claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


14. **************

after a while, I woke up because Harry called my name. I turned my music off and stood up to go to the kitchen. I was a bit dizzy and I could say I had a major bed-head. Okay so I may not sleep tonight, because I had slept way too long. I made my way to the kitchen, and when I entered it, Harry started laughing. 'What?' I asked in a sleepy voice. 'You look good with exploded hair, I could say you love sleeping?' he said while laughing. I smirked 'Well not all of us are models mr. Harry Styles.' I said in a sassy voice. 'Oh well the future mrs. Harry Styles will be, 3 2 1 pose.' I took far too exaggerated pose but couldn't help it and burst into a huge laughter, both of us. See this is what I missed! the "unserious" part, when we were just fooling around. he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. 'See, I said you're a model.' he said. I smiled. He was a bit cheesy, but I know damn well that every girl wants to hear those sweet words. I kissed him, just a simple kiss on the lips. But what were we? I searched for a word to define our relationship, but I couldn't come up with a word. 'Harry, what are we?' I asked. 'What do you mean love?' 'Well, if you had to put a name on it, how ould you call us, define us?' I said. 'oh in that way, errr, I would call us boyfriend and girlfriend I guess?' I gulped, he was going a bit fast. But I couldn't blame him, because the more I think about it, the more I thought he was right. because we do act like a couple, so I guess we are? But it's just, I never had a boyfriend before so it was a bit scary. 'Is that okay?' 'I guess.' I said. Then all of a sudden he hugged me. 'I know it isn't, I can see it if there's something wrong with you.' Okay it is also scary when Harry instantly knows if there is something wrong. 'well, it's just, you're my first boyfriend. and the term "boyfriend" scares me a bit.' I honestly said the truth. he knew whenever I was lying, so I could just better tell him the truth. 'It's okay love, we won't be acting any different than we used to.' that calmed me a bit. 'now let's have dinner.' he said. 'What did you cook?' I asked curious. 'Okay I have a plan, I blindfold you and you have to guess what food it is.' he said with a smirk. 'challenge accepted.' I also smirked. 'Okay first round.' he said. I opened my mouth and felt the fork with substance. I recognized it was chicken, so chicken I said. 'That's right.' he said with a smirk. I smiled. 'second round.' 'hit me.' Another substance was brought into my mouth. this was a hard one, but I recognized spinach, so spinach I said. 'that's right.' he said, suprised. 'Okay last one.' he said. as I waited for the substance, I felt warm lips pressing mine. I let a little giggle escape, I kissed him back, but this time, it was really a passionate kiss. 'And what was that?' he asked with a smile. 'Those were the lips of my "boyfriend"' I giggled. he lifted me up and carried me bridal-style to the couch, didn't even bother to finish the dinner. he said we were gonna watch Titanic, but I always cried while watching Titanic. I don't know why, but I always cried during those kind of movies, it was silly. We watched about 3 movies when I fell asleep with my head resting on Harry's lap. I woke up by the sound of people talking. I saw that Zayn and Louis were home. LOUIS! the talk! I almost forgot! Zayn and Louis both went to bed and so were Harry and I. Harry was already in bed and I said I was going to the toilet, but I was actually going to Louis. I walked to his room and knocked 'Yes?' he said. I walked in and could say he was suprised to see me. 'c-can I talk to you?' 'sure' I had to find the courage to say it, but eventually I found it. 'The stalker calded and I have to talk someone, because I can't deal with it  on my own, and Harry mustn't find out!' 'What's wrong?' He said very concerned. I started crying and he huged me. 'Sophia, what happened?'  'the stalker called and said that I must leave Harry because she wants him, or she'll kill my best friend!' I said through my tears. I could say Louis was flabbergasted, just like I was. 'wow Sophia, tell me this is a joke...' I cried even louder and said 'It isn't!' after Louis comforted me, we talked and we decided that I had to leave Harry, only because otherwise, I'll have a murder etched on my conscience. we texted my stalker, that I had made my choice. she soon replied. *hehehe good, meet me tomorrow in the woods by the fallen tree trunk, make sure you're alone. be there at 7 am.* Louis was gonna bring me and wait for me by the car. And Harry would probably be asleep till 10 am. Louis was going to wake me up tomorrow at 06:30. Let's just pray it'll go well. And to be honest, I was really curious who my stalker was, I'll meet her too! I went back to my room where Harry was already asleep. I snuggled next to him. and soon fell asleep.


(A/N: Don't freak out! because there will be a plot twist! so don't think Sophia is gonna leave Harry forever, because she isn't! And sorry that I didn't update yesterday but I was busy though, I forgot to do an authors note the previous chapters. anyway, my best friend will be...  Caitlan! congrats! and for the others, please let me know if you have suggestions or such. anyway, bye xxx)

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