claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


29. ****************************

It was about time to leave and we waited downstairs for everyone. There we many fans outside, waiting and screaming for 1D. It reminded me about how I used to be one of them. Desperate to touch them, see them. I was really lucky to be in a relationship with Harry and be touring with the boys. A whole lot of girls are jealous of my situation, I know. Anyways, when we were complete we went outside, through the crowd into a bus. When I walked through the crowd, it was all overwhelming. I seemed to freeze but got pushed into the bus. As soon as we were in the bus, Harry asked "Are you okay love?" "yes I am, it's just quite overwhelming." he started laughing. "you get used to that love." he said. I frowned. "how can you get used to that! They're all pulling you into shreds! it's dangerous you know!" He rested his arm around my shoulder and said "we got security for that, and as soon as somebody touches you, I'll make sure that'll be the last time he's able to reach for something." rather angry, but like in a way he'd get angry if someone's touching me, not like he's angry at me. I didn't answer but just crawled deeper into his chest. we arrived at the plane and got in. We were going to South-America! I get it why people say that this is the best part of touring, seeing all kind of places. It was a 3hour plane flight and I decided to go sleep, since I woke up early this morning. As I shut my eyes, I almost instantly fell asleep.

*3 hours later* 

We arrived at the hotel and it was beautiful. We went to our suite and decided to order some roomservice since it was around dinner time. I asked Harry if he wanted some too but he said he wasn't hungry. Harry was acting a bit strange since the plane flight. Like I don't know what happened, since I was asleep for a full 3 hours. He acted so weird, it almost seemed like he was nervous? I decided to ask. "Harry is everything okay?" i asked. "ohh err yes love ofcourse? Why?" he answered. "because you're acting a bit strange. Almost like youre nervous?" He seemed nervous but why would he be? Like maybe for a concert tomorrow, but he was never nervous for a concert. "No love I'm not nervous, nothing is wrong, really." he said and pulled me closer and kissed me. I assumed it was a sign for me to stop asking about it. After the kiss I said I was going to order roomservice and if he really didn't want anything to eat. "no I still stuffed from your 'Sophia-meal' so I pass love." he said. "pff amateur." I said again. Once again, he pulled me closer which caused me to giggle and he said "What did you say?" rather cheeky. "I said your an amateur Styles!" I answered. "Oh I could of cleaned my plate before you did love!" he said. and I started to laugh. "you can't beat me! and your plate proved you wrong!" I said, teasing. He smirked and was just about to kiss me when I escaped from his grip, running away to the telephone in the other room, teasing again. I ordered lasagne since that is my fav food. After I ordered the food, I just randomly stood in the room, checking my phone when I felt two arms grabbing me from behind. "Gotcha babe." he said. I turned around, but not smiling, not at all. My eyes were filled with tears and Harry imediately asked what was wrong. I started crying and gave Harry my phone. The reason why I was crying was because I reveiced a lot of hate. And this time, it was so horrid that I couldn't take it anymore. People tweeted me this.

*Fuck off slut, you don't deserve Harry, you don't deserve to be alive. You're fucking ugly.*

*I hope you'll drop dead you skank, Harry deserves better than a nasty pig!*

*I hope you'll die you bitch, You're hurting Harry and he isn't happy with you, you aren't special. You don't deserve to live.*

What did I do wrong! Why did they hate me! I don't hurt Harry! UGH AGAIN ALL THIS FUCKING DRAMA! I can't take it! This was way too mean! I could literaly scream out of anger, frustration, sadness but I didn't. I just cried my eyes out, again. Why don't people just realize this is going too far! they're ruining this relationship! I dropped myself on the floor, I felt to weak to stand up. As soon as Harry read the tweets, he said something. "that's it, i'm done with it." he said very angry. I was crying too much to respond Harry. He grabbed his phone and tweeted this.

* Why don't you people leave Sophia alone? I love her and she makes me happy. She didn't deserve this. It hurts me to see this, I'm really dissapointed in you guys.*

*and for the ones who have supported us, thank you, I love you guys. x H*

Wow, this was special. Not every boy would just get angry at his friends/fans for one girl. anyway, as soon as Harry tweeted the tweets, he carried me to the bed and kept saying "shh baby, all of that isn't true, you're amazing and I love you. Ignore them, it hurts me to see you hurt." But it didn't calm me down, I was way too hurt. I was always very insecure so if someone told me I was ugly, I instantly believed it. It was dumb I know but that's just the way I am. Harry was hugging me and trying to calm me down, but instead of calming down, I said "no Harry! they're right! I am just a piece of shit and I don't deserve you!" that was probably one of the most stupid things to do, but I was so upset, I just let it out. Harry cupped my cheeks, so I faced him. His glance was dark, full of anger, worried and carring. "listen to me Sophia, that is nonsense. I don't want to hear you talking like that, because it isn't true. I love you and I always will. You are beautiful, incredible, funny, sweet and so much more. There will always be jealous people, they try to hurt you but don't liste to them. You've got me, and I will give you all the love you need. So don't listen to them. Because your're sweet, caring and beautiful and your innocent heart deserves better." he said. I stopped crying but just sobbed softly. "really?" I asked. "really" he said.


(A/N: Hi guys! I try to update more often, but I noticed the storie isn't gaining as much readers, likes, favs as it used to :(. Please promote this fanfic for more chapters! love you all xxx)


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