Philip, I'm A Vampire

Amanda Burnes is a girl that’s not human. She’s a vampire; who sleeps in a coffin, needs permission to come into a house, does not fear light, is 179 years old, and has a good friend named Philip Brachen. One day, Amanda makes the decision to say, “Philip, I’m a vampire.” But Amanda is not getting what the reaction she thinks of. She will end up asking herself at the end, “Was it really worth it?”


12. A night not a soul will forget part 2 death in the family

The door locks behind the men. C-c-clcick went the door. We see three rounded lights turn off from small-handle like objects which are Flashlights. One of the flashlights aims its emitting light in a cleaned out room. The blinds are up. There are some men who get uneasy just by this empty discovery.

 “What dah hell?” A nameless, deep sounding man said.

“He may have left town.” A high pitched man said.

The men stare at him and some are aiming their flashlights at him.

“Just joking.” The high pitched man said.

Another man, who brought his news station camera in, turns on the light right on its side. There is another man with a camera as well; let’s call the first cameraman just the Cameraman LI. And call the other Cameraman as Camerman L2.

“.  .  . Uh.  .  .” The Cameraman LI could not speak.

In a moment; Spheris tackles each men in the dark, startling the other men in his way.  Flashlights are going in different directions. The Cameraman records the sight of Spheris drinking one of the men’s blood. Spheris’s face looks twisted like a crazy animal; similar to a lion and a cat merged without whiskers.

The Cameraman LI rushes back to the door feeling fear getting to the best of him.

He opens the door to see Carriet.

“Do you want some brownies?” Carriet asks.

“This is not March!” The Cameraman LI is shaking. “Get out of my way.”

The Cameraman  LI shoves her out his way into the bushes and ran for his life.

“What was that for?” Carriet shouts, shaking her fist at him. “I got a weird family!”

Carriet hears shrieks from inside the building.

 “Oh.” Carriet said with a shrug. “That’s the Burnes house.”

Her eyes grew wider.

“The Burnes house!” To her, they were the family who feeds chocolates to dogs (As rumors around the vampiar theory about Amanda had let on). Her eyes become full of deviousness, pure mischief.  Carriet rubs her hands; then slides a big pan of brownies into the house and jollily skips away.

_________________                  ___________________                __________________

      .     .     . CottonGrewd street.  .  .

   .      .     . Philips House.     .    .

 Amanda bangs on the door. “Phil, you better let me out this instant!” Amanda demands as Philip is sitting against the door reading comic books. He didn’t seem to be quite unmoved by her words. He turned a page to the comic book entitled “The Fantastic,Invisible deaf man”. He has a bowl of popcorn right beside him.

 “Nope.” Philip said, shaking his head.  “I made a promise. I don’t break promises dat easily.”

His eyes became perky, and bright.

“One point for Irish!” Philip cheers for himself.

 The door shook from Amanda’s force.

“Philip!” Amanda shouts.

Philip recalls the conversation he and Spheris had.  .  . Three days ago.

  .    .     .Three days ago.  .  .

“So why do ya want her ta stay at my house?” Philip asks.

Spheris is hiding in the shadows.

“Because.   .  .” Spheris sighs. Then Spheris glares at Philip. He had heard that not-so-good Irish accent. He did not approve of that terrible accent at all. “Your Irish accent is terrible.”

“Hey!” Philip folds his arms.

“Truth is.  .  .“ Spheris said. “People will be coming to our house. Two days, I assume, if Madelyn gets what she wants.”

Philip could see something in his eye that something else was making Spheris do this.

“And?” Philip raises a brow.

“I might die.” The words hit Philip like a rocket launcher. “Become stone as you may think.” Spheris said.  “Not like the ones that you blink, and poof, you are dead.” Philip’s mouth became the perfect shape of an ‘o’.  He understood the statue part. “And then my statue could get destroyed; resiring will not be an option for me.”

Spheris looks away from the ground and to Philip.

“You have to do me a favour.” Spheris said, his voice had the traces of a hazy British accent.

“Are ya British?”  Philip asks,

“A little.”  Spheris said. “If Madelyn makes an announcement on the news, about me, you must  put Amanda in the basement.”

 “But she’ll get out.”

Spheris laughs, twirling what seems to be a old fashioned watch.

“You do not have windows or a back yard door for the basement.” Spheris said; witnessing Philip’s eyes turn into an accusing ‘Stalker!’ glare.  He clears his throat.  “I want you to promise me.”

 Philip nods like he could do it.

 “That one, you get her to try out human food.” Spheris slightly waves his right hand as though he is rubbing a table.

  Philip is dumb struck from that first promise.

  “I have tried more than once for her.” The way Spheris said it seemed like this wasn’t easy. Philip had not thought about her eating man-made food. “She cannot depend on blood all the time.” Spheris shook his head. “And two, don’t let her out the basement when she starts screaming.”

Screaming? Oh, Philip usually rolls his hearing aids to a low volume.

“The screaming that.  .  . “ Spheris  rubs his two fingers together. It was if he knew her fury and anger by heart. “Usually comes when you lost someone.”

“So Pillows,” Philip counts his fingers. “Lid opener, cans, chairs, and a coffin for her.” Philip looks away from his fingers. “And a locked door?”

“Yes.” Spheris said. “Just.  . . “ He  shook his index finger/ “Don’t make me regret not killing you.”

Philip smiles.

 “Ya won’t.”


   .   . CottonGrewd Street.  .  . Present time. .  .

Amanda  sits down, leaning against the door.  Dad.  .  . why do you go this far.  .  . Amanda thought, lightly hitting the door with her head.  For me? She could visualize the scene; her connection to Spheris is strong. Their father and daughter relationship (or more so bond) is strong enough that she could see through his eyes. Amanda saw a man trying to tase Spheris. She smiles a little, knowing what he will say next.

“Look, those works on humans.” Spheris said. “Not the undead.”

Spheris had changed his moves on the men, this time snapping the man’s neck in half.

“Go to hell!” A different man shouts, aiming his flashlight at Spheris as he ran towards him with a knife

 Spheris knocks down the man.

“Language.” Spheris sternly said, looking down upon the man with a frown on his face.

 Other men were coming with tazers and guns. The men shot at Spheris—who missed by all accounts—and instead shot at the wall.

  Amanda senses that something is going to change. It’s not going to be small, but it will be big enough to.  .  . Be something notable on television. She saw there’s a cameraman at the corner of the room. Suddenly there was a big noise from across the room that Spheris is in. There’s a big hole in the wall that had been beside a yard.

“Been ages since I’ve seen you.” Sharley said; it was him. The man who Spheris had described to the tea. “I suggest you all stop shooting and leave us vampires be; to sort out.  .  . our little hatchet.”

 Amanda’s mouth falls open.

 The men had their flashlights aimed at Sharley, and his vampire face is much uglier than Spheris.

 “There is too many!” A man rushes out the house but trips over a pan of brownies and fell down the little staircase.

  There are other men who follow him (chickening out what they were doing).

 The Cameraman L2  is slowly walking towards the door while recording the vampire’s interaction.

 “I can’t say how much hate there is for you.” Sharley said.

“Who brought you back?”

Sharley takes a step forward.

“Charlotte Fang.” Sharley said. “Remember her? The annoying, pesky  slave who bothered Rosemary?”

 Amanda did not know who Charlotte was until today. Nor had Spheris told her about the lady.

 “That was in the past.”

“She’s the arrogant vampire.” Sharley laughs a little at Spheris, taing something out from his pocket. “And she has a snitch in Florida. This snitch is part of the community, or so she said.She knows your daughter is here.”

“She is not in the house.”

“Always the protective one, eh?”

“You were out of reach, and I had to do it.”

“Stabbing me in the chest?” Sharley yells at him. “Leaving me to be found?” His voice is filled in accusing anger.  “Not doing anything that a vampire like you would do?”  There is something not right. “Get rid of the enemy by throwing their statue’s off a cliff.” This meant Spheris didn’t do what he usually did. “That is so unlike you. Why did you leave me there?”

 Spheris didn’t respond.

“You always have a purpose for everything!” Sharley goes on.  “Tell me before I end you.”

 Spheris did not show a sign of telling Sharley why.

 “ It’s your own fault, old fart.”  Sharley said. “That I am back!”

“It’s not my fault you got yourself into your first death.” Spheris snaps back. “You never quite understood starting wars would end in lives, and loss of potenitnal blood victims!”

Sharley raises a gun up and shot Spheris five times.

“No!” Amanda  screams.

Spheris fell down; landing on his back.

“Philip!” Amanda pounds on the door. “Let me out this instant!”

 Sharley walks around Spheris, as the Cameraman L2 is watching from the side of the wall.

“Any last words?” Sharley asks, holding the gun above Spheris’s head.

Spheris could barely see Sharley. He saw a young, fine looking girl beside the looming figure. It is Rosemary. There is light coming from behind her. Amanda, however, could not see what he saw at this time. Rosemary looks young and beautiful. Her curly, dark hair is free. Rosemary reaches her hand out to Spheris.

“It’s time to come home.” Rosemary said.  

Spheris smiles, but to Sharley he was doing it for no reason.

“DAD!” Amanda hits the door, harder.

Spheris takes his hand out  towards Rosemary.

“Ro.  .  Rosemary.” Spheris takes her hand. “I want to go home.”

Home meant another word for Spheris; it meant heaven. His mother had taught him that. He finally got to see people he hadn’t seen for 350 years. The family he didn’t see again in 1664. The family that Amanda never ever got to meet. He would be able to stand in the light. This time Spheris would not burn.

Sharley’s face shows us that he understood what Spheris said.

“He sees her.” Sharley said, in a low and melancholy kind of voice.

“Heaven is fo-f-for real.” We hear Spheris’s stutter. “Don’t be snude with me.” We can clearly see that Rosemary is nodding. The light is becoming brighter behind her. We see tears appearing at the corners of his eyes.”Shatter my statue you idiot!”

We see Rosemary still holding Spheris’s hand as the last shot killed Spheris.

The Cameraman L2   ran out the building.

“Nooooooo!” Amanda cries.

Amanda threw everything that is in the room against the wall, furious and heart broken. She sits against the nearest old box, as tears were going down her face. Amanda’s face is becoming red from the tears. The time that weeping had come for her. We see Sharley go out the building. Behind him the Burnes house explodes shortly thereafter. Sharley threw the gun into the trashcan.

 We see Korer looking at Sharley’s direction.

“And a man came out the flames.”Korer said, as fire trucks came around the house to hose down the flames and.  .  . DNA may have to be used to identify the burnt up, dead bodies.

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