claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


17. *****************

After I told Caitlan about my day with 1D, getting kidnapped afterwards, falling in love with Harry, losing my family and the stalker, she sat there with her jaw dropped. Well if you just say it all in once, it does sound like a whole lot of shit. I told her how much I missed Harry and couldn't help it but cry again. I felt really guilty. Caitlan tried to calm me down but she failed. I missed Harry so much, already. His beautiful green eyes, his puckered pink lips, the way his hairs falls down in his face, his smell, basicly everything. But since I can't see Harry again, I had to move on. I really wish it was in the evening already, so Louis would call. I really want to know Harry's condition. the rest of the day we were talking and such. Caitlan was a few years older than me, so she already had an own apartment. She has a dog named Niall, because Niall is her favorite member. She asked if I could take her dog for a walk while she cooked dinner. I nodded and went for a walk. It was very quiet on the street. It was nice to go for a walk so I could shake of all my worries. I walked into a small street with an alley with all kind of dumpsters. There was nobody, well, I saw one car coming near me. wait a second... I KNOW THAT CAR! It's Harry's car! O no! so that means he knows I'm gone and is probably looking for me. I had to hide! I quickly rushed into the alley before he could see me. I ran as fast as possible and hide behind a dumpster. I made myself as small as possible and did my best to don't make any noise. fuck, it was too late. I heard a car door being pulled open and footsteps comming near the alley. 'Hello?' I heard. o my god, it was Harry's voice. I didn;t answer and fought my tears back. I crawled behind the dumpster without making any noise. I heard the footsteps leaving and a car which drove away. he was gone. I started crying. When he said hello, I heard such a sad voice... I sat there crying for God knows how long, untill someone walked into the alley. It was Caitlan. Apparently, I was gone for almost an hour. She asked what was wrong and hugged me. I told her what happened. 'Let's go home.' she said in a calm voice. She almost had to carry me home because my legs felt so weak.

When we got home, we ate our food and then I headed of to bed. It was a very emotional day so I just decided to go to bed. without Harry... As I settled in bed, I felt really alone. I missed those strong protective arms and his warm body next to mine. It made me feel really depressed. When I almost fell asleep, I heard my phone vibrate.  I totally forgot! Louis called me! 'H-Hi' I said. *Hi Sophia! are you okay?* 'Not really, how is Harry?' I asked. I heard him sigh. *Harry isn't doing well either. He misses you so much. he spend all day searching you around London but he didn't find you. He is in bed now for I don't know how long* It made me cry, again. I really cry loads these days. 'I saw him Louis! He was searching for me but I hid me. He almost found me because he was near me and asked if someone was there but he didn't find me. It was so hard to hear his voice again. I really miss him and I miss the others.' *We all miss you too Sophia. I want us to stay in touch even though our tour starts in about 2 weeks. As soon as we found Sandy we will go to the police. I really hate seeing you and Harry doing worse.*  I agreed and we talked for a little longer. after half an hour, we hang up. I fell asleep like 10 minutes later, hoping things will change...

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