claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


33. *********************************

I woke up the next morning but I still couldn't believe I was actually engaged. I turned around but saw no Harry. I did see a note. *I'll be back in a sec love. xH*  Well nothing to worry about then. Tonight was the last concert of the tour. After tonight, Harry and I will go on a long holiday, we decided. We'll be going to the Bahamas! for 6 weeks. I wasn't planning to go anywhere till 2 pm so I just stayed in bed and watched tv since it was 10 am. I was watching the show 'Awkward' on MTV. I always watched it back home but ever since I joined the tour, I haven't watched it. I took a look at my hand to see my engagement ring. I didn't mention the ring before because I consider it not nice to immediately start about the ring. It was quite big but not over the top, it was perfect. anyways,  I've watched for like 2 episodes when Harry came back. "Hi love!" he said. "Hi babe, where were you?" I asked. "I was at the bakery down the street to get us some croissants, but on my way back to the hotel I saw some fans who wanted to meet me me. So that's why I'm late, sorry." he said."Aww thanks for the croissants and it's okay." I patted the place next to me on the bed, asking him to join me. He layed down next to me and passed me a croissant. "mmm" it sounded through the room. I was very hungry and the croissants were still warm, and as you all know me as a food addict, I was really enjoying the croissant. I finished it in maybe 3 or 4 bites and was still hungry. I looked at Harry with a begging glance. He faced me but then burst into a laughter. He passed me another croissant and said: " I knew you wouldn't be stuffed after one croissant so I brought some more for you." I smirked "You know me so well Styles." I said while eating another croissant. He winked but then turned around to watch some TV. "What were you watching?" He asked. "Awkward, you know that show?" I answered. "Oh, yeah I met the cast of awkward once." "really? when!" Why was I surprised, the boy knew a whole lot of celebs. "during an award show, I met that Jake-person, that Sadie-person, that Matty-person and that Tamara-person." he said. "wow that's cool!" It's really cool if you met like all kind of celebs each day.  After watching 4 episodes, I turned off the TV and turned on the radio. She Looks So Perfect by 5sos was on the radio. I love that song! I love 5sos but I'm not that kind of a big dedicated fan, but I did love them. I sang along while jumping off the bed and dance like an idiot. After being with Harry for such a long time, I didn't know any shame anymore, well, for him. When the song ended, I bursted into a huge laughter because I knew I looked ridiculous. My laughter ended when I recognized the new song. It was Lost by Anouk. It's a slow and emotional song, my mom and dad's song. My mom always told me how this song ment so much to them. I didn't cry, I just went a bit silent, but not like depressed. Harry stood up and stood in front of me, resting his hands on my waist. "So you like to dance Love?" he said and I faced him. "sometimes." I said rather softly. he cupped my chin since I went facing the floor after I said 'sometimes'. "so let's dance?" he said. I rested my hands behind his neck and burried my face in his chestwhilst he rested his hands on my waist again. We were dancing, in the middle of the room. Slowly but yet so romantic. This was one off those moments I'd like to stop the time and stay like this forever. 

When the song ended, we faced eachother and kissed. our intimate moment got disturbed when someone knocked at the door. "I'll get that" Harry said and I nodded. I heard my phone vibrate so I grabbed it. I was called by an unknown number. "hello?" I said. "Sophia... is that you?" I heard. O my God, I know that voice.... But I didn't expect it to hear anytime soon. My jaw literally dropped and my eyes got wide. I shocked. "S-Steve?" 


(A/N: haha so I decided to end with an unexpected cliffhanger. Guys I'm so sorry, but my laptop is kinda broke so most of the time I'm not able to write. I'll update again a.s.a.p. These are my last weeks of school, after this one, I'll probably have 4 weeks left so after then I promise to write loads again. or maybe I already started my new one by then! till then, I'll probably keep continueing updating once or twice a week I guess :(. Please be patient lovelies! love you xxx)

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