Philip, I'm A Vampire

Amanda Burnes is a girl that’s not human. She’s a vampire; who sleeps in a coffin, needs permission to come into a house, does not fear light, is 179 years old, and has a good friend named Philip Brachen. One day, Amanda makes the decision to say, “Philip, I’m a vampire.” But Amanda is not getting what the reaction she thinks of. She will end up asking herself at the end, “Was it really worth it?”


4. Amanda,quick question, what about

Today is a Tuesday. Amanda is sleeping in her custom made coffin. Her coffin is a dark purple that has a lighter color of pink as a design on the lid. There is several fake diamonds all over the coffin that’s large enough for an adult to sleep in. Right now this coffin is closed. Amanda’s room has many objects dating back to different time eras.

 But the coffin is really comfy.

Knock Knock Knock.

“Amaaaandaa.” Spheris calls her name out as he stood  behind her closed door. He taps his shiny, black tied boots patiently. “I don’t want truancy here.”

 He hears a creak from Amanda’s room.

“Good.” Spheris recognizes her coffin’s creaky latch. “See you after school.”

Spheris hears his daughter grumble from the other side of the door.

“That’s my girl.” Spheris walks past her door.

He walks right towards the kitchen where Madelyn is getting her stuff ready for another important ‘business’ opportunity. Madelyn spoke clear, and fast as though she is taking notes to herself. All Spheris did was walk a little fast to make it seem she was talking slower. You don’t realize how much time you have with some-one until they are gone. Madelyn sounds beautiful to him.

 “Spheris, I got a break on my case.” Madelyn said, folding the paper into her neon-green purse.

 “What case?” Spheris asks, stopping at the corner of the kitchen table.

 Madelyn gives him a look.

 “The bite marks case.” Madelyn reminds him, getting a blank face from him. “I’m a detective, remember?” She raises an eyebrow at him. “It’s why I’m usually not home for dinner.”

    Her eyebrow settles down.

 “I forgot about that.” Spheris jokes, going to the coat hanger. He unhooks his long, dark coat from the coat hanger.

“So, we got an eyewitness last night and a body... ” Madelyn explains what happened last night to Spheris. “The eyewitness said a man came to them looking pretty shady and messed up,” Madelyn continues grabbing a pop-tart. “He attacked the eyewitness’s friend (Our victim), and you won’t believe what he did next.”

 Spheris puts on his coat.

“I’ve heard them all.” Spheris jokingly said.

Madelyn looks him straight at the eye.

“He bit her neck and drank all her blood.” Madelyn said.  “The eyewitness claimed ‘I took my cross out and the man recoiled like it was his weakness’.” If Spheris had blood then his skin would have gone white. “I’m trying not to say what everyone thinks it is.”

Spheris grabs her shoulders.

“Madelyn,” Spheris said, in a manner that seemed like ‘You have the world on your shoulders’ without it being spoken.  “I trust you.”

Madelyn is puzzled.

“What?” She asks, as Spheris takes his hand off her shoulders. “What do you mean?”

“I mean…” Spheris sighs, closing his eyes briefly.

  Telling would be a bad decision.  Nobody would ever be safe. Telling her would lead into a new age, a new world. This new age would be characterized by the purge of vampires, fear, hysteria, and loss of human life. Loss of loved ones, Loss of important figures such as Secretary of State Adam Winchell, and so on. The list of loss could go on.

Spheris’s eyes open.

“I trust you can make the right decision.” He finally answered Madelyn. The image of humans to other species would be hideous.  Spheris didn’t want to be responsible for something terrible.

   Madelyn gawks at him.

 “Telling the city there’s a vampire on the loose?” Madelyn asks him in a serious, non-discretion voice.

 As much as he hated to say it, Spheris had to say it.

“Answer me, Spheris!” Madelyn demands him.

Spheris clears his throat.

“Yes.” Spheris coolly tells her. “I don’t see what you want from me; I’m not a leader, nor a fighter, or a lover. I am a working dad.” He points towards her. “You, on the other hand, are a working woman.”  He slightly leans himself forward.  “You knew what this job needed, and you took it,”

There are not two vampires in Florida. They were not alone.

“That doesn’t meant I thought about Vampires being a problem!” Madelyn tips back away from herself.

“They are not,” Spheris defensiviely said. “Usually…with the right kind of blood.”

Madelyn looks at him, suspiciously.

“You got me, I’ve read the vampire sparkle series.” Spheris waves his hands in front of himself.

Madelyn frowns, taking a bite into her poptart.

“Do you know anything about hysteria?” Madelyn puts on her brown coat, while chewing her pop tart. She sounded muffled but Spheris could understand her, being alive and around for many years with people allowed him to understand people. 

“Countless wars, fights, hysteria…” Spheris lists, counting his fingers. “Of course.”

“Then you know how hard it is trying to decide whether to tell the media about this development.” Madelyn said, picking up her purse. “Or before the eyewitness tells them.”

“You win the problem for the day.”

 Madelyn smiles a little at his remark, but she turns away and heads towards the door.

 “This might be unusual, but…” Spheris decides to give it shot. To tell her the truth and see if…what he thinks may happen.

“Bite me!”  Madelyn shouts, as she walks out the door.

 Spheris watches her walk out the house.

“I’m a vampire…” Spheris finishes to himself. He turns his head towards Amanda’s door. He knew this time would force him to tell Madelyn the truth.  Rosemary…I believe…They’ve finally caught her scent. He raises his head up.    “Amanda, did you hear?”

“Yes, Yes I did.” Amanda’s voice assures him it’ll be okay. They just needed to get through this storm until it was over.

There’s a pause.

“You are still going to school.” Spheris said. He hears Amanda’s groan from the kitchen. Just what I needed….sometime he didn’t like hearing his daughter disappointed. But this was a logical conclusion.   

He opens the basement door, not bothering to turn the lights on, and went down into the basement disappearing into the darkness.

“I hate you!” Amanda shouts.

     __________________                    _______________________     ________________

 She didn’t have all the time in the world to skip school. The good thing about being a vampire is that whoever knew Amanda a long time ago is dead. Lying about her age was something that Spheris insisted on. Until… she gets out of high school. Amanda has been pretending to be 17 for nine years straight.

    Going in and out of schools for years:110 is when she became  eleven years old, officially.

 “Hey Amanda,” Philip said, standing by her locker.

 Philip didn’t expect what she did next.

 “Buzz off.” Amanda said, in a way that didn’t sound great.

  She takes out a thinking woman statue from her unzipped backpack.

Amanda looks at it, with a frown of disapproval. 

  “Dads are so stupid.” Amanda said, out loud.

“Uh huh.” Philip goes on with it, nodding.

“If there’s a stupid vampire in town,” Amanda is complaining. She takes two books out her backpack, then a pencil bag, some folders, and a couple of notebooks. “I shouldn’t be at school IN THE FIRST place!”

Philip rubs his chin.

“But didn’t ya say that yer dad and ya are dah only ones here?” Philip asks, in his terrible Irish accent.

Amanda can’t help but laugh at him.

“Stop it.” Amanda said, as she shook her head.

“Stop what?”

“Stop trying to speak Irish,” Amanda puts her backpack into the locker. She taps on Philip’s  nose.  “Please for the hell of it, be you.” 

 “But I just got tha hang of it,” Philip argues back, as she takes her finger off his rounded small nose. “All that work will be a waste if I forget.”

“’Tha’ is not Irish.”Amanda picks up her stuff, including the statue, and uses her foot to close the locker. “But ‘dah’ is another form of ‘the’. Philip, I’ve been around the world, and let me tell you; you never forget how to mimic an accent after using it for so long.”

  Hilary walks up to Amanda.

“Oh hello, mis…”

Hilary slaps Amanda at the face. Hilary’s hands are in fists.  Her left hand relaxes from its clench form to being spread out.

“You…stalker!” She points her index finger at Amanda, while raising her voice.  Hilary is not wearing any mascara or make up. She didn’t even look so well. Her face is pale, but Philip could see her face is red.  Hilary, for short, looks terrible without make up.

Philip gets in between the girls.

“Hilary,” Philip starts, carefully edging her away.  “Amanda is no stalker.”

Hilary is stammering, as Amanda rubs her unbruised face.

“Dork, this isn’t about you!” Hilary lashes out on him, drawing some attention from people.

Philip is just an average boy minus the hearing aids.  He’s not too strong, he doesn’t have big muscles, His legs are short, and he has really long fingers. To be quite frank; He doesn’t suit the ‘attractive’ role model that girls would scream over during concerts. Philip’s not the athletic kind. Nor is he perfect

“Did ya just call me a dork?” Philip asks, losing his friendly-calm attitude.

“I just did, Dork.” Hilary mocks him; her eyes were like daggers towards Amanda. “Don’t you dare go around telling everyone about…” She twirls her index finger in a circle.  “The-you-know-what!”

Hilary storms away from the two.

 “She’s lucky I don’t drink human blood.” Amanda said, as soon as Hilary was out of earshot. 

Philip looks towards Amanda.

“So what’s her problem?”

Amanda is giving him a  ‘Question boy, really?’ look.

“It’s nothing of importance.” Amanda said, while students were not paying attention anymore.

It did seem odd that Hilary wasn’t in a group.

“Well…she sure acted like it was.” Philip said with a smudge look on his face. “Amanda,Quick question, What about tere bein’ a vampire in town?”

Amanda holds the school supplies she needs for the day.

“It’s nothing that concerns you.” Amanda then brushes past Philip in a blur-like motion.

Philip stood there blinking.

“Man. She’s fast.”

_____________     _______________      _________________________

 During Lunch time, Amanda was about to sneak her way out  of school (As she usually did) but Michelle and Barty stopped Amanda dead in her racks. If dead was a suitable word…it is ironic because Amanda is dead and they are alive. They got in her way at the wrong time. Amanda is thirsty, and she had to drink Pigs blood, fast.

“Did you hear about there being a vampire in town?” Barty asks, raising an eyebrow.  Barty is not hinting this but saying suggesting it. “Because I think there is one in front of me.”

Amanda feels trapped, but anxious to get home briefly for lunch.

“You are insane.” Amanda throws out the first thing she could think of.

Amanda pushes him out of her way.

“You don’t have a reflection.” Michelle adds, as Amanda storms away. “And my friend Hilary hasn’t been acting herself lately…because of you.”  

The doors to the cafeteria were opening and closing.

“And there’s rumor’s.” Michelle goes on. “About your mom being killed in a drive-by shooting—“

 Amanda throws Michelle against the wall.

Michelle’s body  fell against the lockers as it startled Barty, who was unaware of her power.

 “Li--lie.” Amanda chokes on her own word. “You…have no idea what’s going on.”

Amanda turns away and goes out the locked doors in a blur.

“…She’s just admitted to being one!” Barty acknowledges.

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