claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


23. ***********************

We woke up very early because we had to leave. I opened my eyesand everything was a bit blurry, I rubbed my eyes once more and got used to the light as well. Harry was still kind of sleeping with his arms around me. Suddenly I remembered everything that happened last night. I went out of the bed, trying to not wake Harry up, or at least not make him notice it. I went for a quick shower and got dressed there. I wore a Nirvana shirt and torn skinny jeans. I put my long blonde hair in a ponytail and putted on my black boots with studs. I added some make up, a black winged eyeliner above my eye and looked satisfied in the mirror. I kinda looked like a rock chick but I liked this looks. I always get bored of one look and then change it. From a sweet princes into a punk rocker. When I went back to the bedroom, I found Harry sitting on the bed wearing a plain black shirt and an old blouse above it, matching with black skinny jeans. God that boy wore way too tight pants! But I have to admit, it looked very sexy. "morning Love." he said and winked. I was very pissed at him, not even scared but pissed. He thought he could just scare the crap out of me and then act like nothing happened? "morning." I said and I rolled my eyes. He smirked and I noticed he was checking me out. "looking stunning today." He said with a smile. What the fuck, he really acted like nothing happened. I was really pissed and he owed me an apology. "what is wrong with you?" I said, angry. He rose an eyebrow. Which I assumed was a sign for me to explain. "You acted like a dick last night, and now you act like nothing happened? You owe me an apology Styles." I said. "Well I'm not gonna." he said while he smirked. What the actual fuck? The old Harry wouldn't have done or said that. Why was he acting like a badboy? "What?" I said with emphasis on the T and crossing my arms. He smikred and stood up and walked closer to me. He was now inches removed from me and I stepped backwards untill my back hit the wall. He was so close to me that I could feel his breath. "What are you gonna do about it love?" He said with a smirk and it gave me goosebumps. Somehow, I find this really sexy, but scary as well. I just looked into his eyes with an I could say scared glance. He smirked again. "Do I make you nervous Love?" He said in a dark and husky but so sexy voice. I swallowed and said "I-I don't know." "Got that right." he said and his face came closer and his lips crashed into mine. I didn't push him away, I actually kissed him back. This was really sexy. When I ended the kiss, a couple seconds later, he grinned. Well if he's gonna be cocky so am I! We didn't say anything but we were just looking in eachothers eyes for like 5 seconds? Really not that long. But then I kissed him, it was a bit of a rough kiss. I can't help it but he was really sexy. I can get used to this badboy type. Well, this part. Not the part of last night where he scared the shit out of me. Whilst we were kissing, Liam walked in. "Guys we are about to- Wow, don't want to interrupt this but we are about to head of to the states so we need to go." he said. We ended our pretty intense kiss. "We need to go love." he said with a cocky smile. We got ready. I kinda accept this kiss as an apology. And since he was far from angry, I decided to stay far from angry as well. We went to the lobby of the hotel to wait for the others. Whilst going to the lobby, he rested his arm over my shoulder and pulling me into him. Okay well maybe it is wrong from me to fall for this but it was really hot and as long as he wasn't going too far, I accepted it. When everyone was ready, we headed of to America! 

During our flight, I was talking to Caitlan who sat in front of me. Harry sat next to me and he was listening some music with his earbuds. When Caitlan told me she was going to take a nap, I turned to see Harry, who was already taking a nap. I wondered what kind of music he was listening so I secretly grabbed one of his earbuds and suprisingly, it was Green Day. I love Green Day! Yeah I was like totally addidcted to 1D music and such, but at the same time I also loved like hardrock and metal. Okay I don't really blame you for thinking I'm weird because I am. Since everyone decided to take a nap, I decided to take one to. I put the earbud in my ear and left the other one in Harry's ear. Harry wasn't really asleep because he suddenly rested his arm over my shoulders and pulled me into him. I have to say I really liked his new him. Like badboy but still sweet. It may be weird that he suddenly changed, but like I said I always knew he was bipolar. Well I could keep thinking about his sudden change or just let it rest, so I let it rest. Besided, it's not like it's gonna hurt someone, is it?


(A/N: hey guys! I hope you like the sudden change but I thought he had to change a bit because he was like too soft. Let me know if you like it and let me know what you want to read. And it may gonna take a few days to write another chapter because school has just started so I am like really again. But I will update as soon as I can! Love you xxx)

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