Philip, I'm A Vampire

Amanda Burnes is a girl that’s not human. She’s a vampire; who sleeps in a coffin, needs permission to come into a house, does not fear light, is 179 years old, and has a good friend named Philip Brachen. One day, Amanda makes the decision to say, “Philip, I’m a vampire.” But Amanda is not getting what the reaction she thinks of. She will end up asking herself at the end, “Was it really worth it?”


15. Mystery of the snitch

         .  . . CottonGrewd Street . . .

         .  .  .Friday 11th  .  .  .   8: 34 AM  .  .  .

Who should be the first suspect? Hilary Miles. Amanda knew where her arch nemesis lives because a couple of times she threw  toilet paper all over the house and menurved a bunch of pranksters from painting her home outrageous colors at night to Hilary’s house. Now, she stood right beside the mailbox. The aged, gray picket fence door is open—forcefully as the sides was damaged—staying still as a stationary object.

“Awkward, but necessary.” Amanda reminds herself, while her right hand the traces the side of the mailbox.

“Don’t bite her, ya hear?” Philip asks, with an arm dangling from the side of his roofless Cadillac.

Amanda stretches her fingers out.

 “You know me better than that.” Amanda rolls down her jacket’s sleeves from getting scrunched up against her shoulder.

 She walks towards the house. The Family’s two dogs cower at the left hand corner of the fence while whining and whimpering. Amanda stops at the wooden door. The ‘home sweet home’ welcome matt did little to her confidence; when did she ever have a permanent home? She moved around so much with Spheris every couple of years. All Amanda had was her memories and left over treasured knowledge she learned over the years. She also had her share of enemies and friends.

  Being a hybrid and all, what much could she do after getting the person responsible for her father’s death? Where would she live afterwards?

 “Just knock.” Amanda reminds herself, taking a sigh.

She knocks on the door three times.

“Honey, why did you buy a hollow door!” Amanda heard from inside the house. The voice belonged to a man by  the sounds of it.

 “Because you said so?” Amanda registered the voice belonging to a woman.

“I said ‘don’t buy a hollow door’ because knocks don’t do well on them.” The man said. “We’re getting a new door next week!”

Amanda wonders if her arch nemesis has a hearing problem in the family.

A man in his late thirties opens the door with a face that has a scar trailing down the left hand side towards his chin,  “Hello, what brings you here to knock?” She could tell the man has some problem with his right leg shorter than his left leg. Amanda can smell some breakfeast on him. The stench of a kitchen is fresh from him.

 “I’m Amanda.” Amanda said. “And has your daughter talked to a man who just looked like he died?”

 “Goth-like or vampire-like?” Mr.Miles jokingly asks.

“Vampire-like.”Amanda said, in a dark tone. “You may want to venture out the kitchen once in a while; the universe doesn’t improve by making food all day.”

Mr.Miles mood changes a slight.

“Man-Kitchen.” Mr.Miles said.

 “What?” Amanda is caught by surprise.

“It’s called the Man Kitchen.”  Mr.Miles repeats himself.

“I don’t  .  .  . excuse me?”  Amanda said, more stumped on a man than before.

 “My Kitchen is called the Man Kitchen,” Mr.Miles repeats himself, again. He is really mad at her. But one can wonder why he’s so touchy over the name. “Now go back where you belong and don’t insult my kitchen!”

  Mr.Miles slams the door on her.

We can see from across Amanda that Philip is laughing at her failed entering.

“Do you have a better idea?” Amanda asks, randomly appearing right beside Philips door.

Philip squeaks.

“Amanda!” He slaps on the wheel. “Don’t scare me like dat! I nearly  .  . .” Philip looks down; his startled face changes for the worse. He looks back up to Amanda.  “Don’t do dat to me, again!”

Philip’s face is red.

“Do you have a better idea?” Amanda asks, again.

 “I would take a different approach.” Philip said.

  .  .  . 8: 57 AM  .  .  .      

 Philip knocks on the door.

 “That is it, I’m removing the door!” Philip heard from inside. It is Mr.Mile’s.

 “No you don’t.”  MrsMiles said, from inside.

“Yes, I will!”  Mr.Miles voice gets closer. “And you will thank me later!”

Philip hears cracks from all sides of the door until it got louder and louder, and then it fell forward. It  landed on the floor.

 “Hyllo,” Philip taps on the welcome mat. He smiles like an innocent next door neighbor.  “Mr.Miles.”

Mr.Miles takes a step forward from the other side wallway giving Philip a bad look.

 “That’s a terrible Irish accent.” Mr.Miles said, picking up the door on his side. “Get the other side for me, kid.”

“Don’t  ya need a door?” Philip asks.

“Not one question.” Mr.Miles said.

So Philip picks up the other side of the door. The door is heavy for Philip. But since he is doing this for a friend it was worth hurting his arms.  Philip and Mr.Miles put the door into a wood pile. Beads of sweat went down Philip’s forehead. A hollow door was supposed to be light weight as far Philips concern is.

“I made some Lemonade in my man-kitchen.” Mr.Miles said. “Want some?”

“Sure.” Philip said. He was getting free lemonade from lifting a door, who couldn’t refuse?

“My dogs are acting like big babies.” Mr.Mile said, walking away from the  wood pile.

Mr.Miles and Philip went inside; turns out there is a hallway that leads directly to the main first room of the house. Philip stops in his tracks right across from the doorway. He could see the dogs were cowering at the fence corner. In the blink of an eye Amanda was right at  the door mat.

 Philip steps back  and puts one hand on his chest.

 “I am ne-ne-ne-ver going to get over dat.” Philip said, taking breaths inbetween. He combs through his hair.  “Now go inside and find Hilary.”

“I can’t come in.” Amanda reminds him, leaning on a invisible wall preventing her from entering the house.

 Philip rubs his forehead as he sighs to himself.

“Mr.Miles, can I come in?” Philip asks.

“Sure!” Mr.Miles shouts from  the other side of the hall.

Amanda fell on her side.

 “Now ya can.” Philip said.

“Help me bring this bookshelf to the doorway!” Mr.Miles said. “It’s better than  a door!”

.  .  . 9:11 AM  .  .

 .  . . Hilary’s room .  .  .

 Hilary is holding a hairbrush while dressed up in a summer outfit. She is in the bathroom.The door to her room is shut. Her hair is wet. She hasn’t put on makeup, yet.

“So I wake up in the morning feeling like a queen.” Hilary sings, wrapping a towel around her hair. “Boys make our rivals feel jealous; feel jealous, feel jealous, feel jealous.”

Hilary puts on her pink-white long socks.

“And the party better start when I walk in!” Hilary then hums to herself and brushes her teeth.

After brushing her teeth, Hilary takes out the red fingernail polish.

“So let it rock,” Hilary goes out the bathroom that is part of her room and grabs pink sunglasses. She grabs a silver mascara case on the drawer.”While we’ll be the ones who gets the bad boys.”

Hilary turns on her small, very much blended in radio that hid well among her dresser’s accessories. The accessories are picture, mirrors, and make up products. The radio is playing catchy background music that normally would be heard in a lyric music video on the internet. We hear Hilary continue singing as the fancy blue window curtains move slightly like someone is hiding behind it.

 There’s a television set on a desk still on the news channel with low volume in front of a window.

 “People think we are weak,” Hilary takes the towel off her hair, continuing the word ‘weak’ longer than necessary. “To be around boys like that!”

She shakes her hair then  combs through it using her hands. Hilary  looks confident and relaxed with herself even with  a not-really-good-face. She simply hadn’t got make up on yet. Hilary then uses the brush to comb through her hair.

“You don’t know what love is.”  Hilary’s voice turns a little deep and melody-like. “Love is not just a game, nor is it about strength.” She looks down to her stomach. Hilary did not seem a bit worried about it. “Bad girls can mess a good boy up, and bad boys can change good girls. Cause we don’t cry all the time.”

Hilary closes the shower’s curtain.

“Let the royal party start when I walk in, so it’ll rock!” Hilary wipes her feet of on a towel.

Hilary admires herself at the mirror.

 “Because, good girls don’t always have pretty faces.” Hilary lowers her singing voice to a smooth and soft tone. She puts on her mascara still humming to herself. “What part of love do you study?” Hilary closes the mascara case. She puts flat end of the hair brush to her chest. “It’s the study of trust.”

The lights suddenly turn off, then we hear a metal object hit a sink and we hear Hilary shriek.

 “Hil, got another rat in your room?” Mrs. Miles asks, instantly (and strangely) right at the door of her daughter’s room.

 “No, a giant insect crashed through the roof and dropped a case of monkeys!” Hilary sarcastically yelled while feeling around for the switch.  “What else could I be screaming at?”

   Mrs.Miles comments to herself about ‘girls these days’ while shaking her head. She walks away from the door.

   Instead of finding the switch to the bathroom lights, Hilary crawled out the door with her eyes closed. She didn’t hear the radio or the television set. There is utter silence in the room.

 “Nice singing.” Amanda said, ending the silence.

Hilary’s eyes open and she looked over to see Amanda standing by the closet

 “Get out.” Hilary said, getting up on her two feet.  “I mean it! Get out before I—“

 “Tell your mom?” Amanda asks, raising her left narrow eyebrow. “You better remember what everyone’s been saying in school lately about me.”

“That you are a dirty alien who wants to take over the world, then yes.” Hilary is holding the brush like a weapon to defend herself.

 “You know what I am.” Amanda said, not taking her word seriously.

“A ter-t--terrible alien from outerspace.” Hilary’s right hand is shaking.  “Yo –y-yo-yo-you are from Vampiera.”

Amanda takes a step forward, and her eyebrow subsided.

“You as well as I know that is not true.” Amanda said, sliding her right hand’s fingers on the wooden surface of the dresser.  “Do you know anyone by the name Sharley?”

Hilary did not see Amanda’s reflection in the mirrors.

 “V—v-vampire!” Hilary stutters, stumbling backwards and then tripped over a chair. She lands on her back. “Ss-s-tay away from me you freak!”

 Amanda appears behind Hilary.

“Oh my—“ Hilary starts  but Amanda threw  her on the bed. “Ah!”

“If you do not answer I will drink all your blood.”  Amanda threatens Hilary, while revealing her sharp K-nine fangs.

Hilary froze as she realized the dead vampire that everyone was talking about had been Amanda’s father.

“No.” Hilary said, pushing herself upright on the bed. “And I did not know until now that you were a vampire.” Her eyes became dark. “If you want to get out alive; I recommend you stay far away from me.  Next time we meet; I’ll be ready.”
~                                              ~

  .  .  .  .9:35 AM.  .  .

   .  .  . Drive-thru .  .  .

Philip had parked the cadeliac into a parking lot in front of a large screen.  Amanda is with him but she is silent. The two were soaking in what they learned from the Miles household. Amanda has a puzzled look on her face. Philip is staring off into nowhere. The Cadeliac radio is on a music station.

“I can’t believe it  .  . .” Philip said, shortly then blinking.  “I nearly got roped into making a tree house.” Philip turns his head towards Amanda’s direction. “What did ya get from Hilary?”

“She knows nothing.”  Amanda said. “Dead end.”

 “Nah. Dat can’t stop ya from finding who snitched out yer dad.” Philip said, patting on the driver wheel.

Amanda looks to Philip.

 “We have no leads, Phil.” She reminds him.

“But that doesn’t mean dah cops can’t help us.”He takes out a police radio box.Philip wiggles it in plain view with a grin on his face.

 Amanda made a perfect ‘o’ impression.

“How . . . ?”  Amanda asks.

 Philip turns on the radio.

 “Tell me Bill, is it true?”

“Very true, Jon.”

“There was a  hot blonde in the interrogation room with our eyewitness a few nights ago?”

 “.  .  . I thought you were talking about Madelyn’s mental breakdown.”

“Jee Bill,what kind of person do yah think I am?  Anyway, has the chick been identified?”

“Jon, you won’t believe what we found out.”

“Heh, try me.”

“She’s a dead slave, and since she’s dead, there’s only one reasonably sound explanation: she’s a vampire.”

Amanda’s eyes get wider and wider.

 “You must be joking with me, man.”

“Not joking,Jon. That lone vampire wasn’t the only one in Florida, well counting three when counting Historian Korer’s interruption in the news. By this point I believe werewolves exist.”

A tear develops in Amanda’s eyes; her father had seen the extinction of Werewolves and he had told her exactly that. Just remembering her father made Amanda feel emotions that were much harder than human emotions; she had spent decades with Spheris. Amanda dabs at her eyes using a handkerchief. Philip looks down to his glove department to see it’s opened. That’s his handkerchief that Amanda is using.

“Did she have a name?”

Philip awkwardly pats on Amanda’s back as the radio continued.

“Charlotte Fanq.”

“Charlotte fang?”

Philip stops patting on Amanda’s back.

“No it’s a ‘q’.”

Philip turns the radio off.

“  .  .  .  .One survived.” Amanda said, wiping off her last tear. She has the white  handkerchief wrinkled up in her hand and stained by her tears.“S—Some-one had to know her and we already go—g-got Hilary crossed off.  A b-b—bunch of more names to go.”

“Looks like a snitch .  . . “Philip puts on Hilary’s stolen pink sunglasses. “Will get ratted out.”

“Did you steal that?” Amanda asks, baffled by his kleptomaniac-like stealing.

 Philip grins, turning on the engine.

“What else can a boy with hearing aids do, be street-smart.” Philip pulls out of the parking lot and begins driving away.

“That’s not street smart.” Amanda argues back.

We see the car go on the road as Philip laughs.


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