claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


18. *******************

*Harry's p.o.v.*

I woke up but Sophia wasn't next to me. At first, I just thought she was taking a shower or was just in the livingroom. So I stood up but then noticed a note? Oh God, as long as Sophia is allright. I had a small panic-attack. The note said *I love you Harry, but I didn't had a choice...* I gulped, what did this mean? I almost ran to the livingroom, looking for Sophia. Zayn and Liam were in the livingroom. 'what's wrong?' they asked a bit shocked. 'Sophia! where is she!' I said. they didn't it either. I didn't understand, why did she leave me? Why didn't she had a choice? I heard the door open, so I immediately rushed to the door but it was Louis. 'Lou! have you seen Sophia? she's gone!' I said rather hopeless. Louis sighs but then acknowledge he really didn't know. 'WERE IS MY GIRL!' I screamed. 'I don't know Harry! I really don't!' he said. I walked out of the door to my car and just started looking for her. I drove through London all day but didn't find her. I got back home around dinnertime but just went straight to bed. I really noticed the empty spot next to me. In my head, I could still see her lying next to me... 

*Sophia's p.o.v.*

When I woke up, I felt really bad. I felt bad for being so grumpy to Caitlan and because I missed Harry. I wanted to see him again, but in a way that i could see him, but he couldn't see me. How was I suposed to accomplish that? That's it! to buy concert tickets! In that way I could see him but he wouldn't notice me! I hope I can handle it, but I am not gonna cry anymore. I cried loads these past days. I went to Caitlan who was watching tv and said we had to buy concert tickets and since she's a Directioner too, she was exited to buy them. fortunatly we could buy tickets for their concert in London. We had tickets quite close to the stage. But it wasn't like he was going to recognize me, or even notice me. The concert was in about 2 weeks already. I was really looking forward to it. I really wanted to see Harry, but I had to prepare myself for reality. Like Harry could of moved on, forgot me or such. It scared me a bit to think about reality. Me and my best friend are going to the mall this afternoon. just like we used to do. Even though I didn't want to, I did it for Caitlan. We went to her car and drove to the mall. It was surprisingly busy. I had a great day with Caitlan! better than I expected. When we got home, we got ready because Caitlan said she was gonna take me out. it was sweet how much she does for me. I'm really lucky to call her my bestie.

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