt is seen on her face. Philip knew her doubtful face like a book.  “Or for something rude…”

   The scene transfers to twenty-three years ago, showing Spheris and Amanda (About 156 at the time) walking under street building sheds to protect them from rain. The viewers can see heat radiating off vehicles sort of like a force field preventing anything from getting through ,(Except its being hit in this case) It’s dark.  Life didn’t treat these two vampires quite well

Spheris stops, seeing cars go by.

Usually he did it when a better idea came into his head.

 “Let’s get a Taxi.” Spheris said.

Amanda glares at her dad’s direction.

“It’s called a cabbie.” Amanda said otherwise, having none of her fathers ‘up-to-date’ slang- like talk. Her eyes were like crystals in a way. They were so different from when they were in her teenage hood.

 Spheris smiles at first.

“No, Mandy,” Spheris said, with a laugh.  She had two nicknames, ‘Little girl’ and ‘Mandy’ to Spheris. “It’s called a Taxi.”

“Dad, stop calling me Mandy.” Amanda told him.

He raises an eyebrow at her, startled.

“…I thought you wanted to stop with ‘Little Girl’?” Spheris said, more than confused about this startled demand.

“That name sounds like a little girl, who’s weak.” Amanda informs him, in the way a detective would tell his boss.

“...You do realize that’s what the other name—“ Spheris tries to explain but he is cut off by Amanda.

“Little Girl sounds like an underdog, but not Maddy. It sounds weaker!”  Amanda makes clear to him that there is a difference between how a name sounds to people. Including what picture it gives when it is said.  Amanda had different associations to names as a 156 year old Vampire.

Amanda huffs. She is developing an attitude towards Spheris. Spheris goes to the sidewalk and calls for a Taxi. Several vehicles were passing by streaming their lights across the road. The small, but big yellow and white vehicles were being hit by hard-water splats. –T-t-t-tcicicicici went the raindrops.

“Taxi!” Spheris called, waving a hand.

A Taxi stops to the side of the street by Spheris.

Spheris went to the rolled down window (In pouring rain) to chat with the driver.

“What are you doing in this time of night?” The Taxi Driver said, looking over Spheris shoulder. His eyes partially shined seeing young Amanda.

The old, original vampire is pondering why they were out in the rain. Thinking wasn’t one of his best subjects. 

 “Who’s that chick you have over there?” The Taxi Driver asks.

Amanda didn’t need to be close to her father, but, she heard a punch.

“That ‘chick’  is my daughter.” Spheris growled, protectively. His face becomes strange and disoriented to the Taxi Driver, teeth became even sharper, and he could have easily fooled him for a vampire if he wasn’t wearing a sports hat.

The Taxi Driver’s skin becomes pale.

 “Vampire, stay away from me!” The Taxi Driver swerves away from  Spheris and drives like a mad man through the city road.

 Spheris backs away from the road with a grunt.

“That was really snude of you!’  Spheris shook his fist after the taxi driver.

Amanda stood at the door, waiting for Philip to let her in.

“He doesn’t really notice that?” Philip asks.

“Well…” She leans her arms on the threshold as though it were casual. A blue wavy light appears under her palm. “He finally noticed that word yesterday.”

Philip is pointing at her hand while gawking and just standing there like a child who doesn’t know what to do.

 “Vampires need permission to come into a house.” Amanda reminds her friend.

Philip’s eyes grew big.

“So it is true…” He mumbled, amazed by learning about Vampires. “They need to be invited in.”

Amanda rolls her eye.

“Invite me, ding dong!” Amanda waves her hand up and down.  “I don’t want to be doing work at home."

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