claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


20. ********************

Harry had to go back on stage again so me and Caitlan waited backstage. Strangely, I wasn't that happy I expected to be. Maybe because it all hapened so fast. Or I just wasn't looking forward to all the drama I had whenever I was with Harry. I really love him to death, but I do want a normal life. I still had to wait a long time because their tour just started. I couldn't wait another 10 months so I had to come up with a plan. After their last song they all came backstage and I explained the whole thing. They were pretty shocked but glad I was safe. We had no time because the boys needed to go for their next concert. For this night, we joined them because there was no other option. Not that I was bothered because we headed of to France! But first, Harry and I needed to talk. So tomorrow morning we were gonna walk through the woods somewhere in France close to the Stadium and where no fans could spot us. We went with the plane and I sat next to the window and next to Harry. Caitlan sat next to Niall, they just met and sudenly they look like best friends! Well I'm happy for her, I know she loves Niall and I could say Niall had a weakness for her too. I hope it works out for her because she deserves a guy like Niall who takes care of her. Harry and I didn't talk that much during the flight. we only hold hands and after like 20 minutes of staring out of the window, I fell asleep. A few hours later Harry woke me up and said we were there. It was like in the middle of the night so I stared out of the window and saw all those pretty lights. I didn't even noticed I smiled. It was really pretty. Harry squeezed my hand and I turned around facing him. At first, he didn't say a thing but just smiled. Then he kissed me and said that he was so happy I was back. 'Me too' I said with a huge smile. I looked at the seats behind us and did I just really saw what I thought I saw? Caitlan and Niall! kissing! I didn't want to interrupt them, so I just turned around again.

when we arrived at the hotel, I had an own room with Harry. It was like 3am so went straight to bed. Finally, this felt good again. Having Harry laying next to me with his strong protective arms singing songs to me. this time he sang 'Sweet child o'mine' by Guns 'n Roses. It reminds me of our time at the house. Again, those flashbacks... I fell asleep in the most perffect way. In france, with Harry, beautiful suite, his warm protective grip, singing songs... 

We both woke up cause of the alarmclock. it was 7 am and we went for the walk. I had my hair in a tail and wore a simple shirt with a leather jacket and skinny jeans. And for the first time in months, I wore make up. A thin black winged eyeliner and mascara. I was really dressed up for I don't know why? First, we went to a 'boulangerie' and got some croissants. We headed of to a what looked like woods and started talking. 'So what are we going to do now?' I asked Harry. 'I don't know, I really want to be together and take you places and want us to be a normal happy couple.' 'I do love you Harry, but I don't know if I can handle all the drama, I mean. Think about all what happened since I've been with you. All the drama is killing me, but I also want to be together and have a normal happy life. But how? and now you're touring, I'm not able to see you for a long time. I want to wake up next to you every morning, realizing how lucky I am. I won't see you for like 10 months or so.' He was silent for a while probably realizing I was right. But then he started talking. 'I know Sophia, and I can't stand not seeing you for that long. So join our tour! During concerts you can be backstage, together with Caitlan since I noticed she has a thing going on with Niall. Eleanor and Perrie visit us too every once in a while, and then they're staying with us for a few weeks. And when the tour is over, we'll go on a long holiday somewhere exotic or such. As long as we're together,we can handle everything love.' A tear escaped and Harry asked what's wrong. 'That sounds perfect Harry.' I just said. We kissed. We walked further and saw a bench with a view over the city. We sat there just talked about stuff, we made a plan for what we were going to do and such. It was getting a bit warm so I took off my jacket. Fuck. I shouldn't have done that. Harry saw my scar. He literally shocked and is eyes widened. Then he faced me with anger and a lot of sadness. 'H-Have you done this to yourself? please say no.' I started crying. Why the hell did he had to find out! I succeeded to cover it with long sleeves the whole time. 'I-I;m so sorry Harry, I did. I was so sick of the drama I couldn't take it anymore.' He kissed the scar and then said something incredible. 'Please don't do this to yourself princess, whenever you have the urge to do it, please go to me and grab my arm and cut it. You are way too precious to have such a ugly scar on such a beautiful arm. I can't stand seeing you like this, in so much pain. please stop.' of all the sweet things he has said, this was probably the sweetest. I mean it. And this is exactly why I can't leave him. He shows me every second of every minute how important I am to him.'I promise you Harry, I will never do it again. As long as you protect me I have no reason to do it anymore so I won't.'  'I will protect you with everything I have, I love you Sophia.' 'I love you too Harry.' 


(A/N: hey guys! I love all you  comments! I may not post everyday anymore, but the chapters will be longer then I guess. love you! bye xxx)

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