Philip, I'm A Vampire

Amanda Burnes is a girl that’s not human. She’s a vampire; who sleeps in a coffin, needs permission to come into a house, does not fear light, is 179 years old, and has a good friend named Philip Brachen. One day, Amanda makes the decision to say, “Philip, I’m a vampire.” But Amanda is not getting what the reaction she thinks of. She will end up asking herself at the end, “Was it really worth it?”


1. Prologue: How does this usually start?

When Amanda Burnes walks into school, she is usually greeted by the sight of students socializing in big groups. Usually is the keyword.  Today there are few students crowding the hallway. Some rooms were not bright. Some rooms were dark and locked as though the teachers hadn’t come yet. I won’t be surprised if the teachers are on a hang-over. Nobody knows she is 100 plus older than them.

  In 179 years High school socially does not change. Amanda’s eyesight allows her to see their hearts. A group of girls in one group were beating hearts; one had an oddly beating heart. Another heart was pumping harder, a smoker’s heart most likely. Thank god I drink pig’s blood. She blinks, resuming eyesight to ‘human’ eyesight that’s usual for Vampires.

 “Amanda!” Philip Brachen, a seventeen year old boy, waves at her from his locker. “Top of the morning ta ya!”

 It’s obvious he saw Amanda as a trustful friend.

“One of these days he will get punched for that.” Amanda rubs her forehead, while shaking her head. 

   Philip is not Irish. He’s practicing one; but his trademark is definitely ‘ya’.

 “You got some blood on your cheek.  It’s barely notice-able, but it would have looked like Jelly If it wasn’t for my dandy glasses.” A short, almost small student who is nearby points out.  This is Barty Bill. A fifteen year old boy, who notices way more to society such as noticing the differences between jelly and blood, could be an annoying person if needed.

 Amanda wipes off the blood on her cheek and licks her finger.

“Thanks, Marty.” Amanda Burnes said, striding past the boy.

 Marty is stinging, humiliated by her comment.

 “My name isn’t Marty.” Barty fumes, his small hands coil up into fists. The big, googley glasses slide down his nose.  Barty tilts back the glasses.  Amanda noticed him but got his name mixed with Marty Millers.  “She always gets it wrong!”

 Its 2014.And Barty is still wearing old fashioned glasses that date back several years.

“Hey tan senior!” Hilary Miles, one of Amanda’s recent arch nemeses, calls out. “Guess who’s got the boyfriend now.”

Amanda turns around right towards Hilary’s direction.

 “Guess who’s got the trusty friend,” Amanda points to her. “I do.” She points back to herself. “I would feel bad if I were you.”

“Oh what if.” Hilary rolls her eyes. “You lazy Senior.”

“Am not.” Amanda argues back.

“You never did anything for Louis Decrafio.”  Hilary’s friend Michelle Clarkson points out. Michelle tilts down her dark sunglasses. Louis used to be her ‘former’ boyfriend. Louis never got to know his ex-girlfriend was a vampire. “She’s way better than you, right girls?”

“Right!” The girls said.

“Hilary, You are a junior.” Amanda points out the obvious.

Hilary raises an eyebrow.

“So?” Hilary asks.

“You are making a junior.” Amanda taps on Hilary at every word she said.

“I don’t get it.” Hilary said, as her eyebrow went down. She looks genuinely confused what Amanda is talking about.

She then leaves the group.  Amanda has met people in her life that had the initials ‘Sr’ and ‘Jr’, especially Hilary. Hilary is a junior in school. It felt right to make it a joke. Hilary doesn’t know she’s pregnant. Guess she hasn’t used the pregnancy test.

 This is Blossom Senior High School.

  Things can be crazy, but mostly people use their technology to do some of the bullying.  But strong kids these days around Amanda do it with force. Some bullies frown upon using technology to do their awful motives. Boys will be boys is what all people say. Amanda has heard it a million times. Sometimes it was in the form of “Girls will be girls”. She saw this teenage rite of passage as wrong.

   “Um…are you new?” A student asks, catching Amanda by surprise.

 “Uh…No.” Amanda said, without a hesitation. “I moved here five years ago.”

The student, Howard Johnson, raises an eyebrow.

 “You remind me of someone…Like the Bella woman from that awful trilogy movie.”

She goes down to his eye level.

 “Sweetie; she has curly hair…I have straight hair .” Amanda holds part of her hair up. “Even though we have the same hair color…”

  “Brown.” Howard interjects.

 Amanda holds up a finger.

“There’s one thing you are very wrong on; she’s Caucasian. Look at me; do I look Caucasian?” She points to herself. She gets a blank face from Howard. “I am part African American, so please, don’t judge on appearance!”

Howards arched eyebrows freeze as he saw Amanda’s purple become sleek like a cat eye.

“…Are yo-yo-you an alien?” Howard stutters. Thoughts were going through his head and they couldn’t be correctly picked out because they were going fast as speeding racers. Anyone can make the assumption she has hazel

“Technically we are ALL aliens,” Amanda stands up to her full height. “Excuse me; I have a locker to deal with.”

Amanda brushes past students like they are weightless, but nothing to her. A vampire had its disadvantages. She physically looks old enough to graduate. The only reason why Amanda is still in school is because her parents wanted her to graduate at 179.  And it’s April 7th,, one month before graduation. She would finally be done with High school.

 She stops at her locker.

Her locker had been spray painted, quite recently.

“…They vandalized my locker.”  Amanda rubs her temples.  “Grrr, I hate being 17.”

Technically she is 17 in human years.  When Amanda becomes 225 that’s when she physically stops aging. She would forever look the same no matter how long it’s been unlike the stereotypical vampire in modern culture. I hate it when this happens, Amanda grumbles at her vandalized locker.

 She opens her locker (Without doing the combo).

____________                     _________________                        __________________

  Sometimes hanging upside down helped Amanda think. Not that she liked doing it. Blossom Senior High School is in Florida; where the lovely, prominent ‘Stand your ground’ laws are set.  No one is a stranger to that law. But nobody is allowed to bring guns into Blossom Sr. High School.

  Today is not really a usual day for Amanda. Nor is it her usual. This is her last year.


It’s 8:39 AM,  so there’s about 6 minutes between classes.

“Hey Amanda, are you gonna get ready for that Biology test?” Christopher Walkins, a senior classmate, asks her as they leave Biology class.  He’s mostly referred to as Walkins. But namely his parents call him by full name.

Walkins is another good friend of Amanda and Philip.

 “I’m all-ready prepared,” Amanda shrugs.

“What are you gonna  do after High school?” Walkins asks

 “Be protesting about the injustice that people are saying about Vampires;”   Amanda said. “What about you, Walkins?”

“Getting a Job at McRonalds.”  Walkins stops  at a water fountain. “You know…Amanda,” He takes a brief sigh. “There’s gonna be a time where we wish that we should have done something in high school.”  He gets an awkward look from Amanda.  “You know, like…getting off all those secrets off your chest…”

“Spill it.” She punches his shoulder.

“Ow,” He rubs his shoulder. “I’m…Uh….I got the thing that…Uh…” He rubs the back of his neck. “I was the one who stole your Physical science home work.”

“That’s not it.”

He sighs.

“Amanda…Look at me and stop ignoring life.”

Walkins couldn’t tell her. But Amanda’s vampire eyes in a way activate. Amanda could see his heart is beating slower than usual, his hair is not giving off heat, and his lungs were quite…different. There is some abnormal growth going on. Oh....No. Amanda’s eyes change into human visual.

“You got lung cancer?” 

He nods.

 “How did you know that I am a…” Amanda starts to ask in a low voice.

“I didn’t see your reflection in the mirror.” Walkins said. “Today’s my last day here. My Parents were like pressuring me to get chemotherapy. But…I wanted to live out  the last few months of high school…Before it was gone. ”

 He pats Amanda’s shoulder.

“Take care of our little friend, okay?” He raises an eyebrow, with a small smile on his face. “Tell him the truth. I want that off my bucket list.”

Amanda wipes off a tear from her eyes. 

He takes out a piece of paper and showed her, which read ‘Have Amanda tell Philip about being a vampire’.

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