claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


34. **********************************

O my God, was this really my brother? I haven't seen him for years! "Yes, it's me, Steve. It's so good to hear your voice again! How you doing? Where are you? What happened? What happened to your kidnapper?" I didn't know how to feel or respond. It was my brother and I love him, but it has been such a long time ago. He was part of my previous life, which I ended and started a new one. But it's my brother and I love him no mather what, he is my only family. I was thinking about what to say so I said this. "listen, we both have a lot to explain and tell so let's meet up somewhere and talk about it okay?" I just finished my sentence when I realized Steve may still be in jail, so I quickly added "If you are able to." "sounds okay to me, what about saturday 1 pm at the Starbucks down our street?" Today was thursday and since leave tonight, all back home because the tour is over after tonight, I'll make it in time. "yeah sure, see you then, bye" I hung up. Wow okay, put everything that happened in a line. Steve just called me, my only family left beside my new 'family', I'm meeting him in 2 days, so I'm opening this door back to my old life again. Okay, I have anything except a normal life. To be honest, I almost forgot about my brother. I sat down on the bed, still progressing what just happened. Harry came back and sat next to me. "Who was it?" I asked. "Liam, he said we are leaving a bit earlier. we're leaving straight after the show, so we won't go back to the hotel to pack our stuff." I didn't respond because I wasn't paying attention. "Sophia?" he asked, appareantly for the second time. "what?" I asked, finally paying attention. "Harry I got to tell you something." I said very serious, maybe too serious because Harry looked very concerned. "what is it?" I sighed. "well, while you were talking to Liam, I got a call and it was my brother Steve..." His eyes got wide, just like mine did when I heard Steve's voice. "yeah so I uhh, I'm meeting him in 2 days to catch up since he's my only family left and I feel like I got to do this." Harry was silent for a moment. "well, if you feel like you got to do this, you'll probably be right. The only thing I'm worried about, is the fact you may reopen some doors you've closed a while ago. And I know he isn't going to like me since I'm the core of tearing your family apart you know..." I nodded. "but since he is a part of your life you should have a talk with him." I nodded and hugged Harry, thank God he understands. "everything is going to be okay babe, he has to know about everything." I said. "I know Love, let's hope he won't hate me." He said. "He won't, now let's pack our stuff. I can't believe we're going back to where it all started." I said. "I know! Still want to go on a long holiday?" he said. "hell yes! after all this drama we deserve some relaxing. But I was thinking, maybe we should wait till we get married and safe it for our honeymoon?" I almost didn't dare to say it because we may got engaged but didn't talk about getting married. Harry started to laugh. "sure, if that's what you want we'll do it." Thank God he responded in a good way. "you sure?" "yeah, so that means let get married." he said and laughed. I faced Harry and smiled. "yeah, let's do that." I said, happy. "Come, let's pack our bags." Harry said and winked. I nodded and start packing my stuff. I was ready to face my bright future.


(A/N: Hi guys! hope you still like the story! I was thinking about updating as soon as we reach 70 likes or so? anyways let me know what you think about it! love you xxx)

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