claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


28. ***************************

"I-I think I should go." I told Niall.  He nodded and I walked away. What the fuck did he mean with something which is worth all the drama? You really shouldn't tell me stuff like that, since I'm supercurious and always overthinking everything. Hmm, something worth everything aye? What could that be? Would he give me something? Show me something? Take me somewhere? Oh God, it could literaly be anything. I just had to know what was going on! Why would Niall and probably the others as well know what kind of mystery-thing Harry was planning. Okay think about other things, this is going too far. I went back to our room where I found Harry still sleeping. Oh yeah that's right! We had to go today. I packed my suitcase, even though we weren't leaving yet, I still got a few hours left. After I packed my stuff I saw Harry was still asleep, gosh that boy slept so deep? Anyway, since I was still in my pyamas, I decided to crawl back in bed. I lifted up the sheets and layed down. As soon as I layed down I felt Harry's arms wrapping around my waist again. I turned around to face him and I saw his eyes flutter open. He smiled at me at laughed a bit, hearing his so sexy deep husky morning voice. I smiled back and he said "morning love." "morning." I answered. I kissed him, a soft simple kiss on the lips. as he stretched and yawned, I was thinking about this whole worth-the-drama thing. "you should go pack your stuff" I told Harry, since he probably forgot that we were leaving today. He groaned and said "but I want to stay in bed with you." I giggled. "Harry..." I said, as in a naggy voice. He smirked but then pulled me on top of him. "Yes love?" He said. I smiled. "nothing" I said. He smirked again and kissed me, I kissed back. After our kiss I said I was hungry. "me too!" he said. I called roomservice and asked for pancakes with sirup, bananas, strawberries and vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream on it. I know I know, it is a bit of a heavy breakfast but I do eat a whole lot, so I can handle a breakfast like this one. It was a suprise breakfast for Harry. "Where are we going to?" I asked Harry. "South-America! you'll love it!" wait what, South-America! that's amazing! A few moments later, someone knocked on the door and I assumed it was our roomservice. "Harry can you get that please." I said with a smile. "sure love" he said and opened the room. "what!" I heard him and I had a huge laughter. "how can you eat this on a empty stomach!" he said, laughing too. "simple, like this." I said and took a huge bite of the pancake. "hmm mm hm, this is good stuff!" I said taking another bite. Harry looked at me with a look which said are-you-nuts-how-can-you? "Try it! you'll see it's great!" I said. he doubted but gave in. after he took a bite, I could see his glance change. "this is great! But I won't be able to clean this whole plate!"he said,  I shrugged. "amateur" I said rather softly. "What did you say?", I faced and saw Harry giving me a cheeky smile. "you heard me, amateur. I bet you can't even clean this whole plate!" I said. "challange accepted!" he said and I laughed. No way he's gonna clean his whole plate. I takes years of training. 'Good luck!" I said. I cleaned my plate and watched how far Harry was. HAHAHA I bursted out in a laughter. He wasn't even halfway there. I watched him as he shoved all the substance in his mouth. He was about 3/4 when he gave up. "hahaha told you so!"  "allright love you were right." "hell yes I am!" I said taking a bite of Harry's left overs. "how can you even be hungry after one whole plate!" "baby, it takes years of training. I am experienced at this." I said rather cheeky. he laughed."I have never seen a girl eating as much as you do." he said. "what did you say Styles?" I said rasing an eyebrow, teasing him. I know he didn't mean it like an insult, but I love teasing him. "That you eat a whole lot, just like Niall." he said grabbing my waist and pulling me closer. "oh so now you're comparing me with a boy?" I lept teasing him. "no no! not like that, I meant it as in a compliment. Like you're different. Not one of those girls who keeps complaining about food and their weight. Who doesn't look at calories but like just enjoys life and doesn't give a crap about what others think about it." Aww he really tried to talk things up but I kept looking at him, raising my eyebrow. His glance begged me to forgive him and I couldn't stay serious anymore. I burst into a laughter once again. a sigh o relief sounded. "Babe I know you didn't mean it like an insult. I just really love teasing you." I said. Harry grabbed my waist again and pulled me closer. "you cheeky little" I smirked and then his lips crashed into mine. we kissed. My hands running down his hair and Harry squeezing my thigh, which caused me to moan a little. after our pretty intense kiss, we looked into each others eyes. "I love you Sophia" he said. "I love you too Harry." I said, and I really did.

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