claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


22. **********************

We entered the concert and the boys had work to do so Caitlan and I enjoyed eachothers company backstage. Time went by and the concert started. We watched them backstage till I heard Harry saying 'Can Sophia come to the stage please?' I was suprised and didn't want to go because I hate standing for an audience. Anyway, I went to the stage without knowing why I had to go. When I entered it I found Harry waiting for me and walked to me. He rested an arm over my shoulder and said 'This is Sophia, and as you know she is my girlfriend. I love her very much and she means very much to me, so I would appreciate it if you wouldn't send her hate to her because she doesn't deserve that. And for the ones who have sent sweet messages. Thank you!' I was suprised and the audience was screaming. I don't know if they were happy or mad. Eitherway, I hugged Harry and he planted a kiss on my forehead and I went backstage again. Time went by and the concert ended well.  I saw some videos online of tonight's concert and whenever I saw it again, I had to smile. I would of never thought a boy could be so sweet. Like I keep saying he is like the sweetest boy. I never really seen him mad or such? Anyway, we did two concerts in Paris so we stayed here. Back in the hotel, I was having a lot of fun with Louis. We really had the same kind of humour so we were having so much fun, that I totally forgot Harry. Well, not really forgot, but I was with Louis and Harry and Liam were sitting across the room. And for as far as I minded Harry, he was always looking at Louis and me, like he was jealous. Even though he has no reason to be jealous. It was getting late and Harry said he was going to bed and asked me for our key since we shared a room and I had the key. I said I was going with him and said goodnight to the rest. We were walking to the elevator and I was talking to Harry but he didn't answer. Even when I asked him what was wrong he didn't answer me. When we were in the elevator, he finally said something. 'I see you're having a lot of fun with Louis lately?'  he said rather curtly.  'Guess so? Why?' He turned to face me and he came dangerously close. His glance was full of anger and I got a bit scared. 'Listen Sophia, I have given you a whole lot of freedom in our relationship and always been nice to you. So don't get too exited because I'm dead-serious when I say that you're mine. You're mine and not Louis's girl. You're mine so behave like you're mine. Don't bother telling this to anyone or you'll regret it. Understand?' His bipolar side was back because I was terrified. Just like I was in the beginning, when he kidnapped me. I gulped and nodded. We went to our room and I went straight to bed without saying anything to Harry. Harry was still in the bathroom but I rushed into bed so I didn't had to say anything to him or he'd got the opportunity to do anything. A few minutes later he also got into bed and I pretended to be asleep. I felt Harry's arms around me but they didn't felt safe or protective, they felt dominating. This was gonna be a long night because I couldn't sleep and all I could think about was bipolar Harry. At this point, I really want to leave him. But after all we've been through, I can't do that. And because I am terrified, so I don't know what he's going to do when I leave him. Would he hurt me? No he won't He's always so sweet he can't hurt me! That's the last thing he would do. But like he was tonight in the elevator, Who knows? I must follow his demands even though I may be acting ridiculous. I mean, it's Harry! He won't even hurt a bug, or would he?

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