Philip, I'm A Vampire

Amanda Burnes is a girl that’s not human. She’s a vampire; who sleeps in a coffin, needs permission to come into a house, does not fear light, is 179 years old, and has a good friend named Philip Brachen. One day, Amanda makes the decision to say, “Philip, I’m a vampire.” But Amanda is not getting what the reaction she thinks of. She will end up asking herself at the end, “Was it really worth it?”


9. How does a vampire get resired?

    The scene begins in room, with a little Amanda and Spheris reading a book to her. Amanda looks innocent, pretty, and adorable. She puts her hand on the small book in Spheris’s way. Spheris turns his head from the book, down to Amanda. He lowers the book on his lap.

 “What is it, little girl?” Spheris asks.

The scene shows us that several years from then, in March 2014, A statue is put on a metal table beside a living man.  

 “Daddy,” Amanda said.  “I want to know how a vampire gets resired.”

Who-ever-this-man is; he seems to be quite stoic and not scared what may happen next. He is not disturbed by the life-like statue that has a terrified and betrayed physical reaction. One arm (of the statue) is reached outwards and the other arm has a hand  clenching his shirt.

Spheris hesitates for a moment there.

“…You need a willing participant.” Spheris explains, earning a small “Why?” from his daughter. He closes the book. “To sacrifice:  their life, their blood, and their own body for that one vampire.”

Amanda’s eyes are slowly closing.

“If the statue is broken into pieces; resiring…” Spheris sighs, briefly closing and squeezing his eyes. He remembers the moment he had to turn his back on an old friend, Sharley, who later became his rival. “Is not an option.”

There is a ritual going on, and it’s being led by Charlotte Fang. Charlotte Fang pulls down her hood; her curly hair takes a slight role from the small action. She is wearing gloves that reach to her elbow. Charlotte’s high heels are obvious from under her cloak as it is sticking right out in the open. She looks to all the members.

“Everyone present?” Charlotte asks, in a thick Russian accent.

The attendee’s nod.

 “If you don’t want a vampire to be resired…” Spheris said,  as his eyes look off towards a open window. An image from the past that he hated is present in his mind.  The vampire shook off the image. “You throw their statue off a cliff.”

 “Like… putting something that you don’t like into the cupboard?” Amanda asks.

Spheris nods.

“Yes,” Spheris said, ruffling her hair. “Someone is catching on!”

Little Amanda giggles in glee.

Charlotte chants as she cuts a lock of her hair off, using a knife. The hair lands on a stone.

“Return from what has been taken away.” Charlotte began.

“Audi.” The other members repeat, together.

Charlotte goes towards the confident man.

 “Turn one into dust and one from stone, one for life, one for death.” She chants, and then she asks the man. “Are you…ready for death?”

 The man, who may remain unnamed, nods.

“Hey, I won’t feel pain.” He reminds her.  “You…are so weird.” The man tells Charlotte. “You are a chick who’s a nerd for being ready to die.”

Charlotte scowls, taking a step away from him.

“Can we get this party started already?” The man said, jokingly. “I want some beer.” “To make a death so horrible, eternal pain will haunt those who mock.” Charlotte chants, taking out a lantern object from her cloak. “Especially those who insult the higher being.”

The man shrugs as he went along.

“Audi.” The members repeat, as they put in objects into the burning lantern device.

Charlotte, being the last, put her hair in.

“Now, it’s time for thee to become dust.”

Dust did not ring a bell in the man’s mind.

“Audi.” The members repeat.

Charlotte opens the lantern and holds it in front of the two bodies.

“Is everyone saying audio’s amigo?” The man asks, really skeptical about their chants. It seems so odd to him. He shook his head. “Cause really, I don’t need that.”

Charlotte eyes were not welcome to him.

“No, it means ‘Death’.” Charlotte snaps her fingers.

The members take their hoods off.

“I’ll make sure you will die in pain.” Charlotte said, and then she bit his neck.

Charlotte drank some of the man’s blood, and then she takes her mouth off his neck. The man is unable to comprehend what she just did. But he wasn’t scared. He wasn’t scared because death is going to come and take him to a place where he wouldn’t feel pain.  He wouldn’t have to worry about the consequences.

Charlotte wipes off the blood from the corner of her mouth.

“As I was saying…” Charlotte then says a few verses:

“Let thee being who came in,

Be taken by his actions.

And let thee other return,”

The man could tell she was using ‘thee’ as a word for ‘you’ in Shakespeare poetry. However this isn’t poetry. The man could feel his blood draining and leaving him, how was that even possible? The man could hear the wind’s howl. The fire from the lantern shot out like a tidal wave. He watches it surround him and the body,


All he could hear was the member’s voices and Charlotte’s verses.

“Let fire begin fire,

Let fire rekindle a flame,

Let fire bring thee back!”

He wasn’t burning.


The man could see his shoes were becoming stone.

“Let thee be summoned to life,

In what thee had been killed as,

And thee who volunteered are 42.”

42 also means life and death, he wasn’t really 42 years old. This man is thirty-six years old.

“Keep thee alive,

Stone into flesh,

Flesh into stone,”

The man saw the statue is regaining life as he is losing it. It was real as day. He was bringing a statue to life that probably had been alive until….It had the luck to become a statue. His decision wasn’t quite ‘Oh this is…worthwhile’ but now ‘oh crap,I’m bringing a statue to life’ aka this-is-the-worst-idea-ever. Which was his fault all together. He met Charlotte Fang at a dance party.


  Now, here he was, just slipping away. Letting this so called ritual or magic thing make him into stone (Or more else; dead).He didn’t really have a life; breaking the law, getting in jail., getting drunk, and that’s about it. He didn’t have the most extra-ordinary life. And now, he was using it fo something extra-ordinary and bad at the same time.

“And let thee return!” Charlotte finishes

A loud, booming ‘Audi’ chant suddenly took him into darkness. The man,who volunteered, lay on a wooden table as a statue that has modern-day clothing on. The flames disappeared right after the ritual was done. The other body, on the right, is alive. It is Sharley. Sharley forces himself upward, clenching a wound that did not exist on him anymore.

“Spheris!” Sharley  shouts.

Charlotte comes to his side.

“Hello, Mr.Flemming.” Charlotte greets him, with a wide smile.

Sharley edges away from her.

“Stay away from me, You Russian snake!” Sharley said. Some Vampires have long histories together, but their history is rather short and bitter.  He, unlike Spheris,  knew about her. Spheris hasn’t met her before.

 One of the members, Heagen Holsting, took a step forward.

“Welcome back to the living.” Heagen greets Sharley. He bows to the resired Vampire.

Sharley is puzzled, but he didn’t like being bowed to.

“Stand up;” Sharley orders him sharply, snapping his finger. “Nobody bows to me.”

Heagen stood up as Sharley looks around and saw the statue.

“…I hate you more than I do with Spheris, Charlotte.” Sharley said, in the way that said he wasn’t pleased about this. “I would have preferred being brought back by someone I do not hate.”

Charlotte smiles.

 “I have two birds we can take care of with one stone.” She said.

Sharley slides off the table.

“You mean two stones to take care of one bird.” Sharley corrects her.

The other members, who are vampires themselves, share confused exchanges.

“That…” She said, her Russian accent is not too thick. “Is overkill.”

“Like you being the one who killed the Hellistings.” Sharley snaps on her. “You never thought how it would affect me! We were really good friends at that point, I was getting there to him. To hand her over to a human family, so we could carry on…” He goes and on and on. “That day you ruined a puppy and you…”

“It was only the way to get her.” Charlote interrupts him. “To get that hybrid into a place I knew. A building we could—“

Puppy was the best word anyone could use to apply on Spheris, before his friendship with the Hellistings went downhill.

“No, it wasn’t!” Sharley is pretty much mad. “You are too absorbed in yourself and your sires, Miss I-WAS-A-SLAVE.”

 “You were once a slave who worked at night.” Sharley continues to throw what Charlotte had done into her face; verbally. He too was touchy, but to get over it…he had to say it. “You lost daylight when you became a vampire.”

“Which was a gift.” A member adds.

Sharley sends a death glare towards the member.

“You made him leave town.” Charlotte argues.

If fume were coming out from Sharley, everyone would have been seen it in cartoon form.

“You broke him.” Sharley furiously tells her. “And he was the one who decided to do it; not me!” Sharley points to himself. “He didn’t want me around anymore. We had a bro code, and Spheris broke that one too.”  He shook his finger. “I will not work with you.”

Charlotte rolls an eye.

“Oh stop with the honor.” Charlotte groans.

“When you killed Mr.Charles Hellisting;… you…you lost me too.”

Sharley pushes her away.

“I know where he lives!” Charlotte protests.

Sharley grunts.

“I found him once, I can do it again,” Sharley said, as he moves past the other vampires. “I don’t need a backstabbing Russian Anaconda coming after me. I can kill him myself.”

Charlotte snaps her fingers, and the members got in his way.

“I want him dead as much as you.” Charlotte said. “We have a similar enemy.”

Sharley couldn’t do a thing with the members in his way. He is stopped right in his tracks.

“No, we don’t.” Sharley said.

“It’s 2014.”  Charlotte informs him. She watches him turn around towards her direction. Charlotte saw his eyes turn to a ‘she must be joking’ kind of reaction. Her high heels click on the floor as she takes a few steps forward to him.

Sharley thought he would never see the day where it was the 2000’s.  But he did see that day, now.

 “She is a teenager, at this point.” Charlotte adds.

He raises an eyebrow.

 “I have a special informant.” Charlotte slyly said, as a member puts the knife and Lantern into a box.

Question number one was answered.

“And…why are you bent on killing her?”

“Because she can make humans not fear us anymore, if she makes a hybrid.”

Sharley taps on the side of his chin.

“Isn’t that a good thing?...”

Charlotte’s face turns red.

“No!” Charlotte shouts.

Charlotte clears her throat. She folds her arms.

 “You kill Spheris,” She folds her arms. “I’ll be out of your hair. Not a peep. You can’t find him in Arkansas.”

 “Excuse me…did you just say Arkanshal?” Sharley asks.

“Arkansas.” The members around Sharley say at once.

Sharley didn’t seem to care on pronunciation.

“Yeah, right,” Sharley waves a hand, slightly. “Whatever it is…”

“His scent is strong in Florida.”

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