claimed by Harry

'Harry, I'm so glad I won a day with 1D, but I have to go now. the day is over.' I said.
'You know you can't go right?' he said.
wait what?!
this was the beginning of a life she dreams of, well... not anymore.
*this fanfic contains colourful language*


11. ***********

I shocked, I was scared to death! I instantly thought it was my stalker. 'Harry!' I whispered. 'Harry!' I whispered again. 'W-What?' he said with a sleepy voice. 'I-I heard something, or someone!' I whispered a bit louder. 'What!' He whispered a bit "dramaticly" loud.  He stood up. slowely walked to the door to listen. He looked at me with wide eyes. that meant there was somebody. he grabbed a bat which was in the room. he slowly opened the door, just like in movies. I was still in bed, terrified. I couldn't hear anything. I was waiting there for what felt like forever, till Harry walked in. 'It was Niall, he just went to the toilet. nobody else.' he said, relieved.  I sighed of relief. was I overreacting? No I wasn't, my stalker was around here today so I really wasn't overreacting. I was still shaking.. Harry came back to bed and tried to calm me down. But I just couldn't relax. He locked me in his arms again, singing to calm me down. This guy had something in his voice which could some how always calm me down. I loved it. I fell asleep again, in his arms. the next morning, Liam walked into our room. 'goodmorning, Breakfast is ready.' he said with a smile. 'we'll be there in a sec.' Harry said. I turned over so I faced him. 'Morning' he said, smiling. 'Morning' I said. 'did you sleep well?' he asked. 'Yes.' I said, smiling. 'Are you hungry?' 'No, not really.' I said. 'Well, Liam made us breakfast.' he said. 'let's just stay here for a little longer.' I almost begged. he laughed. 'Sure love.' I smiled. honestly, I could really stay in bed all day. this was the only place I felt safe. right here, right now. 'Are you okay now love? you were pretty shocked this night.' It was so sweet, how he was always so concerned. 'well now I am.' I said. I could stay like this for like forever. It was amazing how much changed in the past few days. how I first forced myself to hate him, but truly loved him now. It was like nothing happened, like I love him how I used to love him. yeah I was still sad about my family, but Harry took really good care of me. I was still texting my best friend. I said that when it's safe for her (I told her about my stalker) we'll arrange something soon. If this stalker just left me alone, I really had a perfect life. I haven't heard anything from the stalker since last night. we cuddled for like half an hour, when Harry said he should check on the boys. I agreed. I said I wanted to stay in bed. If I was around the house, I felt watched.When I was in bed, with my curtains closed, I felt a bit safe. I checked my phone and got a new text from my best friend. she told me that she told the police that I was a runaway, so not kindnapped. 1 problem less, good. she's my only memory of my past life. *new message* 

I received a new text, so I opened it. o my god... It was from my stalker again. *I'll call you this afternoon, make sure you're alone. if you aren't, your best friend will get hurt. I don't think you want that to happen bitch. I'll tell you what I want later, when I call you. it's easy, just follow my demands and nobody'll get hurt. And don't even bother calling the police, or anyone.* 

O my God... not my best friend! I love the girl to death! Nobody can hurt her! if they hurt her, they hurt me! But I mustn't tell anyone! even not Harry. I went to the bathroom to shower. I greeted the boys and said I was gonna take a shower. When I entered the bathroom, I just started crying, I just want a normal life! without all this drama! God I suddenly felt so hurt inside, I could hurt myself on the outside... I mean, I saw a razor. I suddenly had the urge to hurt myself, just to distract myself from my thoughts, I wasn't going to kill myself, but I just don't know. I stood there with razor in my hand, I just did it. I don't know why and I don't know why I suddenly had the urge. I just cut my arm. Then I saw somebody walked in.

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